The Best Breweries in Las Vegas

If Las Vegas has perfected anything, it’s entertainment and alcohol!  While you’re in the city of lights, it’s natural to want to catch something that will take the edge off of traveling and leave you happy and social.  These breweries deliver on all of that and more!

These are the top breweries in Vegas and why they’re all great stops!

HUDL Brewing Company

HUDL Brewing Company is an incredible choice for anyone who’s new to checking out breweries and wants to try something fantastic.  As the highest rated on this list, at 4.9 stars out of 5 stars, this brewing company has awesome different flavors, a fantastic atmosphere, and incredibly friendly staff

The drinks range from unique to familiar and will keep you on your toes throughout the night.

Able Baker Brewing

Bread and beer go hand in hand, and that’s what inspired the Abled Baker Brewing company!  If you want to try the best beer you’ll ever taste in a strange and fun environment while you’re in Vegas, it’s time to check out Able Baker Brewing!  This company knows how to keep people entertained without having to deal with the noise and agitation that comes with casinos.  


The drinks here are incredibly affordable and come in a large enough selection that you’ll never run out of options to try!

Hop Nuts Brewing

Another brewery that locals adore, Hop Nuts Brewery, has endless support from people who have stopped in for a little refreshment.  Not only are the drinks strong and affordable, but the atmosphere has a laid-back vibe that doesn’t require all of the glitz and glam that can get exhausting to deal with in Vegas.

Tenaya Creek Brewery

Rustic and fun, and just a short drive from some of the best apartments for rent in Las Vegas, this bar is a getaway from the stress and exhaustion of everyday life.  Tenaya Creek Brewery is extremely affordable and home to a large list of unique craft bars.  If you’re not sold on it yet, just stop by and try one of the most basic beers here.  You’ll be so blown away you want to come back time and time again!   A rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars won’t seem high enough for this fantastic destination after you’ve tried it!


If you want to enjoy a night in the sky with fantastic drinks, it’s time to stop into GhostBar.  At home on the 55th floor of Palms’ Ivory Tower, this bar has a glass-bottomed patio and fantastic drinks.  Recently renovated, GhostBar is a gorgeous and fun destination for anyone who wants to feel like they’re flying while drinking and socializing.  Occasional live music, and an incredible buffet, ensure you’ll never want to leave once you arrive! 

Every Bar and Brewery is a Fresh Taste

Whether you’re in town for a bachelor’s party or you’re considering moving here, any of these breweries will tickle your fancy.  Stop in and enjoy a drink at each of them before you get back out of town!

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