How to Clean Silver To The New-Like Glitter? Solutions

how to clean silver

Looking for solutions on how to clean silver? It is one of the common queries people often post on search engines and community forums. The reason is very obvious. People who own silver jewelry or cutlery often face the tarnishing problem with their silver possessions. However, a few DIY solutions can help you to get rid of the blackening of the silver items when performed carefully. You can not take them to the professionals every time. Therefore, here are some efficient solutions on how to clean silver at home without causing any damage or disruption. Here we go!

Science Behind Silver Tarnishing

Before proceeding to the solutions, it is very important to understand the science behind silver tarnishing. It takes place when the silver reacts with the sulfur present in the environment. This reaction makes the silver lose its natural luster and look black. The silver jewelry makers cover it with a thin layer of rhodium, an element that is non-reactive to sulfur. However, when this layer gets removed due to the wear damage, silver starts to tarnish when its armor is removed. 

how to clean silver

Hacks To Prevent Silver From Tarnishing

Before we move to the troubleshooting of the silver blackening, it is better to take the utmost preventive care to retain their shine and newness. It requires a few small efforts. You can clean it with the household dishwashing soaps to keep them shining. You need to make a solution of the gel with warm water and wash off the piece of silver gently. Blot it dry with a cloth and store it in cool and dry places to ensure maximum security against fallible exposure. 

When cleaning the silver utensils after use, avoid the dishwasher and better clean them with your hands. Also, if you have a metallic sink, better to wash them in plastic containers as it can save the articles from scratches. Before storing, make sure all the water is dried off with a suitable cloth to prevent moisture. 

How To Store Silver Items? 

Silver items are expensive, and they look splendid. To retain their grandeur, you need to store them carefully. You can store them in the chest wrapped in tissue papers devoid of chemicals. Keep them in places that are cool and dry, and before storing them, you need to make sure that no water remains with them. You can wrap it up with cotton, silver clothes, or zipped plastic bags. When storing, you need to ensure that it has the least contact with the moisture, as dampness can be one of the biggest enemies of the silver glitter. 

Home Remedies To Clean Silver

Now that you know the important aspects of silver storage and maintenance check some easy DIY hacks to try at home. These home remedies are easy to use and cheap. When it comes to the final results, they will not disappoint you. Check them out: 

1: Corn Flour

Feeling amazed? The results are even more amazing. Corn flour is a common household item used in making many delicious recipes. Besides, it is also used in many DIY hacks, and silver cleaning is one of the many special abilities that make it popular in the kitchen. Not sure how to apply it? It is very simple! You just have to mix it with water and apply the paste to the silver item. Wipe it off when it gets dry. Now try to see your face in the silver cutlery item and evaluate yourself if it has a mirror-like clarity or not. 

2: Ketchup

Ever imagined if you will hear ketchup in the list of silver cleaners. Well, you heard it right. The ketchup that is an integral part of your day-to-day breakfast and lunch-boxes is helpful in this situation. This method works magic if you have 3-4 silver cutlery items. You can squeeze the ketchup on a piece of paper and rub the item gently. However, if the item is severely tarnished, you have to apply it directly to the item. Let it settle and do its work for up to 20 minutes. After that, rub it with a cloth and wash it off with water. If it has corners inaccessible with the clothes, the toothbrush bristle can be taken into use. 

3: Hand Sanitizer

Sanitizers show strong antibacterial and antiviral effects on the hand. They work in the same manner on the tarnished silver items. The application procedure is the same as that with the ketchup. Apply it to the targeted areas and wait until the work is done. Don’t apply this solution on silver jewelry that has a stone engraved in it; otherwise, it can have detrimental effects on the stone. 

4: Toothpaste

Yes! The one you use for your shining teeth every morning. You can also use it to maintain the glitter of your silver items and preserve their aesthetic beauty. Make sure that it is not gel-based toothpaste. The abrasive particle in the toothpaste can treat the tarnished surface well. However, it can also cause damage to the surface when you get too hard with it. To maximize the impact and alleviate the damage, you need to maintain the balance in the application. 

5: Beer/Vodka

The last solution lies in your drink bar. You can pick a bottle of beer or vodka and pour it into a bowl. This can be effective when the tarnished surface is not too stubborn. However, when it is light, you can expect good outcomes. You need to pour the drink into a container and put the silver drowned into it. Give it five minutes to soak up, and then wipe it off with the soft cloth. You will find a significant difference in the before/after result. You don’t even need to dilute it with the water. 

Final Words! 

This post describes how to clean silver efficiently without causing any damage or disruption to it. The solutions are simple, straightforward, and cost-effective. If you find it helpful, we have more awesome hacks that can make your day-to-day life easier. 


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