5 Signs You Need a Carpet Removal

Carpet Removal

There is no doubt that carpet removal is an arduous yet important task. After all, carpets do work well for the overall aesthetic of any room. Be it your living room or your bedroom, an old carpet can ruin the looks of it. So, what do you do? Do you just cut the carpet? Well, in that case, you’ll have some tack strips to deal with. And you don’t want to mess with a tack strip that is for sure.

You know that the best option is to call the experts in your area. Carpet removal is an integral part of your house’s renovation, and you should call a professional to deal with it.

But still, there is yet another question that needs to be answered first. When is the right time for you to call in the experts to remove the carpet? 

If you are in search of an answer to this question, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the five signs that’ll tell you that removing carpet is the best option.

The Dust Is Tearing Apart Your Carpet

You would think that a dirty carpet is not that big of a deal, but it is, as you might be aware of the fact that carpets do attract a lot of dust and other particles. What you might not know is that these dirt particles are quite effective in tearing down the fabric of a carpet. 

Sometimes you might be able to see the dust gather up, however, even the vacuum does not work on it. In such cases, whenever you walk over the carpet, the particles grind against the fabric. Hence, it makes the cloth weak and the carpet can be torn easily.

So, if dust has been gathering in your carpet and there is nothing that you can do about it, maybe it is time for you to get a new carpet on board. 

When It Starts To Detach Itself: No Tack Strips

You know, the carpet is held onto the floor with the help of adhesive glue. This glue is quite strong and can sometimes leave some tack strips when removed. However, in the case of an old carpet, you’ll notice that there is not even a single tack strip.

Well, this is mainly because as the carpet gets old, the adhesive glue slowly becomes less effective. So, when your carpet starts to deteriorate, you know that it is the best time for you to start removing the carpet

A Lot Of Stains And Moulds

If you fell and if spilled your food, it might have left some stains on the cloth. You may not like this newly acquired stain, and it is a perfect sign that tells you that it is time for you to change it.

You would feel like you need to cut the carpet. However, just call on the professionals to your home to do the hard work. They would be quite good at their job. On the other hand, you can also do it yourself. Just make sure that you have all the equipment, especially the safety glasses.

Sure, you can definitely call for a cleaning service and get the strains removed, but many of these stains don’t dry off properly. This means that, over time, there would be significant growth of bacteria in the region where the spill had happened. One way to know for sure that you need a new carpet is the unpleasant smell that the mold releases. 

Damped Padding

The carpet padding is one thing that makes it different from normal wood flooring. People prefer carpets over hardwood because carpet padding is soft. Save for the time when the carpet gets old, this soft pad is often what appeals to people.

So, when this softness becomes hard, you need to know that it is time to change it. Whether the carpet is at your place of work or your place of residence, you better replace it for sure.

Your Carpet’s Age Is A Major Factor

Yes, you might have kept your carpet clean and free of any stain. It might still retain its feel but it is now old. Age is a big number in this case. When your carpet is old, you need to replace it even if it is perfect. The older the carpet, the faster it will wear out. 

Generally, a carpet is good for a maximum of 15 years from the date it is installed. On the other hand, it is always good to remove the carpet beforehand so that you don’t put down any money to repair it if anything happens to the padding or anything else. 

Ready To Remove With No Fear Of Tack Strip

Once you have made your mind, just remember the points that we have provided over here. Go ahead, put on a fresh face, and put on your safety equipment. Get ready to cut the carpet and replace it with a new one.

To remove the old one, make sure that you cut it into pieces. These pieces can help you calculate the right area upon which you would add the new one. It is a simple project, but even a project like this can take hours. However, in the end, you are going to end up with a cleaner and a softer carpet. It’ll be worth it.

You might have looked at everything that has been discussed. Apart from all these, this is yet another reason for carpet removal, and that is home renovation. One of the things that many people worry about is that their house looks out-of-date. And so, they end up replacing all the parts of the interior, including the carpet. 

Parting Words On Carpet Removal

So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and search for these signs?  Perhaps, you’ll know that it’s time to remove the carpet and add the new one.

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