Best Websites Like Textsheet For 2022

Best Websites Like Textsheet For 2022

Are you looking for the best solutions for your school or college projects? Many people choose an online platform to find the answers to their problems, whether it is school projects, college projects, homework, or office projects. There are many online teaching platforms for students where you can choose projects, questions for practice, and their solutions to rectify your mistake. All the study material is available on the internet. You can either download the videos or attend the live session. Such a teaching platform help the student to complete their portion before their exam. It also increases student focus and self-confidence that improves their performance. 

Textsheet was the best website and the right option to find all the answers to your questions. They used to provide online solved textbooks answer to students for free. Chegg is also an educational website same as a textsheet. Chegg said that Textsheet had breached copyright, hence took legal action against textsheet and closed their website. In this article, let us see another website like textsheet.

Best Websites Like Textsheet For 2022

What is Textsheet?

Textsheet was a free online site to find solutions for your textbook answers, homework answers, and any school or college assignments query. It was a popular learning website that helped many students in their studies. Students used to submit their questions, and they used to give answers to the question. Later they started posting answers from the Chegg site; hence there was a copyright issue, and the website had to close down.  

How did Textsheet get closed?

Textsheet gave all types of answers obtained from Chegg’s website. It is already closed, and there is no option that you can use the website to look for solutions to your projects. The Chegg effectively closed Textsheet. They had complained upon Textsheet in regards to copyright issues. The textsheet utilized their answers and let the students finish their projects and school work. It got closed in 2019 because of the DMCA notice. DMCA is a Digital Millennium copyright act; it is a law by the United States government issued in 1998. It is to make sure there is no copyright issue in the digital world.

What is the other option for a website like textsheet?

Are you looking for a website like textsheet Dont worry; you can opt for many different websites instead of a textsheet to help you with your assignments and solve your homework. Here you will find a few of the best website like textsheet that will guide you to solve your homework and projects.

  1. Sparknotes
  2. Chegg
  3. Slader

Best Websites Like Textsheet For 2022


Sparknotes was initially known as The Spark. It is one of the popular website like textsheet for online learning. It is a free website and the best option instead of a textsheet. Sparknotes was launched on 1st Sept 1999 by the Harvard students named Sam Yagan, Eli Bolotin, Max Krohn, and Chris Coyne, and later it was obtained by Noble and Barnes in 2001. They dont charge any fees from students for using the online study material; they generate income through advertisement.

Initially, they gave a study guide for literature, philosophy, poetry, and history; later, they gave in subjects related to chemistry, physics, economics, biology, and various other topics. Currently, they provide over 500 guides in English literature and Shakespeare and different other subjects like Biology, Math, and History. 

You can also purchase books if you are planning for competitive exams like SAT, ACT, GMAT, IELTS, or any other exam; it is one of the top sites for online learning. They are also available on the iOS app and Google play store for Android and iPhone. You have to log in with your email id to access the study material.


Chegg was founded in July 2005 by Aayush Phumbhra, Josh Carlson, and Osman Rashid in California, United States. They provide various courses like Biology, economics, Accounting, Computer Science, Algebra, Physics, chemistry with 80 subjects and many more. They offer many solutions and even provide answers from experts if you have trouble solving your projects or schoolwork. 

Chegg is available on both the platform like iOS app and Google play store for Android and iPhone. You have to log in with your email id and opt for the paid subscription plan to access the study material. Chegg subscription plan is for 14.95 per month, and Chegg Study Plan for $19.95 per month and can cancel or pause the subscription plan at any time. You can also try the free trial version for 30 days. You can buy or rent the books and return them once you are done reading. They provide solutions for both school and college projects.

Best Websites Like Textsheet For 2022


Slader was launched in 2010 by two students from California and a math teacher. They aim to help students to solve their school homework. You can look for answers to your question from most of the books on Slader. It is the most famous learning website like textsheet used by US students. However, from various countries, students answer the question for several projects. Initially, they concentrated on High school students in 2017; they started for college students.

To search for the answer related to your textbook, you need to search the product code or write the book’s name in the search option. Within a few seconds, you will find solutions to your question. It is a free online learning website; however, they generate income through publishing ads on the website. If you don’t want to watch the ad, you can opt for an ad-free plan for $1.99. 

In this article, we have covered a few of the best website like textsheet that you can use instead of a textsheet to finish your homework and school and college projects. They also provide various kinds of courses and certificates. Some are free websites, and others are paid sites that charge a certain fee to

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