Digital Marketing Strategy Example and Steps to Follow

Digital Marketing Strategy Example

In this current generation of our world, the most reliable and used source is the internet. Since it is possible, we want everything to work using the touch of our fingers. Even though we humans invented this source, it now controls and binds us. We can get any information, publish any videos or spread any message across the world we want to in a few simple clicks. So, since everything has become a part of it, why should we go market out products in person when we can reach dozens in a way lesser time span using the internet.

Digital marketing is not just a trend, it has become an essential and effective way of marketing. It is the best way to grown and develop as a business, no matter the size of the industry or the company. There is not just one plain method to do this, it has numerous creative options and methods. Every idea, every plan, every strategy is unique and creative in its own way. Although, there are few strategies Here are a few digital marketing strategy examples that can help you build your company and its revenue in the best possible way.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, in simple terms, is a type of marketing activity that uses and applies digital technologies of any form. The basic understanding of digital marketing is that it is an online tool that helps you in the promotion of your products and brands using various electronic gadgets and the internet.

Digital marketing can be in the form of text messaging, instant messaging, videos, mobile apps, podcasts, electronic billboards, emails, digital or smart television, radio channels and many such ways. Digital marketing is a huge platform and you can represent it in uncountable ways. This form of marketing uses a lot of technologies and channels that help organizations to analyze campaigns, strategy, and content in order for them to figure out and understand what is working and what is not in real-time.

Digital marketing refers to any type of marketing effort that is made using the internet. Email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, and blogging are all methods that help us on how to create a digital marketing strategy. Any online tool you use for marketing is a digital marketing asset. Your webpage, branded assets like logo, video content like product demos, images, written content, online products or tools, reviews, and social media pages are all examples of your digital marketing assets.

Digital marketing strategy process involves a few simple steps in order to get the best result. These are essential steps to understand and learn how the online marketing platform works in order to promote your business online and get the maximum reach and response. The steps involving digital marketing are research, plan and strategize, implement, measure and audit, and optimize in that order. You can remember them as key factors of the process of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Strategy

A digital marketing strategy framework requires a few crucial details in order to make it successful and get the maximum result. These details help you develop and obtain a good campaign by keeping the objective and the audience in mind. It is a set of plans which can help you analyze where things went wrong or what people want to see more of without affecting the main objective.

The first step to an effective digital marketing strategy is to define the objective. You need to know what your aim and goal. The second step is to set key performance indicators or KPIs. To keep track of the number of people visiting your webpage, the type of audience you have, you need to set up a key performance indicator. It helps you improve your marketing style.

The third step is to analyze and edit your strategies regularly. It is the most important step. You have to analyze your own as well as the strategy of your competitors to prevent yourself from making common mistakes. The fourth step to an effective digital marketing strategy is to customize your language. Depending on the type of audience that you are targeting, you need to change the tone of your voice and also consider the local language in times of promotion.

The next step is resource management and budgeting. You need to keep track of your budget and resources and check how you are using them efficiently. The sixth and last step is to make the plan. You should always have a laid-out plan with the set goals and objectives but you need to keep reviewing them to make necessary changes and integrate and update the old plan with those changes. Digital Marketing Planning (DMP) is the first stage of forming a strategy to get better results and responses from the audience.

Digital Marketing Strategy Example

We will come across many digital marketing strategy examples due to the endless sources that we have access to.  However, we will go about the most popular ones here. The first digital marketing strategy example is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. This process optimizes your webpage to rank higher as a result of search engine pages which helps increase the amount of free traffic that your web page receives. Websites, blogs and infographics, they all benefit from SEO. The second example is content marketing. As the name suggests, it represents content creation and promotion for the sole purpose of generating brand awareness, traffic growth, lead generation, and customers.

The next digital marketing strategy example is social media marketing. You can use this to promote your brand and content on social media sites to generate leads for your business. The fourth example is pay per click or as they call it, PPC. This method allows you to drive traffic to your website by paying your publisher each time someone clicks on your ad. Google Ads is one of the most popular PPC that allows you to pay for the tops slots as a result page on the search engine. Finally, you will also find out what is email marketing, so check out all the points now:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the most commonly used digital marketing strategy example in business. There are many ways to approach SEO to generate traffic to your website. The first way is the on-page SEO. On-page SEO mainly focuses on the content, not the page while looking at a website. By searching keywords depending on the search volume, you can clear queries of readers and rank higher on the search engine results pages, SERPs.

Off-page SEO is another way to approach SEO. It focuses on the activities happening off the web page to optimize it. It mainly focuses on inbound links or what is otherwise known as backlinks. The publishers who link to your web page and their relative authority affect your rank for the keywords. By contacting and collaborating with other publishers and writers posting, you will be able to earn the backlinks and move up your rank in the SERPs.

The third way of approaching SEO is Technical SEO. This SEO focuses on the backend of your web page. Compression of an image, data structure, coding, CSS file optimization can help increase the loading speed of your webpage. This is an important factor in search engines.

Content Marketing

The term content marketing implies content creation and promotion to generate awareness and increase web traffic. There are three major channels that play an important role in digital marketing. Blog posts are one of the biggest platforms where you can write and publish articles to inform people across the world about your industry expertise. It also helps in generating free traffic for your web page and therefore, your business. Blogs give opportunities to convert the website users and visitors into leads for your company’s sales team.

Ebooks, white papers and such long-form content also work as a major form of a channel in terms of content marketing. They help in educating the customers in detail regarding the aims and goals of your company. They allow you to exchange content for the contact information of the readers. Also, they serve as a major help source in generating leads for your company.

The third channel for content marketing is infographics. These are a form of visual content that helps the visitors of the webpage to visualize the concept that you want them to understand.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing helps in proving your brand and social media content. The various social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest. You can also use tools like HubSpot to connect channels like LinkedIn and Facebook in one place. You can use this to work on content for multiple platforms at the same time and also monitor the analytics from these platforms. This is a great way to connect social accounts for the purpose of posting. You can also integrate all your social media inboxes in HubSpot to receive all your messages in a single platform.

Free Marketing Plan Template

For successful marketing, you need to have 6 elements to make an effective digital marketing strategy plan. You need to have a business summary that should have a summary of the organization including the company name, location of its headquarters and the business goals. The next information you need to include is business initiatives. This helps in segmenting the various goals of the department. It should only give an outline of your project that are specific to marketing.

The third element is the target market. You need to do thorough research and study the market. After the target market, you need to decide on a market strategy to be able to approach the market. You need to then decide on the budget and the resources you are allotting for the marketing process. The last but not least key element is the marketing channel. You will have to choose the marketing channels through which you plan on promote your business.

Once you are sure of your marketing plan, you will require a marketing plan template to see the best way to organize the six elements. You can find many latest free templates online when you search for digital marketing strategy template 2019 or digital marketing strategy template 2018 which are extremely easy to download. You can open most of these files as digital marketing strategy pdf files or in MS Word. The template will ask you to fill in all the necessary information. It will require you to enter the company name, marketing team information, goals, industry name, product, promotion, budget and all the information as per the above six elements of your marketing plan.

Email marketing

A popular digital marketing strategy example is marketing automation. This refers to the software that automates your marketing operations. A lot of marketing companies and departments usually automate their repetitive tasks in order to avoid doing it manually. Email marketing is also a very common digital marketing strategy example that is used by most marketing departments. It is an effective way of marketing that companies use to communicate with their audience. Emails generally promote content, discount offers, events and also guide the masses toward their business web page.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Compared to the traditional mode of marketing, digital marketing has many benefits. One of them is global reach. You can broadcast your business globally rather than limiting them to your locality. A website helps you in finding new markets and trade.

Another benefit of digital marketing is that it is cost-efficient. The cost of digital marketing is much lower as compared to other marketing methods. Another good thing about digital marketing is that its results are trackable and measurable. You can easily track information in detail with respect to how the customers use your website. Also, you can track and measure the way users respond to your ads using web analytics tools.

You can record data and results in digital marketing unlike the traditional mode of marketing. With the help of Google analytics, you can check data of your previous campaigns and store them for future reference and analysis. In the case of digital marketing, you also the option of personalization. If the customer database is in link with your web page then you can present them with targeted offers every time they visit your page.

Interaction is another benefit of digital marketing. You can easily communicate with your customers and build a relationship with them by getting involved in social media. Digital marketing gives you the option of providing cashback offers. You can easily engage customers through these offers using different types of social media.

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