Where to Stay in London – the Best Hotels to Stay

where to stay in London

London is the capital city of England. At the same time, it is the largest city of United Kingdom. But it is not merely the dimension of the city, that makes it the dream city of the world, there is far more to it. London is the world’s most desirable, expensive and high rated city. It houses the perfect blend of both historical elegance and modern shimmer. There is shortage of exactly nothing in London. Being such a well structured and famous city, London draws the maximum number of global tourists every year. And every other tourist who plans a trip to London, comes up with the eternal question, where to stay in London?

if the whole world aspires to visit at least one place in their lifetime it is definitely London. Apart from being considered as one of the most advanced places on the globe, London has its own golden history. Tourists from all across the world visit London to cherish their holidays. Being one of the most highly visited areas in the world, London offers a lot of lodging options for tourists, both expensive and budget based. Out of the many obstacles to the ever-deemed London plans, the major one remains as where to stay in London on a budget?

London itself is very expensive and when you are planning for a London trip, your pocket needs to be thick. Transport, entertainment, food and all other amenities are quite highly priced. These are essentials so you cannot compromise with them. But when it comes to lodging, a bit of adjustment can be made to save a few bucks.

Where to stay in London?

Today, in this article we are going to talk about the best budget places that you can try when you are in London. Don’t presume that budget places mean they will be not up to the mark. Always remember that nothing is bad in London

The Z hotel

Located in Soho, London, this is one of the best options if you are thinking where to stay in London. The location is awesome, apart from that the hotel is extraordinary as compared to the tariff.

For years, tourists have reviewed this to be one of the best places to stay in London. Soho is very near to all the most well renowned museums, shops, clubs of London. most importantly, the theater colony is in vicinity to this hotel. If there is really some drawback for this hotel, it is the room space or area.

The rooms are not well spacious. But as long as it comes to those extra bucks you can save; this can be adjusted. On the other hand, when it comes to essential facilities, you will have to score this hotel 10 on 10. The rooms might be small but contains all the necessities for a luxurious holiday stay.

Strand palace hotel, convent garden, England

This hotel is probably the best when it comes to a combination of quality and price. The strand palace hotel is one of the best hotels that you choose if you are an art lover. The reason for this statement is, the strand palace hotel is luxurious and unique both. The rooms are no less than mini art galleries. The décor, ambiance, and facilities are more than awesome. The rooms are well spacious and filled with both necessities and luxuries.

Convent garden is one of the poshest areas. Coming to the area, the convent garden is sort of a mid-place. The Thames, waterloo bridge goes to the south and theatres, restaurants, clubs all towards the north. You can practically head towards any direction that you prefer. If you are a party freak and want to explore the clubbing destinations in London, this hotel will be a good choice.

Many people choose to stay in this hotel because they can do a lot of sightseeing without spending too much on transportation. The hotel premises are stuffed with luxury entertainment and perfect relaxation options. Tourists from all over the globe keep flocking at this hotel due to its elegance. If you are still thinking about where to stay in London, book your rooms here.

The Distillery, Notting hill

Many of you might be surprised to hear this name here in the list of where to stay in London. but it is true, apart from being a museum, you can also reside at the distillery to relish your London tour. This hotel will give you the same experience as a boutique hotel does, yet not burn your pocket. The most innovative thing about this hotel is its interiors. Rooms with sheer luxury, the basement gin distillery are all pretty exclusive and enough to light up your London holidays. The gin experiences that you will have here are far more than just enjoyable. An amazing experience at the distillery and the bars will give you that superior flavor of your London holidays

Mimi’s hotel

Located in the heart of Soho, this hotel is an integral combination. A combination of both medieval architecture and budget friendly approach. The hotel is actually incorporated with all hi-tech facilities to make your stay as smooth and relaxed as possible. The location of this place is indeed awesome.

The rooms are small and you will feel like you are in small compartmentalized cardboard boxes. Yet there no reason for a wink. Right from running hot water to well-equipped bathrooms, Mimi’s hotel will leave no rooms for complaints. The bathrooms are fully made of marble.

To help you combat London’s cold weather, there is underfloor heating available. This is one of the most well reviewed budget hotels in London. this is like a cheap campaigning base. You can move around the city easily, as this hotel is placed centrally. So, cheers to your London trip with the shimmery Mimi’s hotel


Located in the marvelous area of white chapel, this budget hotel will take you down the lane to the Dutch empire. The unique rooms include all sorts of facilities from rain shower bathrooms to smart tv’s. the net gen is going to love the feature of free Wi-Fi in the hotel.

The hotel has a sustainable approach rather than a very classic gold embedded flaunt. It promotes more of a community-based living. Food cycling and bike recycling are among the few out of the box activities you will find here.

The hotel also offers complimentary tea and coffee with every stay. The taste is really good and is certified by tourists.

Assembly London

Are you worried about where to stay in London? This is one of a kind in the list of budget hotels in London. The rooms are quite large and spacious. The simplicity of the rooms is quite appealing. The USP of the hotel is the comfort of the rooms and extraordinary services provided. You will observe a consistent symmetry in every corner of the hotel. Be it rooms, the décor or even the carpets, there is a balance of shapes and colors in everything.

Assembly London is the perfect example of quality and budget balance. The entire world probably knows that London is expensive. Trip planning in London usually involves figuring out a budget hotel. That essentially does not mean that you will not get any quality service. The rooms, beds and every probable thing about a hotel that can draw your attention is picture perfect here.

The major museums, clubs and every other noteworthy location is within walking distance form the hotel. To get some quality lodging experiences under affordable prices, you can definitely opt for the assembly


There is probably nobody who is unaware of the youth hostel association of central London. Set amidst the buzzling city, the basic approach and a rustic get up will give you the bachelor day feeling.

If you have to associate adjectives with this hotel it would be simple, basic and affordable. The furniture and décor pieces are enough to suit the essential needs yet does not involve any extravagance. The exact location of the hotel is Fitzrovia. You can avail quite a cheap deal here if you are expert at bargaining. The hotel also has a café bar area. YHA is your best answer to where to stay in London?

There are no restrictions on entry and exit timings. Most of the important sights are within a few minutes’ walk. The rooms are extremely clean. Neat and tidy linen, and furniture will satisfy you a lot. Kitchen and washing areas will help you out.

No need to think that there are only small rooms, suits are also available in this hotel. So, if you want to relive those carefree and happy days, then here is the perfect treat to your London diaries.


If you want to get some pretty stylish rooms at affordable prices then this is thee ultimate place. Cool funky rooms to gear up your holiday moods are now available at nominal prices.

Free WIFI and 24 hours laundry services are the great features about the hotel. You will also be able to access individual lockers. It is pretty surprising that

The east London hotel, Bethnal green

This is one of the best budget hotels in the eastern regions of London. the hotel is an extraordinary blend of elaborate facilities and budget friendliness. The main feature of the hotel is its compactness.

The rooms do possess all the basic amenities, yet they are compact. There is no space for lavish strolls yet there is enough of stuff to quench your modern-day requirements. Extravaganza in terms of gadgets and real time facilities are noteworthy characters of the hotel. The hotel is in proximity to all the popular hangout places. Each room is geared with large televisions and ample of USB points.

If any of your friends or you are thinking regarding where to stay in London for a weekend, opt for this amazing destination.

To look at the darker side, for those of you who are planning an extraordinarily fluent trip including all the British royalty and those Victorian whereabouts, this is not the one for you. if you are running low on budget and you have just made last minute decisions, this can be your paradise literally. With hippie as their décor theme, you will definitely imbibe the essence of today’s travel style through this hotel.

Stylotel, Paddington

Now that is where you get best rooms at unbelievably cheap prices. Not that, they compromise in terms of room service or quality. It is just the best budget hotel in London to close the list with. The theme of the hotel is retro. You will be quite surprised when you will explore the beautiful and classy interiors of both the rooms and the bathrooms. Rooms can be availed both as twins or suites. The breakfast comes complimentary. The set up is really trendy. Clean rooms, absolutely well-kept linen and other services will take away your heart.

The location of the hotel gives you ample access to all the night clubs, pubs and major sights. You can practically claim this to be a well-connected place. Merchant square is the nearest landmark. Great restaurants, gyms, everything is at a walking distance.

Hope the article was useful to you and you could actually figure out some great answers to your question of where to stay in London


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