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tech gifts for mom

You are browsing your web search engine with tech gifts for mom. Well, that clearly implies that unlike most of our mothers who prefer to stay a zillion years away from tech-related products (ask them to use their phone well, and all you hear is their cribbing about the lack of time in their lives), your one is quite different. You have landed on the right page!

This write-up will provide you with some of the best ‘tech’ and ‘tech-related’ gifts you can present to your mom. No time to waste – you have a lot in store. Navigate with your mouse and pick out which one to wrap.

Ideas for some of the best tech gifts for mom

Normally when it comes to mothers, you think of gifts that she would prefer for the home (she has always been self-sacrificing). But this list is a bit different and includes tech gifts for specific scenarios. So, here you go –

If she’s a ‘stay-at-home’ mother

1. Vacuum Cleaner

One of the most-required and often chosen tech gifts for mom – a vacuum cleaner (especially the ones that can be pre-set to programs) is the first on this list. With her panache for cleaning every nook and corner of the house, the least you can do to help her is to give her a machine to handle.

tech gifts for mom

2. Amazon Fire TV Stick

After a long day of caring for the house, let her enjoy her evenings. Gift her a Fire TV Stick and if she prefers it, tune in the settings as per her taste. Just teach her the correct way to operate this TV Stick and then leave her to enjoy her evenings, albeit with a cup of coffee.

3. Food thermometer

She loves her home, and cooking is her second favorite job. What would you gift her? An Infrared food thermometer is a great idea. Set up the thermometer according to her preference and plug it to work. Then there’s a spectacle that you will get to see. The multitasking woman will be monitoring the cooking while cleaning the shelves!

4. Kindle

She’s a mom, and she loves to read. But paperbacks can get a bit bothersome to fit into her schedule. Upgrade to an e-book format via the Kindle! This Kindle Paperwhite is one of the best options when you are looking for tech gifts for mom.

If she’s a working mother

Then she will need something that will enhance her routine. What? Here’s the list –

1. Wireless charger and headphones

She has to deal with both the home and the office; therefore, 24 hours are not enough for her. Never! Also, with so much on her mind and hands – she would simply forget to recharge her phone or miss out on her headphones. So keep it wireless!

Most of the reputed companies manufacture charging pads that make the process faster and accommodate a special compartment to hold the keychains and wallet and what not!! Try gifting one to your mother this birthday or Mother’s Day.

2. Facial steamer

What if you get a chance to get your mom a spa treatment at home? Well, you can always book an appointment at home, but even when she is at home after work, she’s eternally busy!! In that case – you can gift her a face steamer which will allow her the usual ‘spa’ treatment at her comfort. Ditch the appointment and let her enjoy the steam all by herself.

tech gifts for mom
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3. Air Fryer and Toaster Oven combo

Have you not seen the way she runs from one end of the house to another every morning? She has an office to brief but also a home to care for.  So, why not do your bit, and help her with her chores? Also, get an air fryer and toaster oven combo that will ease her kitchen chores in the morning and also take care of the family’s health.

4. Video conference lighting kit

With the recent spike in Work From Home opportunities – Google Meets and Zoom calls are the way of work-life. How about supporting your hardworking mother and giving her a lighting kit (an LED format) that can be attached to the laptop for better results? Make sure you check the temperature and brightness settings before you hand it over to her. Do teach her the same.

5. Coffee maker and Waffle maker

Either she had to rush to work, or she was working and had come home after a long day. A coffee maker for her evening caffeine shot and an added waffle maker to fend off her sugar cravings (at times) make for some of the best tech gifts for mom.

Does she love her personal space?

1. Hydroponic garden and Indoor Garden – whichever fits

There’s nothing better than giving your ‘personal space’ and ‘home-loving’ mother’ if she likes her plants (mostly mothers do) – a hydroponic garden. Select a personal space for placing this garden area and then see her grow a range of her favorite plants – albeit adding a hint of decor to your home.

If you have a comparatively larger space in your home, an integrated indoor garden can be one of the ideal tech gifts for mom.

There are many reputed companies that provide these hydroponic and readymade indoor garden arenas for home.

2. Smart lamps

If your mom has a minimalist approach toward technology, then gifting her a smart lamp can be a choice. Available in myriad shapes and styles, these lamps enhance the visual look of the space it is placed. It can be a good addition to your mother’s aesthetic collection.

tech gifts for mom

3. Glass cleaning machine

Like every other mother on the planet, she wants her home spick and span! So, how about gifting her something that alleviates her work pressure? A glass-cleaning machine that not just generally cleanses the glass panes but also removes the spots makes for a great gift to your ‘ever-busy after housework’ mother.

4. Humidifier and Oil diffuser

This can be a great tech gift for your mother if she is someone who enjoys her aesthetics as much as her tech-related stuff. Undoubtedly, this gift allows them some calm after a long day. Ask your mother to place the humidifier in one corner of the room and put a few drops of essential oil in it. For the next 6-8 hours, she will be able to enjoy an aromatic experience.

What if she’s a gadget-loving person

1. Noise cancellation headphones

If she is someone who likes to enjoy her ‘alone time’ on an audiobook or some Kindle PDF, these noise-cancellation headphones are one of the best tech gifts for Mom! Let her enjoy her peace while you create the mess that she will deal with later!

2. Spotify subscription

As she is a tech-loving mother, podcasts and music might be a great idea to wind up her day. So, why not pick her a Spotify or an Apple Podcast subscription? After she’s done dealing with the day, she could just enjoy her sip of wine with some classics; the headphones plugged in!

3. Mini Polaroid Camera

Is your mom someone who loves clicking pictures? Then even if she loves her smartphone clicks, gift her a memory from the 80s with a mini polaroid camera. Most of these cameras have integrated mirror selfies with independent shutter-speed modes that allow the camera to determine the picture quality based on the available lighting all by itself. Result? A perfect 80s photo in your hand in a jiffy!

4. Electric Toothbrush

This toothbrush is integrated with a Bluetooth smart motor that will allow your Mom to fine-tune her brushing routine. Also, travel-friendly, compared to its bristle-ancestor eases the cleansing process.

What are you picking for her?

That was all in this list of tech gifts for mom. So, what’s your mother like? Pick one from this list and gift wrap it up for the next, – but why do you even need an occasion? – just give it to her! Do pin up this page for future reference.


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