Know about the Top 10 gift ideas for male friends in this post!

gift ideas for male friends

Have you been hearing for an eternity that understanding girls is a very difficult task to achieve? Well, try thinking of gift ideas for male friends, and you will know what’s more complicated. A tie seems too personal, while a scotch bottle may not be the right flavor!! Ask them, and they will say – anything that you like. Go to the shop to search, and all you come up with is perhaps a ‘customised tee’!!

Taking all these grunts into account, here’s a listicle of some of the ‘most opted’ and ‘most accepted’ gifts you may extend to your male friends. Pick out your friend’s style, and then you can see if any of the gifts mentioned matches his taste. Here you go –

Exploring gift ideas for male friends

The list goes as follows –

1. Custom – Gift Box of Whiskey and Cigar

For your male friend – there cannot be anything better than a customized whiskey and cigar combo, that is, if he enjoys his drink. Most of the alcohol shops make such customized boxes, with a wide variety from where you may place the order.

If you want something specific – you can always choose from – Scotch Whiskey, Single Malt Blended, the famed Bourbon, or even Tennessee Whiskey. Else, stick to the standard Canadian and Irish whiskeys. Match it up with – a pack of Cigarillo, Rothchild, Robusto, or Toro, and you have a killer combination. Not much of a cigar person? A Marlboro or a Newport could very well fit the bill.

gift ideas for male friends

For customization, you could get the name of your friend engraved on the box.

2. Personalized Poker Set or a Chessboard

What if he’s a teetotaler? Then shift to a personalized poker or a chess set! One of the best gift ideas for male friends, this embossed poker or chess set will give your best friend the perfect company to enjoy – with you or with his male friends. His house parties will have a new flavor!

3. Watch

A classic works always!! But there’s a problem. Watch is considered a personal gift, and ‘he’ is your friend, but not your boyfriend – albeit a male. Hence, you might already be treading on tricky domains.

The respite? Give him an embossed watch (perhaps with a best friend quote, his name, or something related to best friend memories) as a gift. Most of the brands allow customization of their watches, and you can place your demands accordingly.

4. A Necktie

Another name in the list of personalized gift ideas for male friends is a necktie. Though elegant, it can be perceived as something that is not fit for gifting. But it all depends on your understanding with your friend.

Just to keep things safe – go in for classics such as deeper shades of blues, reds, and pinks. If you are picking designs, go in for the classic block designs.

5. Perfume – The deo needs to be done away with now!

He’s a man and always in a rush and applies deo at the last moment!! Well, that’s the story of every male best friend on this planet! Whether it is a casual occasion or a formal set-up, he just uses a deo (and that, too, the same ‘musk’ one every time!). So, why not gift him perfume?

gift ideas for male friends

Some might call it unconventional, but multiple brands, such as Armani, Tom Ford, and Chanel, have a range of male scents that are extremely intoxicating. How about taking this opportunity to help him smell something apart from Musk and take the credit for a lifetime?

6. A memento of your friendship

When you have years of friendship to celebrate – an embossed memento will always get it right! You can choose from friendship plaques to night lights and spiral drop lamps. Pick out a celebratory friendship quote or a favorite quote of yours and engrave it with a special message.

Would you like to display your creative side? Then you can carve out a plaque or a lampshade (with your own hand so that you can taunt him all your life) and engrave some ‘kind’ words onto it.

7. Customized Tees always work

Every time you even think of – gift ideas for male friends, this is a constant suggestion (from online to offline sources)! So, you could go with it! Either his name, an occasion, a message, or best – his cool picture – plaster anything that you think best suits the occasion and gift him. Regarding the color, keep it in – pastel shades to suit every occasion and enhance the print.

8. An Annual Subscription

Podcast, Spotify, Amazon, Netflix, Viu, Hulu – ask him his preference and gift him an annual subscription. Touted to be one of the spectacular gift ideas for male friends – if he isn’t the video-watching guy, you can always buy him a subscription to some of the magazines – the National Geographic or any other journal he reads regularly.

#By the way – once you’ve gifted him, would you still ask for the passcode or a copy? (Why not? That’s what friends are for!)

gift ideas for male friends

9. Do you want to splurge? Gadgets are a good idea

If you have a little more cash at hand, then there’s nothing better than gifting your male friends a gadget of their choice. Whether it is the latest phone or perhaps a wireless charger or Bluetooth, or a set of ear-pods –  you have quite some alternatives to choose from.

10. A Succulent Terramine Kit

This is your last resort! Though it is one of the most sensitive and tasteful gifts you can gift to your male bestie, only some would appreciate it (if your one does – you know that he’s a friend of all)!

Succulents specifically require minimal maintenance. While on the other hand, their distinguished value when placed at your home is of a different standard. He can hang this kit either in his lounge or hang it in his balcony.

#Special Mention: After you have picked up any of the above-written gifts, along with that, gift them a part of your brain as well (as sexist as it may sound, they do need it)! 

Would you like to take him along?

The listicle mentioned above has many gift ideas for male friends. However, if you are still unsure, why don’t you take your friend along? If that does not fit the bill, you can also pick up some of these gift ideas and ask him for his opinion. Maybe, he can directly tell you what he wants.

So, did you get an idea?

Which of these gift ideas for male friends has struck your thoughts? Whichever it is – make sure that you check out the price tag and the place from where you will buy it. Multiple reputed organizations provide some of the best products, albeit gift-wrapped at affordable rates. To know more – keep checking back this space.


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