Awesome Sugar Baby Websites That Will Help You Meet Sugar Daddies For Free

Sugar Daddies

Sugar daddy and sugar baby relationships are often being described as a mutually beneficial relationship. Many of the people involved don’t see it as much different from regular dating – just with a lot more perks. In today’s body positivity and female empowerment era, it’s no longer considered such a big taboo to opt for sugar daddies. 

Sure, there still is some stigma, but if you are comfortable with seeking a sugar daddy and want to do so, you should absolutely not care about the people who think otherwise! That being said, if you are to look for a sugar daddy online, you need to be sure that you are doing so on a reliable, good website – and that’s what this article is about. 

1. SeekingArrangement

SeekingArrangement is probably the most well-known and even the most prominent website for meeting sugar daddies, so it’s the best place to start with this list. It has over ten million users, out of whom two million are sugar daddies and mommies. Many very successful, elite men frequently use this platform to find someone to date long-term. 

Premium membership

It’s free for you to sign up. Although, if you want to have a premium membership, you can meet more people. You will need to pay $20 a month unless you are a student, in which case it’s free.

Making arrangements

This website is very credible, so everything that happens on SeekingArrangement is confidential and pretty much no-strings-attached. That way, if you want the relationship to remain a secret, you are able to do so. If you are new to this and want to find out about the details on how to find a sugar daddy on SeekingArangement, you can check out this post to get started. Also, there is a great section for everyone new to being a sugar baby, where experienced sugar daddies offer their advice to newcomers to avoid deception.

2. RichMeetsBeautiful

This website is also very popular, and as the name states – it allows rich men to meet beautiful women in order to have fun and mutually benefit from the arrangement. While arrangements on the SeekingArrangements website vary a lot depending on what the sugar daddy and sugar baby decide, this website focuses on dating a bit more. 

It’s absolutely free

RichMeetsBeautiful is free to use for sugar daddies and for sugar babies, and unlike with SeekingArrangements there are no premium memberships. You get everything for free. Obviously, this gives you a wider choice.

An accent on privacy

This website values privacy a lot. RichMeetsBeautiful uses 256-bit SSL Trust encryption and Norton security for data protection. So, you don’t have to worry about your data getting leaked or anything similar. Any transactions through teh site are secure.

3. WhatsYourPrice

The type of arrangement that is most common on this website is meeting – no time is lost on courting, so you get to meet your sugar daddy pretty fast. The WhatsYourPrice website pretty much sums this up with the tagline on their homepage that says, “The online shortcut.” It’s also absolutely free.

How does it work?

This website works with a pretty unique format, making it different from the other sites mentioned. Basically, sugar daddies can place cash bids on the sugar baby members, and the one who puts in the highest bid is the one with whom sugar babies can choose to go to date. This makes the whole process a lot more straightforward since a sugar baby knows without uncertainty from the get-go how much money a sugar daddy will provide. 

4. MillionaireMatch

MillionareMatch is a dating website that focuses on starting a regular relationship, but with all the benefits that sugar daddy can provide. The site is very credible, in fact, it has even been mentioned in Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. So, it promotes the prestige that reaches far and attracts a lot of rich men from all over the world.

It’s pretty casual

The great thing about the MillionaireMatch website is that people are able actually to seek out regular relationships. While some of the websites mentioned are mostly focused on reaping the benefits, nothing wrong with that if it’s consensual, of course, but if a sugar baby is more into dating or something more serious, this site is the best option.

5. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is an internationally known website that is mostly for sugar daddies that are married and are seeking sugar babies to date. People usually sign up for this website because it is known for allowing earning a lot – and we mean a lot of money. Who wouldn’t like that?

Sugar mommas

Ashley Madison’s website is also known for the fact that it offers sugar babies to meet sugar mommas. It’s a lot harder to find sugar mommas than to find sugar daddies in general, and also online. This website is the place where a sugar momma can be found for sure.

Face blurring

Another great thing about Ashley Madison is the fact that it offers a discretion tool that you can use to edit your photos. It blurs the face out of the picture, making the possibility of exploiting photos a lot lower. If you’re looking for privacy, then this is a perfect choice for you.

6. MissTravel

This website is a bit different from the ones mentioned above, the reason being the type of arrangements. This website pretty much aims to connect travelers for the so-called “travel dating”. So, unlike on the most websites, where you have the option of signing in as either a sugar baby or a sugar daddy, on MissTravel, you get to select if you want to “whisk someone away” and find a “beautiful companion” or you can select that you are the one that wants to “be whisked away” and travel for free.

It’s really easy to find what interests you

MissTravel has organized their site exceptionally well when it comes to browsing profiles. Every profile shows the name of the person and their age, and there is a country that they are from right next to it. If you click on someone’s profile, you will see a short description of what they like and dislike, and their characteristics, and below is the list of their photos. 

To sum it up

In the end, there are a lot of options, and if you know what suits you best – you will surely find it. If you are a beginner, it would be best if you started with SeekingArrangements since it offers the most beginner-friendly options. From there, you can seek out other websites. Remember, the key is to be informed and safe, so be sure to do your research, and everything will go well. Good luck!

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