Preparing for Microsoft 98-366 Exam and How You Can Pass It with Exam Dumps


If you’re aspiring to successfully launch your career in IT, you should consider a path that prepares you thoroughly for it. This should be a path that ensures you gain the basic skills intended to guide you to start off your career. The Microsoft exam 98-366 is one of numerous tests that was designed for that purpose. So, we’ve created this article to assist you on your understanding the critical things to know about this exam. 

Let’s begin with the test details before we discuss how you can proficiently prepare for it. 

Exam 98-366 Details

The Microsoft 98-366 is the Network Fundamentals assessment leading to the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification. This credential is entry-level and demonstrates a candidate’s fundamental skills in technology. This makes it ideal for those candidates who are beginning their careers in IT. Also, considering most operations are now being digitized, everyone is going to need these fundamental skills in no time.

However, together with  , the MTA credential has another 11 optional exams, and you’re going to earn this badge depending on the domain you choose such as security, programming, or database to mention a few. 

Turning back to the point, 98-366 tests your mastery of basic networking skills. Before taking it, solid basic knowledge of various topics is required. You need a deep understanding of such IT concepts as network infrastructure and hardware as well as getting the gist of services and protocols.

In the next passage, you will learn some vital facts related to the procedure of this assessment. So, continue reading not to miss out on anything.

Structure of 98-366 Test

It’s recommended for candidates planning to sit for the test to know the expected structure, so as to have an idea of the exam they’re preparing for. Like most Microsoft exams, the Network Fundamentals assessment consists of questions between 40 and 60. Candidates will have to complete them within the given 45 minutes. These questions differ in formatting, so you can be asked to tackle some in case studies, build list, active screen, review screen, short answer, and multiple-choice. 

At the end of the assessment, each candidate must get points of not less than 700 out of 1000, which is a requirement for achieving the MTA certification on Network Fundamentals. Before sitting for 98-366 test, you need to meet the cost of $127. 

But, what do you need to do before you sit for the exam? How can you ensure you get the required minimum points in the test? Let’s check the steps you need to take, which include the preparation resources and techniques to apply in order to pass the assessment with flying colors.

98-366 Web Preparation Resources

Working with proper exam resources enhances your chances of getting high scores in the test. The following web resources are really helpful as long as you use them properly:

  • Microsoft Website

The Microsoft official page gives you the details of the exam and guides you on which way to follow when registering for it. The vendor also shares the information on the exam topics as well as the resources to use while studying. So, if you’d like to achieve the best results in your exam, then opt for the following resources suggested by Microsoft: Networking and Security Fundamentals and Networking Fundamentals instructor-led training courses, Microsoft Community Forum and the official practice test for 98-366 exam.


To do well in 98-366 test, you can opt for various study resources that include study guides. Exam 98-366 Networking Fundamentals study guide is available on the and is helpful in giving you the support you need through exhaustive topic coverage. 


This is where you can obtain reliable free and paid 98-366 exam dumps. These files with past exam questions and answers have been uploaded online by actual exam-takers who did the assessment. All the items you acquire from Examsnap go in the vce format, that’s why it’s absolutely essential to download the VCE Exam Simulator. Without it you won’t be able to practice with the exam dumps questions.

You can also purchase Examsnap’ Premium Bundle, which goes for $49.99, and contains the expert-verified questionsand answers as well as video lectures and a study guide. Thus, you’ll get more knowledge for the upcoming exam. 

  • YouTube

This helpful video platform contains numerous 98-366 video tutorials. You can find both paid and free recorded videos on the exam. The good thing about pre-recorded videos is that you can watch them whenever and wherever you wish. They also allow you to rewind in case there are topics you still need to re-watch.

Take advantage of these supportive exam prep resources and you are sure to ace your 98-366 assessment to the tiniest detail.


Ensuring you start off on the right path is the best thing to do if your career matters to you. When you gain fundamental skills in the technology you’d like to specialize in, it becomes easier for you to move through more advanced steps. 

The Microsoft 98-366 exam is the best way to test the waters in IT and attain the MTA badge. If you are thinking of performing brilliantly in this test, then remember to make use of proper preparation resources to master all you need to gain the required skills. Exam dumps from Examsnap, study guides, video lectures, are some of the ways to make sure you attain the relevant skills. Use these resources to pass your exam and earn the MTA credential. Once you’ve accomplished these steps, get ready for a great career in IT!

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