How to Get Ink Out of Clothes? Answered! 

how to get ink out of clothes

Inked clothes look hideous, aren’t they! If you are dealing with it, then here’s how to get ink out of clothes. 

Ink and shirts are like peas and carrots. They are never apart. Regardless, how protective you are, your shirts will find ink stains from anywhere. Students and office-going professionals are highly prone to this situation. Have you ever faced a situation when your pen leaked its ink in your pocket? The answer is probably yes. We all have been through it. It is an inevitable part of our life. The main question is how to get ink out of clothes. Navigate this post until the end to find your answer. 

Why Do Clothes Catch Ink Stains? 

Before trying out the solutions, it is important to understand the science behind the clothes holding ink stains strongly. Most of the inks contain dye, pigments, and oil, which help inks to settle properly on the paper. However, when it comes to clothes, they can be traumatic. They become worse when dried. 

how to get ink out of clothes

Is It Possible To Remove Ink Stains? 

Ink marks are stubborn. Removing them can take you to your wit’s end. However, do you stand any chance to get rid of it? Well, there is no straightforward answer to it. It depends on the type of fabric and how deeply the ink is absorbed by it. The name itself says the permanent ink. Full bleaching can be one of the possible ways. Also, you may give it a try, and the solutions listed in the post can be helpful for you.

How To Avoid Ink On Clothes? 

Isn’t it better if you can avoid the hassles of the ink stain cleaning? Well, it is possible with the right cautionary steps. You can’t be attentive all the time. However, a few small steps can save your clothes from hideout ink stains. Check them below: 

  • Avoid the pen with the open bottoms that can leak into your pockets. 
  • Store ink pots separately and handle them with the utmost care. 
  • Be careful when jerking your nib pens off. 
  • If your hands are stained with ink, wash them without any further ado. 
  • Throw away a leaking pen, and don’t try games with it.

These cautionary steps can be a life-savior of your expensive clothes. However, if the ink still manages to reach out your clothes, we have handy solutions on how to get ink out of clothes. 

How To Reduce The Ink Mark Impact Before Treating Them? 

Before you treat the ink stains with a relevant solution, you should make sure that they don’t speak up or get worse. This is why you should act promptly as the mark comes to your sight. Never wash these clothes in the washing machine with other clothes; otherwise, you may end up with traces of the stains on every other clothes. Also, make sure that it doesn’t get contagious, with the other clothes giving them detrimental stains. Initially, you should blot the stains to make them easy for cleaning. Don’t let them dry up if possible. If not, the right hacks must be applied. 

Solutions To Keep Your Clothes Devoid Of The Ink Stains

After discussing some important aspects of the ink blemishes, let’s jump to the procedures that can help you in the hours of need. Check the following solutions: 

1: Alcohol

Alcohol is a very strong agent and can help you in getting rid of strong ink stains. When applied to the affected area, it can give the best results. You need to soak it in the stained area and keep a sponge underneath to absorb the stains. Blot it from the top and apply warm water for the weakening of the stains. Now you will notice that the ink mark is fully or partially removed. 

2: Stain Removers

There are many stain removers in the market you may buy from the market to remove the stains on your favorite clothes. They work well on the stains as they are specifically designed for them. Apply with full care and attention and let it settle for a few minutes. Once you notice that it has started its work on the blemishes, wash with the water. See if the mark is removed. If not, you may try the other alternative methods. 

3: Laundry Detergent

Laundry detergents are not the most effective yet most preferred household way to clean the ink from the clothes. If you are at home and see that your cloth is inked, you will go with the laundry detergents in the first place. However, they can reduce the stains to a great extent and may retain the original color when the stains are minimal. 

4: Hairspray

Shocked! Have you ever thought that your hairspray has this utility also? Well, the answer is yes! It is a harmless way to apply to your shirts or pants to ink-clean them. However, it may not be very effective on the strong blemishes. You can check the efficacy of this method next time you face a similar situation. This product is on the list due to the presence of alcohol. It contains a moderate amount of alcohol so that you don’t need to worry about the dilution of the solution. 

5: Vinegar & Cornstarch

The combination of the two is a popular home DIY solution for ink stains. This is a tried and tested hack by many. You may also rely on this method to get rid of stubborn stains. Besides, they are completely natural and kind to the fabrics. First of all, you have to soak your attire in white vinegar and give it some time to work. Now you can make the paste of the two ingredients and apply it to the stained area. Wait for it until it dries. Finally, rinse it with hot water to see the results.

Final Words! 

If you find yourself prone to ink stains on your clothes now and then, this post can help you every time. You may try the given solutions one after the other to make your experience fun. Liked this post on how to get ink out of clothed and enjoyed applying the steps? Get more of them from our blog section. 


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