5 Budget Laptops for College Students in 2020

Laptop for a Student

A laptop for a Student is an invaluable asset. It will help when compiling assignments, researching for your papers, and during entertainment like watching music or listening to music. It is also a vital entrepreneurial tool that you can use to get writing jobs online, run a blog, or open an online store. 

While students desire to get the best laptop for a Student, limited resources make it difficult or result in a compromise where the student sacrifices some of the features. Get the best economics homework help from seasoned professionals to help you work on other personal projects as well as avoid fatigue resulting from overwhelming schoolwork. Here are the best yet affordable laptops for college students in 2020. 

  1. HP Pavilion 14

The best laptop for a Student combines the most advanced features with a hardy design that will survive the tough college life. HP Pavilion 14 is such a laptop.  It comes with features that would support robust student life, whether you will be editing photos for your school project or making movies or your escapades while on campus. 

HP Pavilion 14 comes with an 8GB RAM to handle your most demanding tasks while in college. An eighth-generation Core i5 CPU means that you can run the most intense software without buffering or slowing down your work. The screen display offers an Intel UHD Graphics 260 that will give both clarity and unique viewing experience. 

HP Pavilion 14’s internal storage capacity of 256GB allows you to store all your files without interfering with the speed of running multiple and high-intensity applications. With all these specifications, you get the laptop at less than $700. It is the best bargain any student can imagine in that class for that amount. It will survive college without major issues and still support your entrepreneurship projects upon graduation. 

2. Dell XPS 13

What would you do with a TB of internal storage on your laptop? The reason Dell XPS 13 ranks among the best laptops for college students is its ability to compress premium features and offer them at a student-friendly price. Dell has lived up to its commitment to provide the best products at pocket-friendly prices without compromising on quality. 

The design is compact yet offers a voluminous 13.4 inches screen. The small size yet widescreen means that you can carry the gadget in your backpack without feeling the weight. It comes with the option of up to 16GB RAM, helping to improve your speed of work and ability to run multiple applications at a time. 

The laptop also offers the option of a graphics card up to Intel Iris Plus. With internal storage up to 1TB, all your college projects, movies, music, and other files will be found in one place. A CPU of up to 10th generation core i7 will help you work on the most intense projects. 

Dell XPS 13 will last beyond your college years without any performance issues. It also delivers the most exciting battery life, allowing you to go all day and beyond without worrying about charging. When you imagine that it will cost less than $1650, you have all reasons to rush into buying this computing monster. 

3. Google Pixelbook Go

If you have been waiting for the day you will own a premium laptop, that day has come. The Google Pixelbook Go is an Intel Core M3-i7 computing powerhouse with one of the longest battery lives of its class. It also comes with the innovative ‘Hush’ keyboard that makes projects easy and exciting to complete. 

You have the option of anything between 8GB and 16GB RAM, ensuring that you have a machine that can manage your workload. It also offers a full HD screen display to guarantee the best graphics and viewing experience. You will also love the compact design that allows you to walk around all day with the laptop without feeling the weight in your backpack. It comes at $800. 

4. Acer Spin 5

How much would you pay for a 16GB RAM, 256 to 512GB SSD, 13.5” touchscreen display, and Intel Iris Plus graphics among other features? Acer offers this and more for only $1100. The laptop also comes with a 10th generation Intel Core i5-i7 capability, giving you one of the most powerful machines of its class. The battery life is fantastic, helping you to take an intense day out in the field or class without worrying about charging. It is an unbelievable bargain for college students. 

5. MacBook Air 2020

It is unimaginable that $950 can earn you Apple’s lightest and thinnest MacBook. It comes with a CPU capability of Intel Core i3-i7, Intel Iris Plus Graphics, 8GB-16GB RAM, and a storage capacity of 256GB to 2TB. The improved keyboard functionality and 10th generation processor are the perfect icings on the cake. Its battery life will also help you to complete student errands without much worry about charging. This is definitely one of the best laptop for a Student will get for a laptop with such impressive features. 

Going for a low-priced laptop for a Student does not translate into losing the best specs. Manufacturers are offering some of the most impressive gadgets at student-friendly prices. Look wider and get a decent laptop for your college activities without emptying your bank account.

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