Emanuele Briganti: All the Best Qualities a Man Should Have


We are always talking about the best qualities a man should have to make him an ideal friend and companion and Emanuele Briganti is proving that it is possible to have all of them. Emanuele is a budding entrepreneur and the creative genius behind GuidoMaggi Elevator Shoes. The 38 year old Italian shoe designer created the GuidoMaggi line of shoes that make you taller to solve his own need for being taller and help others struggling with height issues to be able to achieve their desired height.

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Emanuele Briganti is quite a stunner with his boyish looks that entail short dark hair and a defined jawline that brings out the magical smile that make his eyes pop. You can always trust a man that smiles with his eyes. Emanuele’s stunning looks were definitely appreciated in the fashion industry where he featured on numerous catwalks that showcased clothes for various designers. Briganti stands at a height of one meter seventy-five, which is quite short for a male model but clearly his looks distracted everyone from this fact. It is during his modelling career that he identified the gap in the shoe industry where short people, especially men, lacked shoes to help them appear taller.



Emanuele is an Italian that comes from the ancestral line of GuidoMaggi, who was a war veteran turned cobbler and shoe designer after the world war. It seems that Emanuele comes from a fashionable bloodline hence the starts aligned well enough for him to become a shoe designer, a talent that he did not sleep on but insisted strived to make the most of it in terms of solving a problem for people while keeping them stylish.

A stylish man would definitely create a stylish line of shoes such as GuidoMaggi elevator shoes, which increase the wearer’s height while complementing their outfit and sense of style. Emanuele himself has a keen fashion sense, which is very noticeable from how bold he is in his dressing. He does not shy away from boots that ride all the way up his shin, which he tucks into his jeans to make them stand out. You will catch him in a sexy cardigan as he braves the biting cold, which does not stop his shine. Emanuele is the first consumer of GuidoMaggi elevator shoes as you’ll find him rocking a pair of raised shoes every day because he believes in his art.


We all encounter varying problems every day in our lives but the difference is how we react to these problems. Emanuele Briganti reacted to his disadvantageous height and the lack of quality elevator shoes by creating his own line of elevator shoes for men and women. When Emanuele was seeking height increasing shoes during his modeling career, he only stumbled upon poor quality options that were uncomfortable and they did not fit into his style accordingly. He racked his brain and finally developed the discrete height increasing insole, which is the ultimate feature that sets GuidoMaggi apart from other elevator shoes in the market. The aim is to help people gain a few inches without making it too obvious to the public.

Even with his jaw-dropping gorgeous looks and enviable success, Emanuele stays humble, which makes him even sexier. He is definitely a handsome catch with a heart of gold and just the right amount of spring in his step.

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