Taurus Man In Bed | Things To Know Before You Date Him


If you are curious about a Taurus man in bed, read this post until the end. They have so many qualities that make them good at sex. Taurus men share some main characteristics. They are stubborn, emotional, and jealous. They have a very original approach when it comes to sex. They understand the desire of their partners very well. If you are seeking a stable relationship, a Taurus man can be the best bet for you. They are down to earth. However, if you will keep them by your side forcefully, you will get to see their angry side. To know more about a Taurus man in bed, read this post until the end.

Sexual Awareness In Taurus Men

The Taurus man is sexually aware at an early age. He has sexual fantasies in his childhood years. When young, he wants to spend time with women, but he’s too anxious to do something. As an adult, he can have any woman as he has the same lust, but he is finally more daring. While there are people who use sex as a weapon against stress or as a way to prove their masculinity, the Taurus man is the one that likes sex just because it is one of his favorite things to do.

Maybe other men don’t really enjoy lovemaking, but this guy does. As a great lover in the zodiac, the man in Taurus is attentive, and he always knows what the partner may be feeling. He won’t need to be encouraged in bed as he is the one to start when things are getting hot.

Sexual Awareness In Taurus Men

Characteristics Of A Taurus Man In Bed

Below are the main characteristics of a Taurus man in bed you may experience when dating one:

1: Sex comes with comfort.

The prelude a Taurus man offers his partner can seem prepared from before. He doesn’t like to make love on the spot. If this happens, it only happens because he thinks the moment is perfect. He is the man to take things slowly. Don’t expect him to be too imaginative in bed. He will only go with the already known techniques. And he is a master of these techniques. Many would say he is simple when it comes to lovemaking.

Sex and comfort

And it’s true as his way is direct and easy. However, he likes to have sex often and regularly. The Taurus man has great energy in bed, so you can forget all about the fact that he isn’t imaginative. If you are with him, take the lead and suggest new ideas. He won’t say no to more variety.

2: Stubborn

But be careful. You’ll have to make subtle suggestions as he doesn’t like being forced to do things. As an Earth sign, the man in Taurus is determined and stubborn. So be subtle, or he won’t give up his own practices. Furthermore, they try to dominate in bed. However, you can get the maximum pleasure when having sex with a Taurus man.

Stubborn Taurus man

3: Enjoy Sex A Lot Once The Mood Is Set

There’s no other sign of enjoying comfort more than the Taurus man in bed. If you want to provide the perfect lovemaking environment for him, get him to a bed and put some music on. Some champagne would be perfect as he likes licking it from the partner’s naked body.

Man Enjoying Sex

4: Passionate In Bed

The Taurus man gets crazy with the smell of your body. The scent of a woman’s body will be, for him, a real aphrodisiac. He has his own foreplay rituals, and he may suck your toes or perform oral sex. These practices turn him on.

He could have sex with you in the morning and go with a young man in the evening. He likes doing it in the buttocks, and he likes oral sex, both to perform and to be performed. It can’t be said that he’s a passionate lover.

Passionate man

5: Many Of Them Are Bisexual

Many Taurus men are bisexual. They like to have many different experiences, so they enjoy lovemaking with both sexes. A Taurus man has an increased libido. They can derive the same level of pleasure with both sexes.


6: A Taurus Man Can Make A Romantic Setting For You

When this guy wants to impress a lady, he will prepare a romantic setting for her. Once again, it’s important for him to be comfortable when having sex. He likes quality, and he invests a lot of money in decorating his place. If you don’t fall easily in his arms, he will have a drink or two and go to bed.

He’s patient, and he doesn’t give up until he gets what he wants. If he has found the perfect woman for him, it will be difficult for her to escape his love. The more she rejects him, the more he will insist on being with her. There’s no other man to be more insisting than Taurus. He is completely aware of his body, and he understands lust and sensuality.

Romantic Setting

7: They Have An Original Approach

Don’t play hard to get with the Taurus man, or you won’t see any sex from him. Besides lovemaking, other passions in his life are eating and drinking. That’s why he may have some weight problems.

He will always want more, no matter what it is of sex, food, drinks. He’s the down-to-earth type, but he can’t stop pleasuring himself with these needs. A Taurus man in bed doesn’t need reassurance. That’s why it’s so fun being with him. You don’t have to praise his lovemaking. He likes women just the way they are, and he doesn’t want to change anyone.

Original Approach

He spends his money on expensive things as he prefers quality over quantity. He can surprise his lover with very costly presents, and he puts that aside for the future too. Men with the Sun in Taurus are devoted, hard-working, and efficient. Paying attention to his health more than other signs, the Taurus man takes a long time to recover from a disease.

8: They Are A Jealous Partner

Most men in this sign are jealous. They are possessive with their things, so it’s only normal for them to be the same with their partners. A Taurus man will often stay friends with ex-lovers. Very stubborn, you’ll often find people born in this sign fighting for lost causes.

Those who are born in the first two weeks of the Sun in Taurus will be impatient. All Taurus often waste their energies on things that are not that necessary for them. They are all stubborn, jealous, emotional, and good at sex.

Jealous Partner

Their approach to sexuality is very original, and they can understand what the partner wants. If you are seeking stability in a relationship, then a Taurus man can be your best partner. 

Final Words

If you are curious to know about a Taurus man in bed, then navigating this post until the end can help. Besides, the post has some important considerations that can be helpful when dating a Taurus man. If you like to get more posts on love, dating, and relationships, visit our blog section.


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