Heart Attack Symptoms in Women and How to Prevent

heart attack symptoms in women

With the recent increase in sitting jobs, sedentary lifestyles, grabbing food on-the-go, and unhealthy habits, it has become extremely important to educate people about heart attack symptoms in women. A recent study has confirmed that a heart attack is the most prevalent reason for death in women.

Often, women do not understand the vulnerable signals of heart disease. But the term “heart attack” sparks a chain of thoughts in all of us. A heart attack feels like the aftermath of running marathons. One goes so short of breath that the world seems to go upside down. It is also a time when you might wish you had taken things a little more strictly and prevented the condition you are in. If you have been facing any of the symptoms we list below, it is time you take measures towards better heart health.

The statistics of heart attacks in women

The statistics and trends of heart attacks in women are totally unavoidable. Knowing these statistics could actually help in spreading awareness. Heart attacks could strike women in every 43 seconds. It happens when oxygen to heart muscles cut off entirely. Unfortunately, coronary heart diseases are more deadly than even breast cancer. Yet, the common perception is heart attack is more prevalent in men.

Causes of a heart attack in women

Heart attack symptoms in women are not that tough to identify. But proper awareness seems to be missing. Let’s shed some light on the causes of a heart attack in most women. The risking factors are jotted down below:

1. Diabetes

We all know that diabetes is actually a silent killer. But did you know that diabetes mellitus could cause a heart attack in women? Yes, you’ve heard that correct. Women ailing with diabetes have the likelihood to get heat attacks. Diabetes often changes the perception of pain. So, women risk getting mini heart attacks due to diabetes.

2. Depressive episodes and stress

Stress and depression affect women way more than men. So, it is very evident that depression also affects a woman’s heart. Depression pretty much affects a woman’s lifestyle. They start taking refuge in unhealthy habits. Often clinical depression builds pressure of consuming pills and other forms of medication. This builds up a thrust on heart muscles, to be exact.

3. Smoking

Heart attack symptoms in women might go undetected. But the causes are evident after several types of research. Smoking can be the greatest culprit. It poses a risk of heart ailments in women.

4. Inactivity

As mentioned before, a sedentary lifestyle is not very healthy for women. Lacking physical activities is a great risking factor for heart diseases in women. Also, studies have found women are more inactive than men. Now that you are aware of certain reasons, it is high time that you take action.

5. Menopause

Lower levels of estrogen post the menopause phase put risks of a heart attack in women.

6. Pregnancy complications

Higher blood pressure than normal during pregnancy can degrade a mother’s health. This increases risks of heart-attacks.

7. Family history

A family history of heart ailment has been bothering women for ages. A record of heart attacks for generations cannot be ignored in reality. Talk to your physician regarding any family history that you may come across.

Heart attack symptoms in women

The very early signs of heart disease

All heart diseases do not come with clear signals. Unlike movies, chest clutch and then a big fall is not that common. It is never easy to say what is going on inside. One should be concerned about heart-related ailments to avoid long-term suffering. Let us get started with early heart attack symptoms in women:

1. Chest discomfort

Chest discomfort is the most alarming signal of a heart attack. Be it a blocked artery or heart attack-like feeling through pain and pressure is all common. Different people have different perceptions of pain. Most people feel like a giant elephant is sitting on their bodies. Then, there are others who feel a burning sensation. Others report a pinching like feeling. Having said this, there are other discomforts you might never identify.

2. Indigestion, nausea, stomach pain or heartburn

Women are very likely to report symptoms like nausea. Keep a check on things that you consume. Never ignore a bad stomach pain. Heartburn like discomfort could lead you to serious consequences as well.

3. Pain spreading to your arms

Some heart attack symptoms in women are classic (in an ironic way) because the pain can radiate downwards from where it starts. It spreads across arms and affects the left side of the body. Pain that initiates at the chest and then spreads outward could be fatal. Report these sensations as soon as you feel them.

4. Dizziness

People suddenly start to lose balance apparently for no reason. The damage deep down actually remains concealed. Feeling unsteady suddenly followed by chest discomfiture is a common sign of heart-attacks. This generally means that your blood pressure has dropped down. Consequently, the heart is not able to pump with the usual vigor. If you feel the same, call your physician without the slightest hesitation.

5. Throat Pain

Sometimes, pressure build-up at the chest leads to an aching throat. Beware, ladies! This could indicate a probable heart attack.

6. Snoring or snoozing

This might very well seem harmless on the surface. But the causes can be very different from what it seems. Snoring aloud sounds like gasping might mean an indication of a fatal condition coming your way. This happens when you stop breathing for a little while. Be cautious ladies, this puts additional pressure on the four-chambered structure.

7. Sweating profusely

Cold sweating for no apparent reason is an early symptom of a heart attack. Schedule a check-up right now without the wastage of time. Do not let this drive too far. You may land into neck-deep troubles.

8. A persistent cough

Coughing might never seem a problem for all. But if you have a pre-existing heartache, revise the situation. A cough that lasts for too long could be a signal of severe heart ailments. Closely examine the tinge of the mucus. Mucus that has a red tinge is a sign of heart ailment. Ask your physician about coughs lasting for a tad too long.

9. Your feet seem swollen

This could be a signal that your heart is not pumping well. When the heart does not pump with vigor, blood concentrates in the veins. This also causes bloating. You definitely need to know more about this condition.

10. Irregular heartbeat

If you’re excited or nervous, the heart pumps faster than usual. It may even skip beats. But, if this phenomenon happens often, there are possibilities of a heart attack. Too much dependence on caffeine intensifies this condition. Lacking proper sleep is another reason why this happens.

11. Getting exhausted too frequently

Getting exhausted too often isn’t a very good thing. Feeling fatigued and winded after errands is alarming. After this, you suddenly start to feel heartburn. Now, listen-up! Without getting late, call your doctor. These are early heart attack symptoms in women and must be addressed right away.

symptoms of heart attack

Can we easily diagnose mini heart attack symptoms?

As the name suggests, mini heart attacks often go undetected. The signs and symptoms are usually minimal. This often happens due to a temporary blockage. Blood flow suddenly stops to a certain section of a heart. This condition causes scarring and does damage to heart muscles.

Complain of fatigue and related issues are common in such cases. Mini heart attacks have signs and symptoms that are subtle. Learn more about these and pay ample attention. Often indigestion puts thrust on heart muscles. Women also ignore frequent back pain. But all of these contribute to mini heart attacks. If these signs are detected early, chances are you will be completely fine if you act on it promptly.

Mini heart attack signs are non-specific. But then, they can be recognized with the help of an expert medical practitioner.

What could you do during mini heart attacks?

Mini heart attacks could be dangerous. Ladies, there are ways to avert the situation. Not panicking is of utter importance. Panicking will only intensify the condition. When you reach the hospital, be sure to check if it’s just a mini attack. Women often confuse anxiety attacks with mini heart attacks. In either case, you must maintain your nerve. Feeling unnerved is never a solution.

Be firm. Keep a loyal person by your side. Once you detect early signs, the entire procedure becomes simpler.

Foods that could give way to heart attacks

  • Salt, sugar, and fat: Salty food that is processed could lead to heart attack symptoms in women. The heart is your biggest asset. Avoid things that could cause it harms. Sugary syrup, sweets, and refined sugar are culprits too. We understand that you do care for your heart. If you do, keep these things out of your daily diet. Saturated fats and carbs that are refined do harm the heart. Stop fixating on bad food. Eat things that are nutritious to your heart and overall well-being.
  • Bacon: The recent food culture might be injurious to your heart. Bacon can never be beneficial to health. The saturated fat it contains is extremely bad. Eating foods like bacon can lead to heart strokes. So it is wise to stop consuming things like this entirely.
  • Red meat: Consuming lambs and pork might tickle your taste buds. But they’re severely injurious to your heart. They boost the bad cholesterols in the body. Never binge on these stuff, but if you’re finding it really hard to stop, control the portions. Start looking out for lean meat. They impart wholesome nourishment to the body.
  • Soda: Having a little number of sugary things might not harm the body. But, once you start gulping down soda, things get out of order. Managing body-weight starts to become difficult. Get to know the worse. You become a total obese. Obesity causes fatal diseases, heart attacks being the most common. Researchers have always linked obesity with heart-ailments. So ladies, be certain to cut down soda intake.

pain in the heart

What about heart attack symptoms in women over 40?

This is the phase where women need to be the most careful. At this phase, women invite unwanted problems. Some women also go through menopause in the early 40s. Around this time the estrogen levels start to sink and inactiveness sinks in. A sedentary lifestyle coupled with unhealthy habits can lead to heart attack symptoms in women. Women need to remain active so they can avert heart ailments. Be sure not to be a couch potato all the while.

Drop that bag of chips. Always remember, a healthy heart is precious.

Post heart attack symptoms

Post heart attack symptoms could be really serious. People feel a heart ailment is life-changing and indeed it is so. Post a heart attack, women start panicking more. To top it all, they start adopting unproven measures to keep fit. But this does harm.

Post a heart attack, one can feel signs like frequent uneasiness. Also, regular dizziness becomes a common sight. But, one can really avert further attacks if they remain mindful. Feeling confused and losing patience are common. But ladies, this is never a solution. Symptoms like irregular beats and heartburn might follow post a heart attack.

Be sure not to ever conceal these signs and signals from your loved ones. They are the ones who would want to see you hale and hearty. Do talk to them and schedule regular appointments.

Final thoughts

Managing risk factors are of utter importance. This lessens any chances of attacks. Ladies, now that you know you’re vulnerable to heart attacks be cautious. Proper knowledge about heart attack symptoms in women can add years to life. Consult a medical expert before conditions start to intensify. Lastly, spread awareness. This will definitely be useful for your acquaintances, family and also friends.


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