Top 4 Game Boosters for PC for the Best Gaming Experience

Game Boosters for PC

If you are a professional gamer and looking for the best game boosters for PC, this post can help. Along with the advancement of technology, the craze for video games is rising among youngsters. Gaming booster apps can help you enhance your performance by terminating the background apps and freeing up the memory. Furthermore, some gaming booster applications offer advanced optimizing options such as overclocking and enhancing fan speed. In this post, we will discuss some of the best game boosters for PCs to enhance your gaming experience.

What Does Game Booster or Optimizer Mean?

Gaming boosters or optimizers for your personal computers are devised to improve your gaming experience for the Windows PC. They close the tasks and applications running in the background so that the system can run the games with the utmost efficiency. Moreover, it also optimized RAM by freeing up the memory so that you can run high-quality games on the system.

Game Boosters for PC

The game boosters for PC can reduce the CPU load by eliminating the undesired RAM tasks. They not only make your gaming experience smooth but also improve the overall performance of your system. Some of the best Windows PC game booster software also provides additional features. The list may include, game library, gameplay recording, and FPS counter.

Benefits You Can Reap From PC Game Boosters

You can play games on PC, but it doesn’t mean that the system has all that can make your gaming experience smoother. When you are playing high-quality games on your system, it simultaneously manages the tasks running in the background. However, this makes your device lag when playing high-resolution games. In this case, gaming boosters for PC can ensure the optimal performance of the system. They can offer the below-given benefits in making the best out of your gaming experience:

Game Boosters for PC

1: Eliminate Background Tasks

The best PC game boosters can eliminate the tasks running in the background that can hamper the performance of the system. When the system is not involved in managing any other task, you can play the game with the utmost efficiency.

2: Free RAM Space for Optimal Processing

Next, it can free up some memory from the RAM so that it can process a high-quality game without any annoying obstructions. It can give you the experience of the gaming console on your laptop or PC.

3: Additional Features

In addition to its several benefits, game boosters for PC provide some amazing features such as a game library, gameplay recording, and FPS counter.

List of The Top 4 Game Boosters & Optimizers You Need To Try In 2020

Now that you know the primary benefits of the PC gaming booster software, you need to check the below-given list of the best game booster applications. Here we go:

1: WTFAst – Best PC Game Booster

WTFAst is on the top of our list for its amazing performance as a game booster. Gaming experts also acknowledge its advantageous features that can improve your gaming experience. Even if you are participating in a gaming championship, it can help you to perform well. Below are some main benefits of WTFAst game boosting software for Windows PC:

Game Boosters for PC
Pic Credit: rog – Asus
  • It can optimize your Internet performance to reduce ping when you are playing online.
  • WTFAst can give a better frame-rate to make the game smoother.
  • When you are playing a game with the multi-player, the software can prevent the game lags. For instance, if you are playing PUBG, it can be the best PUBG optimizer application.

2: Razer Cortex: Best Game Booster For PC 2020

Razer Cortex is one of the highly applauded game boosters for PC. It has a very fancy yet intelligible interface. The game booster optimizes the system of the PC to the fullest to ensure the best gaming experience. The game booster has some cool features to offer as stated in the below-given list:

Game Boosters for PC
Pic Credit: Vortez


  • You don’t need to spend a single penny for the booster. It is free for Windows 7, 8, and 10.
  • It frees up the GPU, CPU, and RAM from other tasks so that it can concentrate solely on the game.
  • Razer Cortex offers the enhanced FPS booster for PC for better performance.
  • Gamers can also enjoy the game recording option from this game booster for Windows PC.
  • Furthermore, it offers a game-library so that you can manage all the installed games efficiently.

3: Wise Game Booster for Windows

Wise Game Booster is awesome game booster software for PC that can take your gaming experience to the next level. It eradicates the useless tasks running in the background so that the game doesn’t need to share the burden of managing them. Below are some salient features of Wise Game Booster:

Game Boosters for PC

  • Wise Game Booster has an intelligible interface and is one of the most effective game boosters for PC.
  • The game booster shows excellent compatibility with the latest versions of Windows 10.
  •  It enables you to see the tasks running in the background to eliminate the undesired tasks right at the moment.
  • You can use its launchpad to launch the games you have installed on your system. 

4: Game Fire 6

Game Fire 6 is one of the most powerful game boosters for PC that can make your gaming experience smooth and hassle-free. The pro version of the gaming booster app is paid. However, you can also utilize its free versions. It has some great features to offer for the gamers as given below:

Game Boosters for PC
PC: Smart PC Utilities
  • Real-time optimization and live performance status are some amazing features from this game booster for PC.
  • Besides, you can customize your hardware settings to improve your gaming experience.
  • You can also find the recommendations for some of the most trending games on the game’s interface.
  • It kills the burdensome tasks running in the background to enhance the chances of your winning. This is why professional players praise this software for its excellent utility.

Now that you have the list of the best game boosters for PC in 2020, you can choose one as per your convenience. Stay in touch with us if you want more interesting and informative posts similar to this.

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