4 Tips For Growing Your Business

When it comes to growing your business, the old adage holds true: ‘slow and steady wins the race.’ If you’re reading this, you’ve likely already taken the important first step of throwing yourself and ideas out there and starting your own business. Starting your own business requires a massive leap of faith and you’d be forgiven for thinking the hardest part was behind you but really, it is the way you go about growing your business that can make or break your new company.  

Here are four easy tips to help you grow your business.

  • You’ve got to be cold sometimes

Your business is your baby. You nurtured it, devoted your time and energy to it and you believe in it completely. It’s good to be passionate about what you do but, when you’re so involved that you can’t stop your business setbacks from feeling like personal failures,  then you need to take a step back before your attachment becomes detrimental, to not just your business, but your mental health. 

It is only natural to feel distressed or panicked when your expectations about your business don’t align with reality but your panicked mind isn’t capable of making the best decisions. So take a step back and unemotionally look at the situation and think about what advice you would give to somebody else this was an issue affecting them and their business. This distance will help you to see the situation clearly. To hear from another entrepreneur about the importance of leading logically rather than emotionally, check out this great article. 

  • Learn how to fail

Love your failures! It may sound counterintuitive but when you ask most business people to list the things they’re most grateful for many of them will say it is their failures. Without failures, you’re robbed of the chance to reassess and learn from your own mistakes. 

Why learn how to fail? By learning how to fail productively you are really learning how to succeed in the future. Treat failure as a learning opportunity, look at everything honestly and objectively and ask yourself: what went wrong? Why did it go wrong? What can I do differently next time?

  • Constantly reassess your goals

There’s no such thing as an ‘overnight success.’ Whilst we love to talk about ‘instant’ success stories but, in reality, you’re often not seeing the years of hard work and small steps that built that person up to become the success story they are today.

The point being, if you start your business expecting to be immediately successful then you are going to be disappointed. While you’re growing your business, you need to have a series of short-term achievable goals like signing your first client or hiring your first employee. Then every few months sit down, reflect on everything you’ve achieved and address and reassess the goals that are still out of reach. 

  • Ask for help

At the end of the day, there are no prizes for ‘doing it on your own.’ The best business people, your heroes, all had help. So, ask for help! Ask your friends, staff, colleagues, idols, other business people, rivals even! You could even consider getting a mentor! Take every opportunity presented to you, study their growth, ask how they achieved it and then after you’ve educated yourself – you can take all this information and apply it to your own business. 

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