What is the Psychology Behind Cuckolding?

Psychology Behind Cuckolding

Cuckolding refers to a particular guy fetish of seeing his wife or girlfriend having sex with another person. It is not quite a horrible nightmare most people would imagine it to be. In fact, according to a 2019 observation featured in The independent, the google search term “çuckolding” reached new heights during the period. The UK featured next only to the Netherlands in terms of volumes of the particular search term.

Why Do People Find it Arousing?

Like all other types of sexual fetish, it is quite hard to pin down the exact reason why anyone would find it to be arousing. According to some psychologists, cuckolding’s sexual arousal stems from the feelings of sexual jealousy. This feeling of sexual jealousy might be biologically linked to your ability to compete with your sexual rival. It gives you a sense of overcoming your rival’s sperm with yours in the quest for fertilization. Experts at  have pointed out that the fetish may be dated as far back as the 13th century. However, it is only recently people have overcome social stigma and are openly discussing the topic.

Another thing about kinks and fetishes that might make cuckolding so appealing is that due to its origins in adultery, cuckolding is a sin, something that is socially forbidden. This forbidden nature is the explanation provided by a section of experts who opine that biology can’t explain sexual fetish adequately on its own. Taboo often serves to make us feel sexually aroused.

There have been surveys of thousands of men and women on the subject. They have revealed that a majority (58%) of men and a significant number of women have considered cuckolding. As per the opinion of professionals, men are indeed more inclined towards such fantasies, but there are a growing number of women who have similar desires. This finding calls for more research on the cuckolding desires of women.

Changing the Perception of Cuckolding

As per one view, you will typically find men shaking their heads with an air of dismissal as they reiterate that they are not cuckolds. It is, however, more than being aroused by your partner having sex with another person. At the same time, you are saying yes to the idea that a wife can mean more than merely a subject. Subtly, it is a statement that says you are willing to let your wife decide the sexual narrative if that is what she wants to. From this angle, cuckoldry can signify freedom for the female and the male consent with the same. 

However, the emotional aspect is rarely this simple as desire is not the sole element here. Through cuckolding, the ability of the human psyche to manufacture sexual delight out of misery is evident. An element of denial or degradation or even humiliation might be sexually arousing.

A Word of Caution

However, it is one thing to have fantasies and quite another to make them pass in real life based on a sudden whim. You might think it has a lot of sexual potentials, but that does not mean that you can handle it at an emotional level. People with particular types of personality are more likely to have positive cuckolding experiences. Suppose you are the type to be anxious about your relations or are afraid of being abandoned. If so, cuckolding is rarely going to give you the physical and mental delight you might expect.

Psychology Behind Cuckolding

Think deeply, plan carefully, and, if required, seek professional help sexier. This should be your motto before you attempt to realize your sexual fantasies, especially if it involves cuckolding!

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