How to Find and hire your first AI Engineer

Hire Your First AI Engineer

Companies around the world are constantly working on their AI departments. Big companies like Google have dedicated entire teams to their artificial intelligence and machine learning initiatives. But as a small or medium-sized business, you should hire AI developers that suit your needs. Since your AI engineer will focus mainly on data processing, evaluation, and storage, you need to hire those with outstanding technical skills. Alternatively, you can outsource to big AI companies. Regardless of your preferred hiring policy, let’s look at the main considerations when searching for and hire your first AI Engineer.

Choose the best job boards

The first step when searching for an AI engineer is to post the vacancy on a job board. This exposes the position to as many candidates as possible. However, the issue with generic job boards is that it opens up the application to multiple unqualified candidates and clogs up the screening process. 

Therefore, try other niche-specific job boards. Limit the scope of your search to tech-related job platforms. You can also find interesting candidates in job forums dedicated to AI-related topics.

Reach out on social media

Even though posting jobs on social media offers the same broad results as generic ones, you should use social media in your hiring process. Yes, you will get flooded by resumes from all corners of the globe. But at least, you will extend the scope of the search and probably land the dream candidate. 

However, don’t rely on Facebook and Instagram for your recruitment. Use other business-oriented platforms to recruit AI developers. For example, you can visit Medium and use the #AIDeveloper hashtag to monitor posts and individuals with the right amount of experience for the vacancy.

Follow AI-related contests

Hiring people with AI competition experience is always a tough but highly-rewarding endeavor. You need to spot the best talents in the competition and make them a lucrative offer.

Nowadays, several contests on artificial intelligence and machine learning are open to the general audience. These contests provide recruiters with an extensive pool of talent to draw from to become part of their workforce. 

However, your company might struggle to land the winners of these competitions since you have to battle with tech giants like Google and Amazon. Nevertheless, you can scout other promising contestants who showed a high AI or machine learning proficiency.

Ask colleagues for recommendations

Sometimes, the solution to your hiring problems is just one cubicle away. Most recruitment efforts should always start in-house before extending the search to the general public. 

Notify your colleagues and other data engineers in your team about the open vacancies. And who knows, they might have just the right candidate for the job.

If all this sounds too stressful and time-consuming for you, don’t sweat it. You can hire your AI developer recruitment from us at Data Science UA. We have the best machine learning and artificial intelligence experts in the world.

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