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where to watch shin kamen rider

News Alert! For everyone constantly bombarding their search engines wondering where to watch Shin Kamen Rider – it’s getting a global release on Amazon Prime on the 21st of July, 2023!! So, if you still haven’t got yourself a subscription to the platform, it is time to get it now. After all, Barbie’s come and go – Shin Kamen is here to rule!! But before you go and watch it, how about getting a fair idea about the film, why and how it is special, and why it has garnered this crazy popularity worldwide.

For those who are yet unfamiliar – here’s how the story goes –

Where to watch Shin Kamen Rider?

watch shin kamen rider
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Whether you are a fan of the tokusatsu genre or not, Shin Kamen Rider and its diverse portfolio of characters and stories are bound to interest you like no other. Written and directed by Hideaki Anno, this was screened as part of the Fantasia International Film Festival in the category of Asian Cinema. Amidst the massive competition, Shin Kamen Rider (going by the name of Shin Masked Rider in the USA) did make a mark for itself.

In case you missed the screening at the festival or did not get to see it on the big screen and now trying to figure out where to watch Shin Kamen Rider  – you may watch it on Amazon Prime. You will get it by searching under its US release name – Shin Masked Rider, in the ‘Newly Released’ section of the OTT platform. It is available in over 200 countries globally.

What does the preview have to say?

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If you are interested in knowing a little about the movie before you go and check it out on the OTT platform, here’s a quick preview of the same. Playing quite well in Japanese theatres, the 1970s series brings back the good vs. bad storyline, and staying true to the ‘Shin’ category, this Kamen Rider completely decimates the bad guys exploding their bodies and crushing their heads.

With human-sized cyborgs to fight over and the massive SHOCKER to defeat – without a doubt, Kamen Rider defeats the Augments and saves the world. Before you go around checking out where to watch Shin Kamen Rider – let’s check out what the Japanese Press has to say about this movie. A review from Japan Times calls it ‘silly…and Anno embraces the 1970s style camp to its hilt.’

That said – the action sequence has been extremely thrilling, with more and more people admiring the film, all thanks to the precise capabilities of the director.

For those who’ve come in late

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If you are here after hearing the buzz around where to watch Shin Kamen Rider – then it’s time you get yourself acquainted with this classic. Directed and written by Hideaki Anno, the Shin Masked Rider is a re-imagination of the 1970s classic Kamen Rider series. The film centers around Takeshi Hongo, who was transformed by SHOCKER, a sinister organization, into a synthetic animal hybrid and given the name Kamen Rider.

The Sustainable Happiness Organisation With Computational Knowledge Embedded Remodelling (SHOCKER) transforms humans into Augs. In a piece of art that depicts the evil that uncontrolled Artificial Intelligence can unleash, this film shows how Hongo, with the help of his comrade like Ruriko Midorikawa, finally defeats and eliminates SHOCKER and ride on towards a better life.

Depicting the age-old classic good vs evil fight, this movie has once again brought forth a number of controversial themes, flagging the negatives of AI as a crucial factor. Clearly, with a debate awaiting its release, no wonder why the franchise gets popular over time!

Where else can you watch this movie?

shin kamen rider torrent
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As you already know that you can watch this movie on Amazon Prime Video. The problem is – where to watch Shin Kamen Rider if you do not have a subscription? Or what if the film is unavailable in your territory? 

In that case, you may make use of the Torrent sites. The film is widely available on multiple Torrent sites, from where you may download the same. 

In case, the film is not available in your territory (certain countries have their own sets of restrictions), you may use a VPN to change the concerned ‘area’ and then download the film. That will make the process comparatively easier. 

Another way to watch the movie, despite not subscribing to Prime membership is – by purchasing or renting the concerned title from the selection. While purchasing the same, you will automatically be charged via your 1 Click payment. 

Last thoughts

For the fans and admirers, as well as newbies, if you have missed watching the Shin Kamen Rider new film and now desperately looking where to watch Shin Kamen Rider – you just need to check out the Amazon Prime Video app. The film is available there under the name – Shin Masked Rider.


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