The Seven Sisters Hike – East Sussex

The Seven Sisters Hike - East Sussex

The most famous hill in England is the Hill of Dover; however, the most beautiful hill is the seven sisters. If you plan to visit the Seven Sisters cliffs, the best way is to travel is by walking. Seven Sisters cliffs by walk are 22.5 km or 14 miles. Seven Sisters Hike is very easy; however, there are few up and down over the cliffs. You will be amazed looking at the white chalk cliff views. 

Seven sisters’ cliff starts from Cuckmere Haven to Birling Gap in East Sussex. It is situated in England. You can start your journey from Seaford to Eastbourne. It is one of the best places to plan a trip for a day from London. You can reach in 1.5 hours from London. You can easily reach and navigate the way. Seven sisters is a crowded place; however, the most crowd coming at Birling Gap will roam near the area or on either side of the cliff.

The Seven Sisters Hike - East Sussex

Why is it called the Seven Sisters?

Seven Sisters are a sequence of seven hilltops on the English Channel coast. It is a coastal erosion section of the South Downs span of cliffs. The brilliant white shade of the stone is because of the chalk on the front side of the cliffs.

Why choose Seven Sisters Hike?

The Seven Sisters is the division of south downs national park, and it is the most important reason to plan the seven sisters hike because of its natural look. The landscape comprises fluctuating grassland and countryside. The line among the water boat among the Seaford and Eastbourne includes the Seven Sisters chalk cliffs. 

Seven Sisters hike considered one of the most perfect and clean areas of England’s coast. There are pebbles on the Cuckmere Haven and Birling Gap beach. You can plan a trip anytime during the year in any season. The route is very simple. Seven sisters cliff keeps continually evolving. Cliff collapse and rockslide occur any time and abruptly. You need to follow the coastline and stay careful on the edges. The chalk cliff is edgy, and stonefall happens routinely. The chalk cliffs walk simple hiking. You can enjoy the sun and take a plunge in the water.

How to travel to seven sisters?

Seven Sisters are situated in East Sussex, south of London, along England’s base shoreline. It is a part of the astonishing South Downs Way. It is a famous hiking trail that takes you to one of the most extraordinary areas of natural beauty. Seven Sisters is a couple of hours away from the capital, making it easy to travel. It is around 90km away from the capital. The closest city to the seven sisters is Eastbourne, Brighton toward the west, ​while East Dean, Seaford, Exceat, Friston, and Litlington group around.

You can go by car as parking is all around the shoreline and on the main road of Beachy Head. You can also travel by train to Eastbourne or Seaford and then walk as far as possible along the cliff or take a train and afterward take a bus from the close by towns of Eastbourne, Seaford, and Brighton. Seven sisters hike 13 km or 8 miles, requiring around 6 hours to walk. You can begin from the public transport utilizing the bus route 12 or 13, stopping at Exceat or Seven Sisters Country Park, East Dean Village, or Birling Gap. You can park your vehicle at Seven Sisters Country Park, Birling Gap, or East Dean.

The Seven Sisters Hike - East Sussex

Where can you park your vehicle for seven sisters?

There are two parking areas at the Seven Sisters Country Park Visitor Centre; one is the Forest Car Park, and the second is The Riverside Car Park. You can park your vehicle there or near Abbot’s Wood. If you plan to drive to Beachy Head, there are various parking choices. Beachy Head’s main car park is nearby the Beachy Head bar; you can park there for £1 for one hour or £5 for more than 4 hours.

How to go to Seven sisters country park?

Seven Sisters Country Park contains 280 hectares of chalk cliffs, a wandering river valley, and open chalk meadow. You will find sheep grazing, plants and animals, and an enormous number of birds. People love to go to Seven Sisters Country Park by train and bus. If you prefer to take public transport then take the train from London to Brighton it will take you an hour to reach from there take a bus that will take you to your destination. The buses are available every 10 mins.

How to hike across Cuckmere Haven?

Cuckmere is a Saxon word also known as fast-flowing water; it mirrors that in 7 km, the waterway falls 100 meters. There are 700 acres of parkland with superb looks over the South Downs. Walk to Exceat, where you will cross the bridge, follow the trail along the western side of the waterway to Alfriston. It is a 10.3 km or 6.4 miles walk from the Alfriston village or Seven Sisters Country Park. It will take around 4.5 hours. You can get over and stroll back along the opposite side of the stream. It is flat and easy to walk from a short climb on the seaside segment.

The Seven Sisters Hike - East Sussex

How to walk to Beachy Head lighthouse?

Beachy Head lighthouse was created in 1902 by Sir Thomas Matthews. He was the Chief Engineer at Trinity House. It is the last classical rock tower constructed by Trinity House. The Beachy Head lighthouse construction got completed in 2 years. There was no electricity until 1975. It is the unique element of the East Sussex coast. If you are coming by car, you can park at the National Trust visitor center at Birling Gap and take the stairs to the beach to start the seven sisters hike. Lighthouse is 3.11km or 1.93 miles away; it takes around 1.5 hours to 3 hours to reach.

 Where should you stay for the seven sisters hike?

There are few hotels near the Seven Sisters and Birling Gap. You can choose from the below list of hotels according to your comfort and preference.

  • Belle Tout Lighthouse – Eastbourne 
  • The Grand Hotel – Eastbourne 
  • Deans Place – Alfriston
  • Wingrove House – Alfriston
  • The Star – Polegate 

Seven Sisters is the best place for hiking; you can carry some food while traveling or buy food from the supermarket on Seaford. Once you start your hike, you will get all the services once you reach Eastbourne. You can visit the National Trust site at Birling Gap to purchase some snacks and ice cream; however, it is a little expensive. You will enjoy the Seven Sisters hike.

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