Top Ways to Easily Consume Cannabis


Over the past couple of years, Cannabis has become incredibly popular, especially in the medical field because people have finally started perceiving it as a medicine, not only as a classic, “dangerous” drug.

It has proven to be a great solution for various physical and mental issues. Many have conducted different studies to show that this plant is safe, beneficial, and efficient. When someone says the word Cannabis, a lot of people almost instantly connect it to smoking.

Even though that is one of the ways you can consume it, there are so many other methods and ways you can use it. It’s just a matter of your preference. If you are not familiar with other alternatives, scroll down to reveal more.

Capsules / Pills

They also have another name – cannacaps. These capsules contain THC and have become one of the most popular ways of consuming marijuana. Furthermore, THC pills are also packed with marijuana and they are useful for those people who are having problems with the respiratory system.

What are the benefits of using these capsules? First of all, they do not have any particular smell, which means practically no one will notice that you’ve been using them. Secondly, you can utilize them to treat a variety of health conditions. Lastly, since they do not have large quantities of THC they are much safer than smoking.


Another great way to ingest this plant is by eating. Very effective! Now, be careful when you are eating it because there are several types of cannabis and you have to make sure you are eating the right one. Not every kind is intended for this purpose.

If you want to consume it this way because you want to improve your health, keep in mind that not all of them come with CBD or THC cannabinoids. For instance, hemp seeds are very good and nutritious, but they do not contain any of these two!

Therefore, you first get more information about the product before you purchase it. Today, most people eat a brownie or any other cookie that is filled with CBD or THC. They are probably the most popular foods when it comes to cannabis.

Glass Bongs for Cannabis

Bongs are widely-known as a billy, water pipe, or moof. It represents a filtration device utilized to smoke cannabis, tobacco, and many other plants. Since people have become more open to this form of consummation, today you can find various water bongs for sale, both online and in stores. The good thing about them is that they provide you with a unique smoke experience.

That means that this device enables the flow of smoke without becoming too hot. More importantly, you can quickly clean it, which is not the case with plastic bongs.


If you are having issues with your skin or you have arthritis, creams that contain any of these cannabinoids might just help you relieve the pain or get rid of eczema, or any other skin irritation.

The good side of this method is that you do not have to worry about potential side effects that come with psychoactive components. These things can occur if you eat a pot cookie or smoke, but in this case, it’s impossible.

Chewing Gum for Cannabis

Here’s another popular method. You have probably seen those chewing gums that people are using when they want to quit smoking. Well, these resemble them and they contain both THC and CBD.

THC is here to give you that “high” feeling that comes after you consume marijuana, while CBD serves as a healer that doesn’t cause any psychoactive effects.

Rolling papers

Even if you haven’t used cannabis in any form, you have probably come across this. It can either be blunts or joints. A blunt is the cannabis that is rolled in cigar paper that was made from tobacco. It is packed with nicotine.

On the other hand, joints represent the cannabis version of a tobacco cigarette. They are quite “easy to make”. All you need is a rolling paper and of course cannabis flower. They are cheaper than blunts which is why people usually purchase joints more.

Cannabis Bowls

One of the best ways to smoke marijuana is through a bowl. They represent tiny hand pipes, which is why many people compared them to tobacco pipes. For those individuals that do not want to ingest too much, this is a perfect way because they can consume smaller quantities without adding smoking paper which is the case with joints.

The market offers a variety of different types of bowls. The most common ones are made out of glass, but you can also purchase the ones made out of silicone, metal, ceramic, and wood.

As you can see there are a plethora of easy methods to consume this herb. If you are not experienced enough or you have never tried it, it would be good to test out one method first (in a smaller dose) and if you’re not satisfied or you wish to try something else, slowly incorporate others.

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