Does Rayon Shrink? Answering This Frequently Asked Question

does rayon shrink

Does rayon shrink is one of the most asked questions in the list of the people’s queries. In this post, we will answer this for you. The answer is Yes! However, the cleaning and maintenance incorporate a number of things that need to be considered to keep rayon in optimal shape. The shrinking may occur due to several reasons. Rayon is a very comfortable fabric that makes it popular among people, especially in summers. It is also known for its aesthetic beauty. If you want to make the most out of this fabric, this post will elaborate on its optimal care and maintenance. Let’s proceed further! 

What Is Rayon? An Overview 

Rayon is a soft and comfortable fabric, also known for its breathability. It is used in making ravishing clothes. Rayon is a semi-synthetic fabric. It means that the product is done by modifying the natural fiber to enhance the characteristics of the clothes. The presence of the natural fibers as the constituents make it prone to shrinking when it is washed and dried. The sagging of the cloth is dependent on a few conditions. We will discuss in the next section of the post why does rayon shrink. Keep reading.

does rayon shrink

Possible Reasons Behind The Shrinking Of The Rayon

When you take good care of your clothes, life increases ultimately, regardless of the fabric. The same applies to the rayon. To take preventive care, you need to know the possible reasons behind its shrinking. 

  • When you place it in the dryer and set the temperature to the maximum. 
  • During the process of drying rayon, if you fold it, the fabric shrinks in the same shape. 
  • Washing rayon with hot water is also one of the apparent reasons behind the shrinking of the fabric. 
  • Also, when you wash the fabric in the washing machine with high-temperature settings, it will condense. 
  • The amount of shrinkage depends on the temperature provided to it during the wash. 

How To Prevent Rayon From Shrinking? 

By preventing the rayon from shrinking, you can save your time and effort in unshrinking the fabric. To prevent this hassle, you can consider the below-given prevention procedures: 

  • Laundering is a big no for this fabric. Instead, you can go with the dry cleaning or hand-washing the material. 
  • When you are done with the washing, keep it flat wide open and avoid folding it. 
  • Avoid the application of too much heat on the fabric, as we have seen in the possible reasons for rayon shrinking. 
  • Overheating may damage its shape permanently. 
  • They absorb the color of the other clothes really fast; therefore, you need to wash them with the same color of the clothes. 

Important Aspects Of The Rayon Washing 

Now that you have seen the possible causes and preventing care for the rayon shrinking check these important aspects of the fabric wash: 

1: Wash

The most suitable way to wash this fabric is a dry wash. However, based on the various product qualities, you can also use the hand wash practices. When it comes to detergent, pick a robust one to get the job done. You need to mix the detergent with the lukewarm water and then pour the heap of rayon clothes into it. Let the solution do its work. Now wash it properly and remove the water gently. Also, keep in mind that you don’t wash the white clothes with the other colors to save them from the stains and blemishes of the colors leaked from clothes. 

2: Drying

After performing the first step carefully, next comes the drying up of the fabric. It also goes in the same manner as washing the fabric. You need to adhere to the rule of thumb. Avoid overheating! When you set the dryer to the peak temperature, the fabric will start deforming. The best way to dry it is to air-dry. Avoid using a thin wire hanger. Instead, take a thick plastic or wooden hanger to prevent the metal rust stains on the fabric. These drying practices can keep the fiber in its optimal shape and can be worn with the utmost ease. 

3: Ironing

Now comes the ironing of rayon. You already know the rules, which are to avoid the application of excessive temperature on the fabric. If you have an automatic iron, you will see that it has already defined the temperature for different fabrics. Just switch to the settings for the rayon temperature to finish the task without any disruption. However, if you don’t have an automatic iron, it is wise to keep a minimum temperature when flattening your rayon shirts. You may apply a little more pressure, but the heat should be monitored throughout the process. 

4: Storage

The last yet crucial step is the storing of the rayon shirts in the closet. Avoid folding your uniform; but, hand it using a thick plastic or iron hanger. If your closet is not designed in the manner to hang the clothes, you may fold it. When you pick a folded cloth, you will need to iron it before wearing it. On the other hand, if it hung straight, the need for the ironing will be reduced to little or negligible at all. 

How To Fix The Shrunken Rayon? 

Now that you know how does rayon shrinks, what’s the next? Most probably, you may want to unshrink it to retain its original shape. We will deploy the soaking method to get the task accomplished. Below are the steps: 

  • Fill the bucket with lukewarm water and add a gentle baby shampoo to it.
  • Splash the water with your hands so that it forms foam.
  • Next, you will have to place the cloth inside, ensuring it is well-submerged into it. 
  • Wait for a few minutes and let the solution do its work.
  • Moving ahead, take out the cloth and rinse it with cold water thoroughly. 
  • Roll the fabric with a cotton towel to drain out all the water. 
  • Now hang it in a manner that it doesn’t fold or get out of the form. 

Final Words! 

This post will help you understand why does rayon shrinks and how to unshrink it with a few handy steps. Besides, you can get to know some other important aspects of the fabric. If you find this guide meaningful and effective, go to our blog section and hunt for more amazing blogs. 


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