What Is Mypln Lausd? A Comprehensive Guide For You

Mypln Lausd

Mypln Lausd is the abbreviated form of My Professional Learning Network – Los Angeles Unified School District. This professional learning network can help you to effectively manage and achieve all your professional development. Besides, it can help you to coordinate and deliver traditional in-person or real-time interactive online events. 

Furthermore, it offers cutting-edge reporting tools that can help you to track, analyze, and get insights into the progress of the learners. Mypln Lausd is a program that enables access to the training and material on-demand. To learn more about the different training programs of My Professional Learning Network, read this post until the end. 

About Los Angeles Unified School District: An Overview

The Los Angeles Unified School District ranks as the nation’s second-largest, with over 600,000 students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Besides, Los Angeles and portions of 31 smaller towns and some unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County make up the 710-square-mile District.

Los Angeles Unified School District
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Core Beliefs Of Mypln Lausd

LAUSD works with the beliefs in the highest human-qualities stated in the below-given list: 

Mutual Respect

All individuals, opinions, and contributions are valued.

Excellence & High Expectations

To build an atmosphere of excellence and hold ourselves to the highest expectations, all students, parents, staff, and community members contribute their unique abilities, strengths, and skills. 

Equity & Access

All students must have access to high-grade schools, innovative programs, and necessary support. In addition, the distribution of resources will be based on the needs of students, schools, and the community. 


All students, parents, employees, and community partners communicate and work together for excellence and success. 

Los Angeles Unified School District’s Goals

The main goal of the Mypln Lausd program is to achieve 100% graduation for the District. At the same time, it also strives to ensure 100% attendance of the students. It offers proficiency for all the people. Furthermore, it also works to enhance the engagement between the parent and community. The safety of the students is their foremost priority. 

How Does Mypln Lausd Work? 

Mypln Lausd helps institutions in delivering and managing professional learning programs. It is helpful in the delivery and coordination of the interactive online events carried on a real-time basis. Furthermore, it is backed by intelligible reporting tools that help educational institutions to analyze, track, and gain intuitive information about the progress of the learners. Additionally, this platform allows access to on-demand training and material. 

Training Programs At Mypln Lausd

The main training program is described in the below-given list: 

Instructor-Led Training (ILT) Developer Training – MyPLN101 

Learn how to build and organize Instructor-Led Training (ILT) events in MyPLN in this introductory course. Participants will practice designing ILTs, roster management, and training assignments through interactive activities. Participants can access ILT management on MyPLN after completing this training.

Content Developer Training – MyPLN102

This course will teach you the procedure to use MyPLN to build and manage virtual learning materials. Participants may use interactive activities to practice designing and handling curricula, content, exams, and videos on MyPLN. For instance, participants can access virtual learning content management on MyPLN after completing this training.

MyPLN Content Developer Office Hours

Present MyPLN Content Developers have the ability to join the MyPLN Team during MyPLN Office Hours. With the guidance of the MyPLN Team, participants can focus on their current upcoming or potential training tasks, such as:

  • Create and manage ILT-Events, Sessions & Parts
  • Next, create online curriculam
  • Create MyPLN reports
  • Learn best practices for PD delivery

Types Of Schools At Lausd

There are seven school options, each serving a different type of student:

1: City of Angels K-12, Independent Study School

The City of Angels School is a Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) independent study school for students who can’t join a conventional classroom environment. Students, guardians, and teachers in the City of Angels work together to meet students’ educational goals. Above all, California standards-based training is included in the City of Angels School program.

2: Pregnant Minor Schools

Pregnant minor schools are a series of tiny campuses strewn about the District. Their key aim is to provide pregnant mothers with temporary educational opportunities so that they can pursue their education and graduate. Besides, the school nurses provide therapy, health and nutrition records, and prenatal and infant care instruction.

3: Alternative School-Youth Opportunities Unlimited Alternative High School

Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) is a small alternative school for dropouts between the ages of 14 and 21 who are not in school for at least 40 days. The schools’ three key goals are educational growth, work preparation, and youth and family development. The model of the school is community-based, collaborative education between the US Department of Labor, the District, and the City of Los Angeles. 

4: Carlson Home/Hospital School

Students in grades K-12 who have a noncontagious temporary medical condition that prohibits them from attending daily day class for a short period of time can receive training at home or in the hospital. During the transitional time of impairment, the goal is to keep the student’s instructional program consistent.

To the full degree possible, a home/hospital teacher delivers instruction in subjects/courses that are related to the student’s school program. It is not meant to replace the regularly scheduled educational program. When the attending physician has approved service to begin, depending on the student’s willingness to participate and the parent’s permission for the temporary transfer of educational duties, instruction will begin in the home/hospital.

5: Continuation High Schools

Continuation high schools are small campuses that have low student-to-teacher ratios that provide instruction to students aged 16-18 who are considered at risk of dropping out.

Each student’s aim is to make up for credit deficiencies and either graduate from continuation school or return to traditional high school. Evening courses are available at several continuation schools for high school students who work 30 hours or more a week. The evening classes put a heavy focus on occupational orientation and job experience while meeting graduation requirements.

6: Community Day Schools (CDS)

CDS are small schools that offer interim educational options for K-12 students that have been suspended, are at high vulnerability, or have been referred by probation or the School Attendance Review Board. Moreover, CDS’ aim is to offer a challenging academic curriculum, help students improve social skills, and return them to traditional schools.

7: Opportunity Schools

Opportunity Schools are small campuses that serve students in grades 7 through 12 that are habitually truant, have erratic attendance, or participate in other risky behaviors. 

To assist students in addressing learning obstacles, these schools provide specialized training, support, and counseling. Also, it offers psychological resources and tutorial assistance.

 Advantages Of MyPLN Lausd

At Mypln Lausd, students love to earn awards and prizes while improving their skills in math, language arts, science, social studies, and Spanish. My Technical Learning Network, LAUSD’s new learning management system, has the money (MyPLN). Besides, it is part of the LAUSD, which serves students in grades 9 through 12. It can offer the below-given advantages: 

  • Teacher Login Username to access the platform for the students.
  • Recommended Reading For Supervisors
  • Also, Building and Leading High-Performing Remote Teams 
  • Furthermore, Covid-19 Has my Teams Working Remotely 
  • Besides, Managing When the Future is Unclear 
  • Moreover, it provides the Child Abuse Awareness Training via auto-enrollment.

How Does It Work? 

In the first place, you need to register with the LAUSD. Once you are done, click the Login to MyPLN button and enter your full LAUSD email address and password. My Integrated Student Information System is an integrated and modernized student information system that offers access to student data to instructors, counselors, administrators, and others.

The Classified Personnel Assessment System includes annual and probationary evaluation forms for classified hourly and salaried workers. This online process enables the completion of evaluation forms and workflow from the supervisor to the reviewer. Also, it enables access to up to 5 years of evaluations completed through this process. Zoom unifies simple online meetings, cloud video conferencing, and cross-platform group chats into one easy-to-use platform. 

Final Words! 

This post can help you to know more about the Mypln Lausd training program. So, you can get all the information related to this program here with ease. For more posts, you can reach out to our blog section. 



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