Do you want to know how to cancel Adobe Subscription? This is the way!!

how to cancel Adobe subscription

The fact that Adobe systems, since its inception, has not just transfigured the software experience of the world but also ensured that it remained as user-cordial as it promised to be. Hence, its usage has increased multifold. If you have an Adobe agreement plan yourself, it is not surprising in any way. However, if your search algorithm has recommended you to this page, it simply implies that you are looking answer to your query about how to cancel Adobe subscription.

Well, you are on the right page. This walkthrough will provide you with a clear idea of the format in which the Adobe agreement plan can be cancelled and some other details regarding the cancellation fees. Why don’t you scroll down this page, read the details, and think one more time before you cancel your subscription?

How to cancel Adobe subscription?

The process of cancelling your Adobe agreement plan is fairly easy. These are the steps that you will have to follow.

1. You already have an Adobe account – so to proceed with cancellation, you will have to log into it and go to the section that will show you the plan that you had subscribed for.

2. You must access your account’s Manage Plan section. Since you are using a premium account, a pop-up window will appear as you browse asking you whether you would want to alter your plan. If you still wish to cancel it, please move on to the section named Cancel Your Plan.

how to cancel Adobe subscription
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3. Following its hold-back customer policy, Adobe will reopen a window after you click the Cancel button and ask why you want to cancel. Select the suitable choice by clicking on it.

4. When you’re finished, Adobe will once more put additional plans in front of you as part of their hold-back policy. If none of the alternatives appeal to you, click on the No Thanks button and move forward to complete the process.

5. You will see more specific information about the outcomes of leaving the agreement plan on the following page. There may or may not be a cost that you must pay or a refund that you may receive depending on the plan that you have selected. Click in accordance with the specifics of your agreement plan to continue with the procedure.

6. According to the Adobe Agreement Plan settings, the business will attempt to promote its other goods and plans before you. You can click the “No Thanks” option if you are not interested in the same thing and go on – then you can surely click on the No Thanks button and move on. If there are more pop-ups – in that case also, you will have to move on by clicking on the No Thanks button.

7. Finally, the Review Page will highlight the details associated with your plan. When you are sure of your decision – you can click on the Confirm button and carry on with the cancellation process. This is the last step – after which your process of cancelling will be over.

Have you found the answer to your query as to – how to cancel Adobe subscription? If so, then scroll down because there are other things that you must consider before you carry forth your plan.

Would you want to cancel an Adobe trial?

Though this article is about the details regarding the cancellation of Adobe agreement, some people have taken an Adobe trial. Do you not wish to go any further with this plan? In that case – you will have to get back to your account and go to the section of Manage Plan. From there, you will have to select a reason for cancelling your plan (there are set questions asked) and finally cancel the plan. You will have to follow the instructions to complete this process.

how to cancel Adobe subscription

Would you like to consider it before cancelling?

It is understood that Adobe is not serving your purpose as you thought it would. Even with the conveniences of Photoshop and the Creative Cloud, you are looking to unsubscribe. Yet, before you take this step – here are certain points you might want to consider.

1. When you cancel an Adobe subscription – the benefits that are associated with it – additional storage, some features that are specifically available to the premium clients, and other sets of benefits are not accessible anymore. So, if you wish to use the same features, then it will be a little problematic, and you have to be careful of the same.

2. If you do not cancel this agreement plan in 14 days, rest assured you will be able to use the benefits until the end of the billing period.

#Just note – Simply because you cancel the agreement plan does not mean that your account will be expunged. You will be able to use the account, only minus the premium benefits.

Results of canceling the subscription

This article depicts to you the answer to – how to cancel Adobe subscription. However, as someone who is looking to cancel the agreement plan, here are some of the points that you must remember.

1. An increased storage limit is one of the premium features you get with an Adobe agreement plan. The storage is limited to 2GB as soon as you decide to cancel your contract. In the event that you exceed the limit, you have 90 days to retrieve the excess data. Unfortunately, you will no longer have full access to any of the data after the 90 days are up. The information described above relates to the ability to access Creative Cloud servers.

2. You can still access the Lightroom Images that you had access to for up to a year. It is advised that you take the pictures down as soon as possible. You may always access the Lightroom Classic Images on your hard disc.

3. Another convenience that Adobe provides is – the chance to assemble the photos and then, as per the requirement – import and export them, print them and publish them. However, once you decide to cancel your membership – you will no longer have access to Lightroom or even Map and Development Modules.

What about the refunds?

Regarding Adobe, the refund is only accessible if the relevant plan has information on refunds. Not all of Adobe’s plans are covered by the refund policy. If your company has a return policy, you will need to terminate within 14 days of the agreement plan if it does. If cancelled after 14 days, the return policy will not be applicable.Well, there must have been multiple reasons as to why you wish to cancel this agreement plan. However, now that you have decided to cancel this agreement, in that case – hopefully, this article on how to cancel Adobe subscription was helpful. Do share the link if you have any friends or family who wish to know more about this. If you have any comments to make – do leave your feedback.

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