How to remove security tags in 8 ways at home?

How to remove security tags

You may already know that clothes have security tags on them as an anti-theft measure. If you walk out of the store with the security tag on without paying, you might be arrested on charges of shoplifting. But what if you bought the attire at peak time and the personnel forgot to remove the security tag? You get it home, and now you are in a fuss about how to remove security tags at your home. You do not need to worry much!

You have scrolled down to the correct write-up. This digital course will give you an idea about the different types of security tags and several ways to remove the same. Keep scrolling to check out how –

What types of security tags may you face?

A security tag is a signal transmitter that the shops attach to their clothes so that the buyers cannot pass through the gates of the shop without paying for the goods. There are several types of security tags you may face, the most prominent ones being – magnetic, ink and mechanical.

Magnetic tags are the toughest of the lot, while the mechanical ones use pins or other fasteners. Ink tags are expensive ones with ink placed in a small glass tube that can spill if you try to force it out. So, which one are you dealing with and how to remove security tags from the clothes? Here’s how –

How to remove security tags in different ways?

In this section, you will get to see a couple of ways by which you can remove the security tags that are attached to the clothes. It is recommended you try them after a patch test and carefully since you do not want to destroy your clothes.

1. Remove the tag by hitting on it

This is the first step you can take when you want to remove the security tag. Assuming you are careful, you will have to keep yanking the tank till the pin is dislodged. When you get hold of the big nail, pull the tag out of the garment. Ensure that the tag’s plastic end is kept away from pulling.

If you have to open the ink cartridge, you will have to tap on the surface multiple times, and that too gently. The ink cartridge can break and spoil the attire if you beat it too hard.

2. Remove the tag by using needle nose pliers

If you are removing an ink tag, you must be extra cautious. Otherwise, just be generally careful when you follow this process. Take the garment and place it on the surface, ensuring that the ink cartridge faces upward.

Get a nose plier and hold one side of the rectangular tag. With another set of pliers, you can hold the other side of the tag. Hold both the pliers and simultaneously bend the tag on both sides. Be gentle else the ink will spill. Once it opens, you will have to loosen the pill by pulling it out. That’s how to remove security tags with needle nose pliers at home!

How to remove security tags

3. Remove the tag by using screwdrivers

Using a screwdriver is another mode to remove tags from your clothes. Most of you may have done it before, but after reading this, you will do it in the correct way. So, how to remove security tags on clothes with a screwdriver?

You will have to put the attire so that the ink cartridge is placed upwards. Under the squared cartridge, you will have to put a flathead screwdriver and slide it. You must be firm with the screwdriver to the extent that it pierces and pulls up the plastic. Again push the handle down to strip the plastic’s perimeter.

Naturally, after this the ink cartridge will come off, and then you will notice a silver paper lining type cover that envelopes the metal plate under it. When you take the silver paper off, you can lift the metal arms of the screwdriver and pull out the pin. Your tag will come off!

4. Remove security tags using double forks

Are you thinking about how to remove security tags with the help of forks? As preposterous as it may sound, it is possible. Take up two forks and insert them on the tag from either side. Once the hold is firm, you will have to pull the forks on the opposite sides with force. Be assured you will cut through the security tag.

How to remove security tags

5. Remove tags using a rubber band

In this case, you will have to check that the ink’s cartridge faces the downside (you will find it in the pin’s opposite direction). Next, you will have to wrap the rubber band around the pin of the security tag and keep it in place. Make sure you get a rubber band that is thick and broad in girth.

Use one hand to hold the ink cartridge’s bigger part and remove the pin with the other hand. Put pressure on it so that the pins loosen. If you cannot do it with one rubber band, do it with another.

6. Remove tags using a car key or scissors

In either of these cases, you will have to ensure that the security tag faces upwards. Avoid the fabric and put the key or one blade of scissors into the hole. Keep turning it until you break the tag.

7. Remove tags using candle and plier

You have seen the domed part of the security tag can be removed with fire. So, how to remove security tags in this manner? With the candle, heat up the domed part and then with pliers, remove the melted plastic portion. This will expose the spring that is connected to the base cylinder. Try to remove this spring with the pliers.

Once you remove this spring, you will see there’s a needle within a ball bearing. Remove the needle, and the security tag will come off automatically.

8. Remove tags by freezing

This is more of a hack you must try. Put the clothes with their security tags into the freezer. After you have put it in the freezer overnight, you will have to pull them out and let it rest for an hour. Then try removing the security tag either by using pliers, forks or rubber bands. In most cases, the outcome is positive.

Did you know this?

You have read this article, and now you have clarity about how to remove security tags from the clothes. But what if the electromagnetic security tags are a bit too strong? There’s a way out for that too –

You may place something between the head of the pin and the security tag with minimal moving space between them. Then you have to try to break the pin and release the tag. Once the pin comes off, you can easily release the tag.

You can also try to remove the electromagnetic security tag with a knife. First, burn the tag’s dome-shaped region with a lighter and as soon as the plastic catches fire, cut down the dome with a knife. As you continue scrapping it – the tag and the spring will pop out. That’s how to remove security tags, especially the ones that are electromagnetically strong.

Closing thoughts

We hope you have a better idea about how to remove security tags without any specific tools. We would also suggest, if you are not comfortable with these techniques, you take it back to the shop or to any nearby shop and ask for help. Also, we would request you not try these techniques negatively for shoplifting. If you want updates on topics such as these, keep checking out this website for more!


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