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Dogman And Cat Kid

If you want to get a better understanding of the Dogman And Cat Kid book, then here is a comprehensive post for you. Dogman is a heroic figure who has the head of a dog named Greg and the body of a cop named Officer Knight. The Dog Man fights against the crime, and the Chief at the police station considers him as the best cop on the team. Dogman safeguards scientists who are studying Flippy the fish, which is an evil figure. Cat kid, Li’l Petey stays with the Dogman, making it difficult for him to do his duty. 

Plot Of The Book

Dogman is a renowned series, and Dogman and Cat Kid is the fourth book of the series. Dav Pilkey is the man behind this amazing book. In this book, Dogman can be seen fighting a crime like in the old books. But he is not alone this time. You will meet a furry feline in this book, which stays with the Dogman, and they deal with the nefarious elements together. It all starts when a kitty sitter arrives into the picture. An attractive film starlet goes missing, and Dogman and Cat kind together solve this mystery. It is really interesting to see how these protagonists stay hot on the trail and make their way to solve the case. 

About The Author

Dav Pilkey is the author of the Dog And The Cat Kid. In his childhood days, he was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia. He used to create so much havoc in the classroom that the teachers made him stand in the hallway. When sitting in the hallway, he used to create his own comic books, and Captain Underpants and Dogman were his new adventures. 

In his college days, he met a teacher who inspired him to write and illustrate his books. In a national competition in 1986, he won the prize for his first published book, World War Won. Again, in 1998, he won the California Young Reader Medal for Dog Breath. This book was published in 1994. He also bagged the Caldecott Honor for The Paperboy in 1997. 

Different Chapters Of The Dogman And Cat Kid Book

The main chapters of the book are given in the following list:

Chapter 1: The Kitty Sitter

Lil Petey repairs 80-HD one morning at the doghouse, when Dog Man receives a phone call from Leader, telling him he’s late to work and asks him to get there now. Suddenly, a lady comes by in the doghouse of Dog Man. The lady appears to be Mrs. Suspicionflame, the best child-sitter in the world. The sitter says she is a cat-sitter expert and will start today.

When Dog Man is leaving for work, Mrs. Suspicionflame is mistaken by Lil Petey as his dad. The lady claims that she’s not his daddy. She says she will sing songs about how much fun it is to have her room and things cleaned up. Lil Petey asks her to confirm it and sing to him. 

Lil Petey pulls the wig off her head as Mrs. Suspicionflame sang, revealing that Mrs. Suspicionflame is really Petey in disguise, and proceeds to repair 80-HD. Petey discovers that solar panels and no missiles are usable at 80-HD.  

Lil Petey explains that 80-HD doesn’t require missiles, as he thinks 80-HD is his friend. However, Petey claims that 80-HD is not really his friend. 80-HD obeys Li’l Petey, but his friend Petey says that it doesn’t mean it. Petey wants Lil Petey to have a chat, and he’s going to buy him some ice cream where the first chapter of the Dogman and Cat kid ends. 

Chapter 2: Hollywood Hero

Meanwhile, the Chief is consulting with Sam E. Hamilton at the Police Station. Both of them are waiting for Dog Man to arrive. Sam asks the Chief if he’s still late for Dog Man. The manager tells him he’s a maverick, but he still gets his work done. Dog Man eventually comes and hops on the police chief.

Chief screams at Dog Man and complaints about why they have to experience this every day. Chief tells Sam about the Dog Man and informs him that he will direct a movie based on Sam’s ‘Gassy Behemoth Studios’ studio. Sam takes out his ‘The Dog Man’ poster. The Dog Man eats his sign, and the Chief attempts to stop him. Dog Man tears apart the poster. Sam says that the Dogman is an idiot, but the cheap defends Dogman by telling him the best cop on the team. 

He gives the picture of actress Yolay Caprese to the Dog Man, and Yolay enters unexpectedly. Sam tells Caprese about Dogman and Chief. Yolay approached Dogman to become her bodyguard, and in return, she will give him the tummy rubs. Yolay takes the group to the movie studio, and Dog Man intentionally eats Yolay’s picture, which surprises the Chief. 

Chapter 3: The Talk

The next chapter of the Dogman And Cat Kid starts with Mrs. Suspicionflame and Lil Petey leaving for the ice-cream. 80-HD wants to come along, but he’s warned to stay with Petey. Lil Petey purchases an ice cream ten minutes later. Petey apologizes for using his mask to fool his son and explains that the police are searching for him everywhere and could throw him in jail, and he doesn’t have anyone to help now.

Lil Petey promises that he’ll support his dad. Petey is about to train him, whom Lil Petey refuses, to be cruel. He doesn’t even know that he’s breaking legislation until he hits a trash can with a “Please don’t litter” sign. Chapter 3 of Dogan and Cat Kid ends here. 

Chapter 4: An Aching Kind of Growing

The next chapter starts with the studio shot of Petey trying to make his son turn bad, and the first shot of The Dog-Man is mentioned by Sarah. Then there’s Ding-Dong Magoo as Dog Man, Samson J. Johnson as “Chief”, Yolay Caprese as Sarah, and Scooter McRibs as Petey. The crew showcases Mrs. Suspicionflame, Sarah, Lil’ Petey, and Zuzu around. Here, Petey dumps the disguised old lady and creates evil costumes for her and Lil’ Petey. It was when “Cat Kid” came into the picture. 

Final Words!!

This post elaborates about the Dogman and Cat Kid book written by Dav Pilkey, which is a huge success and has bagged several awards. You can find the chapters until the Cat Kid came into being. To know the full story, you will need to read the book. If you liked this post and want more blogs from us, then paying a visit to our blog section can help you. 


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