What Is Tesla Premium Connectivity And Its Benefits?


The essential part of Tesla cars is their connectivity. It boosts your driving experience by giving access to many different features like Music Streaming, Video Streaming, Satellite-View Maps, and live traffic visualization. It is necessary to have internet connectivity to enjoy all the features available in the Tesla car. The premium connectivity is generally used to enjoy the entertainment feature; however, you require a WiFi or hotspot connection to access this.

Tesla supports both WiFi and cell modems. Most of the features are free with WIFI, Mobile Hotspot, and Home network. However, two features like live traffic visualization and the satellite imagery in maps are restricted while using the vehicle’s cellular connection. In case if you want to use them, you need to avail yourself of the Tesla premium connectivity package. The way of handling premium connectivity has changed during these years. 

When Tesla initially designed their car Model S, the cost was very high, and lots of features were incorporated, like Autopilot. After a few years, they developed a car Model 3 with the same quality but lower price. 

Currently, Tesla offers two types of connectivity:

  1. Standard
  2. Premium

Let us check the difference between Tesla Standard Connectivity and Premium Connectivity.

Tesla Standard Connectivity Offers:

  • Navigation
  • Caraoke (WIFI Only)
  • Web Browser (WIFI Only)
  • Video Streaming (WIFI Only)
  • Music Streaming (WIFI Only)
  • Tesla Over-the-air (OTA) Updates

Tesla Premium Connectivity Offers:

  • Navigation
  • Live Traffic Visualization
  • Satellite-View Maps
  • Caraoke (WIFI Only)
  • Web Browser (WIFI Only)
  • Video Streaming (WIFI Only)
  • Music Streaming (WIFI Only)

Some elements are unavailable, like Caraoke and Video Streaming due to hardware configuration. So go through the car details to check the availability of the feature.



The navigation feature is available in all Tesla cars. You can use Google maps for navigation. With the help of google maps, you get to know the best route with less traffic to reach your destination without any hassle.  

Live Traffic Visualization 

Live Traffic Visualization helps you know the exact time you will take to reach your destination. You come to know the current status on the street, traffic jams, how far the location is, duration, and the best route to reach the place. Accordingly, you can plan your trip; however, this feature is available only in premium connectivity.  

Satellite view maps

When you travel while using the navigation feature, you can view satellite images. It doesn’t make much difference, but it depends from person to person.


Caraoke can be used while you drive. It is a unique feature where you can see the verses on the screen. You can select songs of your choice for which you want to see the lyrics. It is the best feature when planning long-distance travel with your family and friends.

Web Browser 

You don’t need to carry your phone to search restaurants or other places. You can directly browse in the car and lookout for the best eateries, pubs, supermarkets or stores to buy any stuff. 


Video Streaming

You can watch real-time videos while you park like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, YouTube, and a couple of others directly on your car screen. It would be best to have a paid subscription to use this feature. You can access Youtube for free; however, you need a paid membership to access Netflix. If you are tired of driving, you can rest and enjoy the live video, and get relaxed. 

Music Streaming

You can listen to music while you drive, like Slacker Radio and Spotify. It would help if you had a paid subscription to use this feature. When you subscribe to the premium plan, you access Slacker Radio. Most people subscribe to Spotify, so you can access it in your car while you drive. You can listen to the latest songs, look for your favorite songs through the search option, or voice search and create your playlist. 

What is the cost of the Premium connectivity?

Premium connectivity is available for a monthly fee of $9.99. You can opt for premium connectivity anytime through your tesla account, car touchscreen, or tesla app. In case if you want to deactivate the subscription, you can directly do it through your tesla app or tesla account. You can access the Tesla account through your mobile and laptop. 

The customers who have ordered tesla cars on or before 30th June 2018 have lifetime Premium Connectivity. In case if you have bought it from Tesla on or before 8th Jan 2020, you have lifetime Premium Connectivity as a reward. You can enjoy the premium feature for Free of cost. All the customers who have purchased after 9th Jan 2020 will receive a trial premium connectivity package valid for 30 days. After the trial period is complete, you can continue with the standard package; however, you can upgrade for premium connectivity. Lifetime premium connectivity will automatically get transferred to the new owner of the Tesla car.

During delivery, you receive a Premium Connectivity trial for Model S, Model X, Model Y, and Model 3. Currently, Premium Connectivity subscriptions are available in countries like North America (The United States and Canada), Asia Pacific (South Korea, China Mainland, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Macau, and Hong Kong), Europe (Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Finland Iceland, Luxembourg, Sweden Norway, and Belgium).

Suppose you haven’t yet subscribed to Tesla Premium Connectivity. In that case, this information can help you decide whether to go with premium connectivity or stay with standard connectivity. You get Live Traffic Visualizations, Video Streaming, and Music Streaming only with the premium connectivity for $9.99 per month. 

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