Samarth 2 Project To Enhance Kids Learning

Samarth 2

The Samarth 2 program is very popular and is great for the student’s learning. This program serves the purpose of providing a less expensive learning approach for the students. It helps the teachers to be updated with the latest teaching trends and makes learning for the students easier.

It involves experimenting with the online programs for the capacity building of the teachers, teaching in standards 1 to 8. Besides, this program also focuses on the interactive learning of the children. After the massive success of the Samarth 1 program, the Samarth 2 program was launched. To understand this online program better, read this post until the end. 

What Is the Samarth 2 Project? An Overview

Samarth 2 program is a combined initiative of the Gujarat Primary Education Department and SSA Gujarat. The objective of this program is to enable teachers to gain expertise in their subject by getting training in it. 

Samarth 2 Program

During this training, you have to cover different modules on several topics. Each topic includes several projects. Besides, you need to go through the project and study the related questions. Once you read the project, you need to be in a position to answer the questions. You will get help from case studies, videos, and other online material. After that, the teacher has to answer the questions based on contemplation topics.

The training also includes a project submission from the teacher. Teachers can see the sample of the projects submitted in the Samarth 2 training program. Furthermore, You may enhance your own project based on a specific topic and see the step-by-step progression of the project. Here is some crucial information you need to have related to this project.

Activities In Samarth 2 Project

1: Tackling Heavy And Lightweight Items

Differentiating between the weighty and light objects is a crucial thing to learn for the students. Your child can learn better with real-life experiences. You just need to give it direction. There is no need to spend extra on this activity. It teaches kids to look at the things in their surroundings to make new things. 

By doing this activity, children make such scales even when going home, and by taking various items, they weigh them and clarify their resolve. The best thing about this education plan is that it is suitable for both rural and urban kids. When the engagement of the children increases, they learn faster.

Assessment And Outcome

In this experiment, kids were given several objects. To carry out this assessment, they were asked which one of the objects is heavier. The list of the provided items includes an eraser, pencil, pavement, ball pen, and several others. Proceeding further, they were asked if they could see an object tilted. As the outcome of this experiment, students mention that they noticed pencil and rubber balls tilted. Furthermore, the person conducting this activity asked students which one of the following objects is heavier. The final conclusion was made on the basis of the responses of the kids. 

When they were asked which one of the following objectives lighter, their answer was the pencil. This assessment was done with all the students one by one, and the final conclusion was based on their answers. It also helped them to compare students on the basis of this activity. This Samarth 2 activity helped students to differentiate between the lighter and heavier objects.

2: Adding And Subtracting Decimal Numbers

In the beginning, the decimal calculations are a hard nut to crack for the students. However, a well-planned activity can help them to develop deeper and understand the concept of decimal addition and subtraction. To start, kids need to bring into practice in the first place.

This activity can describe a lot of things about decimal calculation. It may include the placement of the digits and addition and subtraction on both sides of the decimals. To start the activity, you have to form four groups of students. When you involve them in an interactive activity, they learn faster and in an efficient way. The activity is carried out for all the groups and based on their performance and outcome, the success of the activity is analyzed.

Detailed Description Of The Activity

Kids gradually start learning about decimals, so it should be taught to them that decimals are a part of the whole. To teach them this, you can take the help of a graph having a hundred blocks. You can tell them that decimal represents the number of selected blocks in the graph with 100 blocks. When the concept is cleared, they can solve the decimal problems with ease, which should be the main motive of the activity. In the beginning, you can give them simple calculations, such as 0.23 + 0.64 = .087. 

When they start doing the easy calculations, you can raise the difficulty level by increasing the number of digits. Samarth 2 activities are helping in the all-around development of the kids, be it physical or mental. 

3: Meditation

Kids’ brains can be involved in so many things because they are curious. However, meditation can help them to relax their mind and boost their focus. In this activity, kids are given the cards, and they have to stand according to the card. After taking the position, they have to put money according to the card, which enables them to add and subtract decimals easily. This activity can help kids access the multifaceted benefits of meditation.

Final Words

The Samarth 2 project model offers a wide array of templates that you can utilize in readymade project preparation. These templates can offer you several benefits, including effective work management. Teachers can complete their work in a very systematic manner. Additionally, this project is also great for the kids learning. Teachers who want to harvest the benefits of this potential online platform can apply it to make learning more fun and effective. If you liked reading this post, visit our blog section for more blogs from the education category. 


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