Plagiarism Checker| Which one is the best android application to detect plagiarism?

Writing a piece of content is one thing but creating quality content and producing consistently unique content is another task. students they tend to copy and paste stuff from one source to another and it has become an unavoidable act. It can be a project of writing an essay or a research paper. They look for a shortcut process because doing research on a single essay seems a laborious task. Students check the essay samples on different websites and copy them. 

Doing so seems an easy task until you come across a huge hurdle called plagiarism. One has to make sure that the content he or she is submitting is the absolutely unique and completely plagiarized free. Otherwise, it can be very unethical on the writer’s part. 

The plagiarism problem is not only faced by people who tend to copy and paste material. Sometimes your ideas can coincide with another’s personal idea. Secondly, if you adopt a certain writing style of a specific writer. This can also lead to the content that is plagiarized. You may have liked the style of that writer; it does not matter because that can come under the content theft. Thus, it can be overlap and cause and issue. 

So, whether the plagiarism is intentional or not, it kind of a big deal if you get caught due to plagiarized content. Therefore, always make sure to use the plagiarism checkers. There are numerous online tools that are now available as Android applications. Try to use these Iapplications and save yourself from the trouble. 

Take a moment to consider that there are multiple applications that can help the writers in situations of plagiarism. They can be bloggers, research students, or any other type of writer. It is extremely important that you select the right type of program or application for your content. 

The question arises that how you can choose the best plagiarism checker that is best for you. 

We have sorted the list of some characteristics that students should look out for while using the plagiarism apps. 

  • Security is the most important concern while using applications. You often hear that people may have lost their vital information after downloading the third-party app. The security concerns do not leave the plagiarism application as well. Therefore, always look for the applications that would not risk your data and privacy.
  • While selecting an application try to look for the one that offers multiple functions. That plagiarism checker needs to have this characteristic. For example, the reference and citation style is offered in most of them. 
  • Look for the uniqueness in the tool, many of them offer the function of downloading the plagiarism report. It is always good to have the details of the checked plagiarism. 
  • Therefore, it is always good to have an application that provides a comprehensive report. 
  • While looking for an application on Android, another function that makes the task quite easy if it supports the different file formats. It doesn’t support then there is always the option of discarding it. The Android plagiarism checker program should be able to support the docx., doc., and txt format, etc. 
  • A good plagiarism checker application should be able to highlight the other mistakes such as misspelled words etc. Some applications also have the option of deep search technology, look for these ones as well. If the app uses multiple colors to highlight the mistakes, then it becomes easier for students to pick up the points. 
  • And one last point that students must keep in mind that always look for the application that offers free services. Use the trail version then decide if you want to move towards the paid versions. 

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Plagiarism checker by C.A App

If you are looking for a good plagiarism checker application try to use the plagiarism checker by C.A apps. The app is completely free of cost. Does not matter if it is web content, research paper, or simply an essay. The application can work for all of them.  It just requires the copy-pasting of the original content and it will thoroughly check the plagiarism for you. The main and important thing is it supports most of the file format.


Copyleaks is another tool in the form of an android application. The cool feature of it includes that it can scan the document and then check the plagiarism. The application is quite easy to use for a new user. It thoroughly looks for any duplicated content and mentions out that for you. Just like the above-mentioned application, it also supports many of the document formats. Students and bloggers looking for the hassle-free tool for checking plagiarism, then this one should be definitely checked.  

Plagly plagiarism checker

Plagly plagiarism checker is a common free plagiarism scanner that proof-checks material along with punctuation and syntax. You can use this directly and do not need to download manually but for the mobile application, it must be downloaded. It is an effective grammar checking that enables you to detect any obnoxious errors and fix them in a couple of seconds. 

Furthermore, the proofreading feature suggests the chances of modifying the piece of text, wording, or the phrases, expanding your writing. The tool compares your document or written material with over billion papers thus testing its validity. This uses AI and data analysis to test the applications in real-time and produces results rapidly

Prepostseo plagiarism checker

If you want a little bit advanced tool, then definitely try prepostseo. It is more than your usual application to check plagiarism. It not only checks the plagiarism of required content but if you want then it can also paraphrase the plagiarized sentences. What makes the tool so efficient is the AI technology. The refined algorithm of the application makes it the best among many of the software.

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