Hard Luck Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Plot Description 

Hard Luck Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

If you are planning to buy the Hard Luck Diary Of A Wimpy Kid book, then here is an all-inclusive guide for you. It can help kids and parents to know more about the book. This is a popular book best suitable for the age-group 8-10 years. The post covers some crucial aspects of the book you can get to know by navigating through the post until the end. Let’s start!

Hard Luck Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book: An Overview

In March 2013, Hard Luck’s teaser artwork, depicting Greg Heffley holding an umbrella while Magic 8-Ball is falling around him, was released. On August 8, 2013, along with the release date of November 5, 2013, the book’s cover and official title, Hard Luck, were announced. Hard Luck author and illustrator Jeff Kinney also revealed that he would launch a tour the same month to promote the book’s pre-sales.

Kinney later said that writing the character of Rowley’s girlfriend was a challenging task for him. She was just a placeholder for a his girlfriend and not a completely developed character. It was tricky to determine how to write a character that hardly has any dialogues, and she is not much of a personality. She is just a take over for a threat to Rowley-Greg’s friendship. Speaking about the book’s cover, Kinney specified that he chose the green color for it because the book came into being in Spring. Also, green is the color of the Irish flag, which symbolizes Irish luck. 


The story revolves around Greg, whose fast friend Rowley has done a hard to anticipate act. He’s actually made a new girlfriend, and now Greg is worried about who will now walk to school with him and bear his books when watching out for dog messes on the sidewalk? Greg will just have to meet another sidekick for him. His strange neighbor, Fregley, is the only boy desperate enough to take him up on the deal. He spills all Greg’s books on their first trip to school while running away from the frightening Mingo brothers, 

And then it’s Easter, and mom’s fighting sisters and madcap cousins visit him. Greg finds a Magic Eight Ball, thinking all his problems will be resolved now. The magic ball helps him to make all the important decisions. For instance, which club to join to keep the Mingo brothers at bay. However, he slips his grades, he has no books to read, and his science fair project is due next week. It is interesting to discover what this Wimpy kid will do. 

What Critics Think About The Book? 

Hard luck diary of a wimpy kid book has received positive reviews from critics. Booklist stated that “Kinney hits his comic target at the right place. He emphasizes on the trials of adolescence to make them real. At the same time, it silently uncovers the insecurities behind Greg’s boldness with his simple yet captivating drawings.” 

Publishers Weekly wrote that the concept of the book was similar to previous books by Kinney. It added, the book will probably also be enjoyed by fans of the series as well. The book was criticized by Common Sense Media for its use of toilet humor and was given three out of five stars. The Guardian gave the book four out of five score and stated it as “hilarious.”

The Irish Independent lauded the book for its “laugh-out-loud scenes.” For instance, Greg frightens about “getting baked alive like a microwave burrito.” They liked the book for “illustrating the real experience of children,” especially the scenes where Greg is struggling to be “poignantly written” in school without a friend. Greg’s dilemma about his family members warring over Meemaw’s ring will resonate with all children (and their parents) is also considered as one of the funniest scenes of the book by them. The reviewer stated the hard luck diary of a wimpy kid book as “one of the most humorous books I’ve read all year.”

Popularity Of The Book

Hard Luck Diary Of A Wimpy Kid book sold 1.3 million copies in its first week of the release. It was the top print bestseller of 2013, with over 3 million of the total copies sold. However, it was not on the list of top 20 in eBook sales. In the United States, it had the first printings of 5.5 million copies and 800,000 copies in the United Kingdom.

What Parents Need To Know About Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck? 

Parents should know that in the Wimpy Kid graphic novel series, Hard Luck is the 8th regular installment. Unwilling readers are huge fans of this best-selling series, which parents either tolerate because they are thrilled to read or dislike their child because Greg, the main character, always does something a bit rotten. Greg uses the Magic Eight Ball for a test here, modifies pictures of the school yearbook in unflattering ways, and lets his grades fall because he has lost all his books and tells no one.

The protagonist develops his conscience slowly and does the right thing when it is needed the most. He refuses to buy another kid’s science project and shows solicitude to a friend when it counts the most. Hard Luck Diary Of A Wimpy Kid book has very little violence with a few bullies. The book uses the potty humor to make it hilarious. Pants are pulled down a few times, exposing stick cartoon legs in tiny underwear; Greg also sits on the toilet a few times. Then there’s a poor father with a dog in his face passing gas.

Final Words!!

Now that you have read this full post, you must be aware of the crucial aspects of the book before purchasing it. Besides, it also has a parental guide that states all the essential points parents need to know about the book. However, the book is one of the print bestsellers in 2013 and has a huge fan base. If you loved this post, then visit our blog section to provide adequate supplies to the reader within you. 


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