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Dating a Virgo man? This post will help you to know what to expect from a Virgo man in bed. Virgo men are not easily seen to run after a girl. Even when they like someone, they hardly take the initiative. When it comes to having sex, Virgo men are thorough gentlemen. You don’t have to worry that they will touch you inappropriately in a public place or kiss you. They are very neat and punctual. They don’t expect sex after the first date. Even in bed, they are very neat. To know more awe-inspiring facts about a Virgo man in bed, read this post until the end.

Characteristics Of A Virgo Man In Bed

Below are the main characteristics:

1: He’ll Start With Observing

Dating a Virgo man? Watch your moves as you will be noticed for all your words, actions and activities. A Virgo man first delves deeper into your personality to determine your nature. It is difficult to hide the minor details from a Virgo man. Virgo men like doing things in detail. For your third date, he’ll probably notice how you drink your coffee and make you a flawless cup. Mention a book you’ve been willing to read but haven’t gotten around to it yet? In a few weeks, Virgo might surprise you with a copy. The same thing applies to the bed as well. He finds out the things that give you the most pleasure and practices in bed. However, you need to be careful about the accuracy of his observation.

guy observing girl

2: He’ll Let You Lead The Game

The personality of a Virgo man is the “go with the flow” type. However, they still can react to the situations and take strong stands on their point. In a relationship, they let you take the lead when in bed or other important things. When you become familiar with a Virgo man, they gain a good insight into your personality traits and use it as a reference in future events. If you mislead him as passive, he is just silently taking a note of everything. Things get more serious as time passes.

Girl leading a man to the adventure

3: They Dig Oral

They are fond of oral activities and derive great pleasure in giving and getting it. However, they are very particular about cleanliness, so you need to be very careful about it. If not done properly, it can turn him off. Any foul odor or cleanliness issue can go wrong while diving deep into the ocean of joy. Contrarily, avoiding such distractions allows you to have the most amazing nights of your life. Attending personal hygiene can be a rewarding experience for you.

Oral sex

4: Serious About Hygiene

Some guys, like Cancer men, choose to do it in their own homes. They’re not too caught up in the where. But if the place they do it isn’t clean, it can be a turn-off. In other words, Virgo men tend to be neat freaks.

If given a choice, they prefer having sex in an uncluttered environment. I’m the first to admit this can take away from things being spontaneous. However, you came here for the real deal, so that’s what you are getting.

Good Hygiene

5: They Crave Body Worship

Most of the Virgo men in bed are fitness-freaks and love to take care of their body shape. Besides, they love to flaunt it on the bed. When you notice and admire their masculinity, it really turns them on. It brings the beast to lie within, and they turn wild. Once on, they can take you to the ride of eternal pleasure and make you feel lost in their big arms. They love to flex their muscles, and when you talk about it, their privates become rock strong. You can use this hack with a Virgo man when getting intimate.

Man flaunting abs

6: Nighttime Works The Best

For many Virgo guys, sex late at night may feel like the greatest or only way to unwind before starting the grind all over again. They understand that sexual activity at any time of day or night can have significant health, emotional, and relationship benefits. They are, nevertheless, more likely to have sex on weekend nights, implying that their sexual activity patterns are influenced to some part by their job schedules.

Night sex

7: Sexually Upfront

If a Virgo man likes you, it will not be a mystery for you. Also, if they don’t like you, they will not fake the love. They are not hesitant in sharing their feelings and speaking their heart out. Even on bed, they stand close, grab you and look you in the eyes. These gentle upfront keep them in a clean relationship.

couple smiling on bed

8: They Are Passionate

Passion and warmth are the quintessential qualities of a Virgo man in bed. When in his company, he will not let you get bored or distracted. They are physically and mentally available for you. Besides, they are straightforward and extroverted. They really enjoy having intimacy and make you feel lost in them.

Passionate man

9: Conversation Stimulates

Virgos are one of the most intelligent zodiacs of all, so if you engage them in a stimulating discussion, it will help you to form a mental connection. It is not necessary that the subjects will always be relevant. However, the engagement in the dialogues can play a vital role in stimulating a Virgo man. Pillow talk or dirty talk can also play their role in exciting a Virgo man in bed.

Couple conversation

10: Trust Is Important

If you want to fully engage a Virgo man while having intercourse, you need to gain his trust. If not, you may feel him distracted and not fully involved in the process. If things run in his mind on the bed, the focus will be distracted. The more time you spend, the better it gets with time. They will reciprocate the level of interest you will show to them. When you gain his full trust, they are ready to walk extra miles with you without any hesitation.


Final Words

In this post, you can get to know about the prevalent characteristics of a Virgo man in bed. If you loved reading this post, our blog section has many more from this dating and sex category. Explore!!


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