Know How To Get Rid Of Wasp Nest From Your Home In 3 Ways

how to get rid of wasp nest

The warmer months of the year bring along with them, among others, the wasp problem. You, too, must have faced it and wished to know how to get rid of wasp nest from your home. Recently, something called the gasoline trend became the talk of the internet when a recent TikTok video showed a man removing wasps by covering the mouth of the nests with petrol. For the record, there is no validity of this method, and hence, you must consult professionals before trying such techniques. 

Having said that, this post will give you insight into some of the proven techniques to remove wasps from your home and also provide you with a list of to-do things not to allow them back into your home. Let’s quickly give you the ways – 

How to get rid of wasp nest from your home?

Here are some ways for you to try out – 

1. Try to remove it physically 

If you are planning to remove it all by yourself, you must follow this process – 

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You must wear proper clothes – a fully covered shirt and pants with boots. Assuming you have located the wasp nest, you must select either a broom or a scraper with a long handle. Scrape out the nest and let it fall on the ground. Rub it with your boots, and use a pesticide spray. Then, pack it up and seal the plastic bag. 

2. The various DIY techniques to look out 

If you wish to know how to get rid of wasp nest by usual DIY methods, we have plenty. Here they are – 

how to get rid of wasp nest
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  • Create a combo of dishwashing soap with water (2:1 ratio) and use that spray on the nests. The smell is pungent for the wasps, and they die almost instantly. 
  • Take up any essential oil (most commonly peppermint, lemongrass, or lavender) and dilute it with a bit of water (usually 2: 1.5 ratio). Spray it on the probable areas where wasps may accumulate or directly where wasps have accumulated. 
  • You must have vinegar at home. Make a vinegar and water combo (2:1 ratio) and spray it on the wasp nests. They will die. You can then remove the wasp. Spray it also on areas where there are chances of the wasp formation at intervals since this combo will deter it. 

3. Looking for wasp traps 

Apart from the above 2 methods mentioned, you can also look out for wasp traps to help remove those nests from your home. These traps are used by luring the insect inside and trapping it. Therefore, you can either make a DIY wasp trap (by cutting half of the bottle or get a pre-made one) and place it at those corners where wasps are more likely to accumulate. Don’t forget to put a sugary treat into the trap. 

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Once the wasps are collected, spray a pesticide/insecticide and wrap up the nest in a garbage bag. Dispose it! 

In most cases, when you apply any of these tricks, you usually will succeed. However, if you have tried everything without much relief, you can indeed connect with a professional wasp removal company that will assist you in dealing with this.  

What not to do to get rid of wasp net? 

Now that you have a clear idea about how to get rid of wasp nest at home, there are a couple of things you must not do. That will only increase your problem. They are – 

  • Do not try to use water on wasp nets. Rather than removing the wasp, they stick it on the concerned area all the more. Additionally, it also tears down the base on which the wasp net is built. Putting it simply, if you find a wasp nest in your attic and try to put water to remove it, not only will the net stick to the base, but it will also ruin the beams of your attic. 
  • As adventurous and interesting as it may sound, never try to break a wasp nest with a baseball bat/ any other bat. The chances are high that you will get stung by the wasp multiple times, which in certain cases may result in anaphylactic shocks. 
  • Never try burning a wasp nest since it does not end the wasp problem (wasps don’t die like this). Additionally, given that wasp nests are papery substances mostly found against wooden pillars, you may ignite a fire on your wooden furniture. 

Do not use these 3 methods, while you are getting rid of wasp nests. 

How to prevent wasps from coming back?

Since you have figured out how to get rid of wasp nest and what not to do – supposedly, you will do a good job. However, you must find ways to stop them from coming back. Here are some of the ways of the same – 

  • For starters, you must inspect your property for potential nest-building sites like – cracks, chimneys, overhangs, and wooden areas. Cover the cracks and seal up the holes. Always cover your chimneys with mesh screens. 
  • Regularly inspect for wasps since eradicating them can be quite a challenging task. Hence, note their appearance and try to get rid of them as soon as possible. 
  • Use natural products to get rid of these wasps. Always add a couple of drops of essential oils like – lemongrass or peppermint oil to the water while you are gardening. Also, if possible, plant – any of the herbs like geranium, eucalyptus, or thyme in your garden since their smell negates the chances of wasp formation. 
  • As you already know, sugary substances and dirt attract wasps. Therefore, keep both your garbage and food products well-covered so that you can prevent their infestation. 
  • Maintain your house and garden area well. From landscape trimming to keeping your home well ventilated – take safeguards to prevent wasps from growing. 

If you manage to follow these tips, the chances are high that your house will not once again become the infestation point of wasps. 

Last thoughts 

Assuming you have read this article well, you have clarity about how to get rid of wasp nest from your home by DIY methods, and if required, you may seek the assistance of a professional. Having said so, you must be additionally careful to ensure that the wasps don’t come back in big chunks (since they tend to return to their old habitat). Once you are clear about these factors, there’s not much to worry about, whatever the type of wasp nest. 

If you liked this article and want to know more about such DIY techniques, follow this page. 

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