How Efficient Can Be A Homemade Carpet Cleaner? Let’s Find Out! 

homemade carpet cleaner

If you are wondering if a homemade carpet cleaner can take the day-to-day carpet cleaning challenges, then read this post to find your answer.

Carpets can give your home a stunning look; however, you need to clean and maintain them regularly. If not, they may lose their Karizma. There are many products available in the market for carpet cleaning and maintenance. But, have you ever wondered how it is like to design a carpet cleaner at home and use it to fulfill your cleaning needs? Have you ever done it? If not, how effectively a homemade tool can be applied for the purpose. To get all your answers related to the homemade carpet cleaner, follow this post until the end. 

Conventional Methods Of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a daunting task. It needs proper expertise in getting the mission accomplished. They are very expensive, and this is why people prefer hiring professionals when it comes to carpet cleaning. They use a few popular methods to ensure the utmost safety and cleanliness. Some of the most common forms of carpet cleaning are stated in the below-given list: 

homemade carpet cleaner

1: Hot Water Extraction

The first one is cleaning with hot water. The method is also termed the steam cleaning method. This procedure utilizes the power of the heat energy that gets into the core of the carpet and cleans them deep inside. In the first place, the rug is treated with a chemical cleaner that loosens up the stubborn stains. After easing the stains, hot water is applied to the carpet with intense pressure to make it clean like a brand new carpet. This is one of the most preferred and effective ways to get the task done. 

2: Carpet Shampooing

The other method of carpet cleaning is shampooing it. Just like shampoo cleanses all the oil and dirt from the hair and makes it clean, same it works on the carpets. You need to decide the right proportion based on the size of the rug. After the application of the shampoo, clean it with the utmost care. It is one of the most affordable and fruitful ways of carpet cleaning. 

3: Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning solutions can be acquired with ease from the market. It is straightforward to apply and use. You need to spread the powdered solution on the carpet and leave it for up to 20 minutes until it grabs all the dirt and stains from it. When the wait is over, you can clean it properly. Once it is adequately dried, place it at its original position. 

4: Foam Cleaning

In this method, you need to apply the foam evenly on the carpet’s surface and let it settle for a few minutes. Let it perform its function, and when you see it getting black, it means it is draining out all the stain and dirt from the carpet. It is time to apply the vacuum cleaner to it to suck all the form mixed with the impurities. Using this method, you can get a clean, shining, and puffy carpet. 

How To Clean Carpet By Yourself? 

If you want to clean your cleaner yourself, you will need to have a few things handy with you. A carpet cleaning machine is the first thing you will require. You can perform the cleaning on a yearly basis. Before you start cleaning, apply the vacuum cleaner on the piece, and treat it with a robust solution. You can make the solution yourself or get it from the market. How to make homemade carpets will be explained in the next section of the blog. Let the solution settle down, and then apply the cleaning machine as instructed in the user manual. You will see, it has turned soft, fluffy, and clean. 

Procedure Of Homemade Carpet Cleaner Making

Now we are the most awaited section of this post where you will see the procedure of a homemade carpet cleaner solution. To make it, you have to arrange a few important things as stated in the below-given list: 

  • Dishwasher Gel (1tbs)
  • White Vinegar (1Tbs)
  • Baking Soda (1Tbs)

You have to mix these ingredients well with each other to form a strong and powerful solution. Place the solution in a bottle spray to spread the solution evenly in the bottle. You also need to add warm water to the solution to enhance its efficacy. When the cleaner is applied, wait for it to do its work. Now use the vacuum cleaner to snatch all the dirt and stains from the carpet. If an area remains with the stubborn stain, rub it gently with the cotton towel to remove it. 

What To Avoid When Cleaning Carpet By Self? 

Cleaning carpet is a crucial task, and if not done carefully, it can damage it badly. Therefore you need to stick to a few preventive steps. Remember this thumb rule that, don’t apply anything which is not specifically made for the purpose. The cost of experimenting with the solutions to be applied on the carpet can be expensive for you. It may look like the carpet is older than its actual utilization. 

If you are applying a strong solution on the carpet, dilution is important; otherwise, the results can be detrimental. It can result in the loss of color or fluffiness of the carpet. Also, don’t over-saturate it with excessive water; otherwise, it will remain inside and start consuming it. Furthermore, don’t take the drying job casually. Once you make it wet, dry it properly to give your carpet a long life.

Moisture is one of the biggest enemies of the carpet. Besides, when they remain for a long time unnoticed, it not only generates molds in the carpet but also starts conjuring the wooden floor on which the carpet is placed. 

Final Words! 

This post incorporates all-inclusive information about carpet cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, you can also get to see how it is cleaned conventionally and how to do it yourself. Also, you can find the procedure of the homemade carpet cleaner. If you liked this post, and have a keen interest in learning more handy life hacks, pay a visit to our blog section. 



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