Destination Folder Access Denied! What Is It? Explained

destination folder access denied

Facing Destination folder access denied issue? Are you working with the file location? Well, the error we are going to discuss in this post usually occurs when you try to change the location of the files and folders on your Windows PC. When the error occurs, you will be blocked from completing the ongoing action. Can it be annoying, right? How to get rid of this annoyance. Fret not! We are here to help you with the case. Here, you can see the apparent reasons behind the technical obstructions and application of the handy procedures for its elimination. Let’s dig deeper!

How Does File Transfer Work In Windows OS?

In the erroneous condition, copying or moving a file can take you to your wit’s end. Generally, it is very simple in Windows OS. Dragging is the simplest option you may perform to do this task. You can use your mouse to change the file’s location. Another option is the right-click mouse option. It allows users to move a file with simple, cut, copy, paste solutions. These options are simple and always work. In the exceptional case, where you are not authorized to perform the task, you will leave with no option but to look for apt solutions.

destination folder access denied

Error Description

Before we proceed any further, you need to gain a full understanding of the Destination Folder Access Denied error. When you try to move your files, an error message appears on your screen all of a sudden. You may not be able to proceed further and get stuck in the situation. To do so, you need to prove your ownership of the user account with which you are trying to access. Besides, you may not make any changes to the files to be migrated. Sounds frustrating! If you are wishing this issue to fade away from sight, follow the intelligible solutions described in this post.

How To Identify If The Error Has Occurred?

When the error crops up, it gives many signs. It is the same as physical ailments that give some signs when they take place. The error message Destination Folder Access Denied is also one of the many signs that error shows on its arrival. Furthermore, you may not be able to copy or move files to a different location or folder. Additionally, you will also experience the inability to modify these erroneous files. By these symptoms, you can get to know about the exact problem. However, the possible reasons behind the trauma are still buried. Let’s dig them out!

Possible Reasons Behind The Error

The error typically occurs when you try to perform the action with an account that lacks the proper authority to get the task accomplished. It is because of the fact that the ownership for this action is defined for a different account. It may also depict that the fallible folders and files are damaged or corrupted due to a potential virus or malware attack. If you don’t have sufficient permissions for the file, you will be blocked from a wide range of the actions, such as copying, moving, deleting, or modifying. To get things back in order, you should move to the next sections of this blog.

How To Retain The Access Of The Folder That Is Denied?

Now that you know the problem but are still clueless about the solution, worry not! You are on the very right section of the error resolution for the issue. However, before moving ahead, make sure to log into the system as admin. The system administrator has more rights to make the crucial changes in the system. Once you are assured of this, start the much-awaited resolution procedures.

Solution 1: Modify Ownership

The error occurs absent ownership. Therefore, changing ownership can be the most obvious solution. To get the job done, you need to move to the Advanced settings, where you may find your options. In this section, you can change the information related to the ownership of the file or folder. When you do it correctly and follow all prompts accurately, it will unchain the restrictions imposed on you from accessing or moving the files. However, there are still chances that the problem will not be resolved. In this case, try your luck with the next solution.

Solution 2: Eliminate The Encryption

You may need to face this technical hurdle if the data you are trying to work with is encrypted. So, you know exactly what to do, but it is more important to know how to do it. You have to right-click on the desired file and locate the Properties option. Now from the General >> Advanced tab, you need to check if the data is encrypted or not. If the previous user has done it, you need to decrypt it after locating the certificate. If it resolves the issue, thank us. However, if not, you need to jump to the next solution.

Solution 3: Set Permissions To Your Favour

The Properties section also enables you to learn about the authority you have over the folder. You need to navigate to the Security section and check what permissions are there for the admin user. If it is Read-Only permission, then you have hard luck with it. You may only see it but are blocked from performing any action. Things could be better with full control access. Hopefully, these solutions will not disappoint you, as they take your time and effort.


When working with your PC, you may get stuck with several technical issues. They can not be avoided and are an integral part of the day-to-day PC experience. However, knowing that these problems can be fixed with easy steps can give you a sigh of relief. Destination Folder Access Denied is also one such error that can show up on your screen but can be resolved with the implementation of the right solutions. If you want to get more posts in the tech category, visit our blog section and enjoy reading.


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