How to get PokeCoins in Pokemon Go? The complete guide!

How to get PokeCoins in Pokemon Go

You already know the details if you are a regular competitor in Pokemon Go. But what if you are a newbie? Then you need to know how to get Pokecoins in Pokemon Go. On this page, you will get details about how to get pokecoins, what you can use them for, how to earn a defender bonus, and some quick facts about the same.

What are you waiting for? Scroll down to get the procedures and usages for the same –

How to get Pokecoins in Pokemon Go?

For starters – understand that you can do it in two ways. You can purchase them with real money or place your Pokemon in the gyms. When you occupy the gyms, you can get free Pokecoins. To buy the coins, you must visit the Pokemon Go shop.

If you want to purchase by spending real money 
  • Visit the Pokemon Go shop and scroll down to the PokeCoins section
  • The coin bundles and the associated amount for that bundle are detailed there. You need to choose one from that slot.
  • Choose one and follow the directions to get the number of PokeCoins.
  • Be assured – that this transaction is completely safe, and there is no privacy or security breach here.

How to get PokeCoins in Pokemon Go

However – it is vital for you to know that when you are buying coins with real money, there are certain considerations you must take into account. They are –

  1. A variation of price depending on the place from which it operates
  2. They may also vary due to inflation.
  3. Another reason for this change is – the developer, at times to avoid the escalation of the amount of money, adjusts the price accordingly.

This was one way to respond to your query about – how to get Pokecoins in Pokemon Go. There is also a Gym format to obtain the same, and the next section will describe the same adequately.

If you have to place Pokemon in the Gym 
  • Firstly you will have to find a suitable Gym where you may store your coins. Since there are multiple trainers in this game format, searching out a gym can take time and effort.
  • If this is not your Team color, you will have to battle the enemy to get your firm ground before getting PokeCoins.
  • If the gym is now free, then you can place 1 of your Pokemon coins in it. Technically – at one time, the Gym may have upto 6 Pokemon coins from a single player.
  • You will earn the PokeCoins when your Pokemon gets knocked out of the gym. The returns are categorically based on the amount of time your PokeCoins were kept in the Gym.

Is your preliminary query about how to get Pokecoins in Pokemon Go answered? In the next part of this content – we will get to some other details associated with this coin.

How many coins will you earn?

As mentioned beforehand, the amount of time the coin stays in the gym is proportional to the amount received.

1. For every 10 minutes in the Gym, you earn 1 coin.

When the Pokemon gets out of the Gym and returns to your storage (this is because another player has outplayed your Pokemon and defeated it).

But then again – the limit of Pokemon coins is 50 coins daily. Therefore, if you want to buy the maximum amount, your Pokemon needs to stay in the Gym for 8 hours and 20 minutes.

2. Strategizing the Pokemon’s placement is crucial.

Since the key to answering how to get Pokecoins in Pokemon Go is keeping the coins in the gym, with the cap at 50 coins per day, if you want to win high – you will have to strategize. Say, for example – you put Pokemon in 3 different Gyms, and all of them are thrown out after a day. How much will you earn? It is still limited to 50 coins.

But if they had been thrown out on 3 different days, you could have earned 150 coins! So, how do you deal with this? You will need to heal the Pokemons and ensure that rather than getting thrown out simultaneously, they can survive a little more and get thrown out (if at all) on different days.

Berries are your Pokemon food; you must feed them more to help them survive. Therefore – work out your strategy in a way to ensure that your coins stay in the Gyms and are thrown out on different days to maximize returns.

Just getting the Pokemon coins is not enough, and one needs to earn a bonus to maximize the returns from this game.

How will you earn a Defender bonus?

If you are still scrolling down, it is assumed you know that by keeping Pokecoins in Gyms, you earn them free of cost. It is also essential for you to understand that to maximize the PokeCoins – you will have to keep them in the Gym for a maximum period. However, the query remains: how to get Pokecoins in Pokemon Go and earn a Defender bonus?

The daily target of PokeCoins is 50. You must wait till the next day to earn more coins. Now – on a single day, you have more than a single Pokemon returns from the Gym; even then, the maximum bonus for the day is categorically limited to 50 PokeCoins.

Again, if the Pokemon returns after multiple days in the Gym, even then, the per day maximum bonus is kept at 50 PokeCoins. This is your way to earn a Defender bonus.

How to get PokeCoins in Pokemon Go

What to buy with Pokemon coins?

Do you now have the answer to how to get Pokecoins in Pokemon Go? Naturally – the following query is – what will you buy with those Pokemon coins? Here’s the list of goodies –

Lucky Eggs – This is the first thing you must buy. 1 lucky egg comes with 80 coins, and a set of 8 lucky coins come with 500 points.

Lure Module – Buy any of these coins; the higher value rate stands at 680 coins, and the minimal amount stands at 180 coins.

Premium Raid Pass – If you wish to conduct more than one daily raid, you will require premium passes. Are you looking to collect a Pokemon army or hunting for a Shiny Legendary? Then for sure, you will need these passes.

Community Day Bundles – They offer good deals, and you may buy a set of goodies to help you proceed in the game.

The other set of products that you may buy with these coins is – boxes, incubators, poffins, star pieces, incense, team medallion, max revives, and max potions, to name some.

With these goodies, there’s a fair chance you can play the Pokemon Go game for a comparatively long period, and that too, with your bag and storage both upgraded!

Some quickies to know

1. You already know how to get Pokecoins in Pokemon Go. Do you know there are some Gym Defenders who assist you in giving the enemy trainers a tough fight?

2. When choosing a Gym, you must take care that – not all of them must be of the strong Fire type. Even if one of them is, the others must be of different types.

3. Just make a note – as a trainer, you must put tanky defenders in the gym, such as – Dragonite, Blissey, Slaking, Snorlax, and Metagross.

Wrapping up

Now that you know how to get Pokecoins in Pokemon Go, we hope you can play the game earning better profits. You can pin up this page for more if you still need clarification on this game. You can check the website for more news and articles of this type.


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