How To Develop Your Own Cannabis Greenhouse

Cannabis Greenhouse

Ever since our beginnings, humans have been cultivating their vegetables, fruits, and crops. While at first, they enjoyed what they could find in nature, soon enough, they realized that they could grow the same plants by themselves and have a steady supply of food.

This revolutionized the way we live our lives. The development of agriculture likely led to the establishment of families rather than tribes, the domestication of animals such as dogs, cows, and horses, and the development of trading.

Nowadays, many people consider industrialization as the reason for the improvement of our lifestyles. And they would be right! But the reality is, none of that would have even happened if we did not spend centuries as agricultural societies.

After all, industrialized societies are a pretty new development. Compared to that societal structure, generations of our ancestors relied on the benefits of agriculture. In fact, some countries still do. Follow this link for a list of some nations that still have farming as their primary industry: 

But that does not mean that these two systems are entirely separate from each other. Indeed, the rapid development of modern technology has made it possible to combine industrialization with agriculture. In turn, this has led to the production of unprecedented amounts of food that can feed the entire world and still have some leftover!

One such product of the marriage between technology and farming is the greenhouse. Designed as a glasshouse in which fruits, vegetables, or flowers are planted, it allows the farmer to regulate its environment.

Of course, this means that the plants inside of it can bloom even at times of the year when it is not their season. For example, that is how you can often find packages of seasonal fruits like strawberries or peaches at the supermarket.

The invention of the greenhouse has been nothing short of revolutionary. It has allowed for a complete reinvention to how we understand farming and something that the farmers of yore would have probably dreamed of.

The future of farming is now

These days, greenhouses are used by almost every farmer in the world. Their simple design makes it possible for anyone, from large farms owned by corporations to local enthusiasts, to build them and cultivate what their hearts desire.

Namely, the Netherlands is one of the countries with the largest concentration of orangeries which occupy almost 0.25% of its entire land area. Indeed, if you ever travel by train there, you will likely see rows and rows of greenhouses by the tracks. That is why they are one of the largest exporters of food globally, with approximately 80% of all produce grown in a glasshouse being exported abroad. Learn more about it here.

Depending on the owners’ needs and budget, there are a lot of ways to construct a greenhouse and update it with all kinds of technology. You can even set up computers that will automatically control things like air humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide, for the specific crops growing inside. 

However, vegetables and fruits are not the only things people usually plant in greenhouses. Sometimes, other crops of less urgency but no less important. In fact, one of the most popular reasons non-farmers use them is to grow marijuana. 

You have probably heard of stories where the police found dealers to be growing it illegally in their houses because of their high heating bills and warmth emanating from their homes. But in places where that is perfectly legal, many use the same approach utilized by farmers when it comes to other regular crops.

The marijuana plant requires a lot of heat and a lot of water which sometimes can be challenging to come by if you live in particularly cold or dry climates. Fortunately, equipping a cannabis greenhouse with all the machinery needed to achieve perfect conditions is easy. You only need to invest a bit of time and money in it.

Ideally, you would want something that performs well but efficiently not to skyrocket your heating costs. Moreover, you should make sure to be environmentally responsible. You do not want to be at fault for contributing to our planet’s pollution and turning it into a greenhouse itself.

Lastly, the choice of soil is vital to having a successful cannabis farm. You could have all the latest bells and whistles, such as air temperature management and humidity controller, but you will have issues from the very start if the ground is wrong.

A brief conclusion

We hope that this article was sufficiently informative to get you started on your marijuana farming journey. Whether you are growing it for industrial purposes or recreational ones, it is key that you get all of the elements right. We trust that you will do it!

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