What You Should Know About Rubmaps Websites

Rubmaps Websites

Rubmaps website was established in 2010 for erotic massage purposes. Massage parlors are the only ones allowed to advertise their business on that platform. The terms and conditions of the brand state that no one is permitted to trade for sex on that particular platform. 

Although the massage done is nasty since it involves touching erogenous zones to turn someone on to help reach orgasm, the businesses are legal and do not go against the terms and conditions of the rubmaps website.

According to casual sex Calvin rubmaps review, the rubmaps websites are most suitable for those people who love erotic rubs with a touch of hand-job service. The website helps them find the parlors that offer such services.

How to Avoid Fake Profiles?

Rubmaps websites are a very reliable site where you can find a spa that offers services that are in line with what you need to reach a happy ending and get quality services worth your money. 

However, there can be scammers on the rubmaps website that can lure you while, in a real sense, they don’t own a rubdown parlor. You need to be careful and know how to identify them so that you can keep them off.

First of all, you need to check the location of the spa. Do proper research about the area to ensure that it exists. You can check that on google maps or ask around. If such a place does not exist, then avoid that website.

Secondly, pay attention to the customer reviews. If you check the clients’ thoughts on the page and see none, maybe the spa does not exist. Also, if you scroll and see many negative reviews about the massage parlor, then it is wise to avoid it because negative thoughts can portray low-quality services offered by the spa. Consider choosing a site that has positive reviews from the customers.

Last but not least, contact on-call before booking an appointment. Before booking a meeting at the salon, you need to call the owners to learn more about their services and charges. On the call, you can also confirm if the massage parlor genuinely exists or not.

Rubmaps Pricing Details.

  • Basic Membership.

This plan is free for all members, and all features can be viewed except the customers’ reviews. It is advised to use this free membership for the first two weeks if you are new to the website. Doing this will allow you to pay close attention to the services of the salon. 

If they suit your needs, you can upgrade to premium so that you can check on the customers’ reviews to see if the massage parlor offers quality services. 

This plan is suitable for people who don’t want to look at the reviews and is very affordable. If you are working on a tight budget, this free platform is very accommodating.

  • Premium Membership.

Many individuals would prefer to read the reviews of the spa before booking an appointment. It is only possible to read the reviews on a rubmap website when you upgrade to premium. 

The reviews will guide you to ensure you are booking into a spa with the sexiest masseuse to help you reach a happy ending and get worth your hard-earned money with the best quality massage. 

Read more from this link https://www.abcactionnews.com/news/national/underground-website-rubmaps-com-helps-customers-find-illicit-massage-parlors 

Special Features of the Rubmap Website.

  • Search Filters.

This unique feature will help you find a massage parlor that suits your needs. You can use several keywords so that your search can be more specific. The results of the search will be parlors that provide all the services you want.

  • The Special Bonus.

This feature in the rubmap websites allows you to receive bonuses on the following occasions: If you refer a friend to the parlor you visited and they visit, you earn 5 points. When you visit a spa, you are treated well, and you see that the service was worth your money and decide to add the spa to your favorites list, you earn 10 points for the ad. 

If you share the visuals of the spa on your platforms with friends and followers, you are given 15 points. If you take your time and write a review about the parlor, you are given 5 points. I know you are wondering how you can use the points. It is an easy process. 

You can use the bonus points to get discounts when you visit the spa; you can also use them for spa vouchers. So, make it an effort to earn the points to enjoy all these benefits.

  • You Can Make Friends.

The fun part of every social media platform is making friends you can interact with. You can enjoy this on the rubmaps websites since there is a way you can add friends to your profile. These friends can be helpful in some ways. 

They can refer you to the spas with the sexiest masseuses who can help you reach your happy ending, a parlor where you can get quality services and get your money. They can also be useful in sharing their experiences in different spas and advise you on which ones to keep off. 

The friends you make can also help you earn the special bonuses by visiting the spas you suggested for them.

  • Blogs and Reviews.

Blogs and reviews features are essential. Blogs found on the rubmaps website are crucial in equipping you with all the things you need to know about erotic massage, so when you decide to book an appointment and enjoy one, you know what you are getting yourself into.

The review part in the rubmap site is also vital since it can influence your decision about getting a massage or not in a particular parlor. Negative reviews are, most of the time, a show of low-quality services and vice versa. 

You should consider getting your erotic massage in a spa with more positive reviews than negative. Click here to read more insights.


The points above clearly equip you with some of the crucial things you need to know about rubmaps websites, from how you should avoid fake profiles to pricing details and the unique features of the rubmaps websites. You should enjoy the great feeling of being rubbed by sexy masseuses. You should not feel guilty about it. Pleasure is a part of a good life, and everyone should get a chance to experience it.

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