A quick look at Forrest Gump’s Tom Hanks Net Worth

Tom Hanks Net Worth

With the classic Forrest Gump getting an Indian remake, it is quite natural to be curious about what the original is up to and his current net worth in the global market. Well, this page is dedicated to discussing Tom Hanks net worth. For those who wish to have a quick recap of their favourite star – just drop down and figure out the details for yourself! 

Tom Hanks net worth – an estimate 

From multiple sources, one can currently amount his net worth to something between $400 to $410 million. However, there are specifics available regarding his earnings and investments – an idea that this write-up will provide. 

Currently dabbling in multiple roles of – actor, producer, director, and motivational speaker – it has been 4 decades that he has ruled hearts worldwide. From garnering massive gatherings in his role in Big (1988), he has improved and enhanced his range to include Saving Private Ryan, Apollo 13, You’ve Got Mail, and Philadelphia, to name a few. Since 1996, with his That Thing You Do! he has also marked his presence behind the camera. 

Tom Hanks Net Worth

Hence, while talking of Tom Hanks net worth – the first thing that one needs to check is his estimated salary from his movies. Between 1988 and 2010, he earned an amount close to $300 million from his movie salaries! According to a little economist, birdie – when this amount is adjusted in terms of inflation – the actual amount would rank up to $450 million. 

In the next set of decades that he actively worked as an actor, his earnings have come up to $100 to $120 million and upwards only in terms of an actor. So, again, if this amount is adjusted according to the inflation rates of those times – the amount would rank up to somewhere close to $400 million. In fact, the common Hollywood inside joke at that time was – Tom Hanks’s salary could be counted up in the Stratosphere! 

There have been other sources for his skyrocketing income as well, some of those films being – His 2006 hit The Da Vinci Code got him $25 million, followed by another $25 million from Angels and Demons, its sequel. From that franchise itself, taking into account the other investment revenues – Hanks got himself a lumpsum amount of $68 million. 

Going back to the salary trends of Hanks during his rule as the leading man – it is found that – his salary for various of his movies: from Splash to You’ve Got Mail to Saving Private Ryan, the range has been within $20 million to $40 million. 

His top-grossing films 

When one talks of Tom Hanks net worth, it is very important that they check out the schedule that made him the star he is today. So, here is a list of his highest-grossing films and the moolah that he received from them. 

  • Performance-based pay in Forrest Gump 

His Oscar-Winning performance was his only film where he went in for a performance-based pay format, and bingo took home a $60 million cheque! The worldwide box office record of the film was close to $680 million, making it one of the highest-grossing films of all time! Hanks had invested well (the story goes that he funded the historic ‘running across countryside’ scene). 

Tom Hanks Net Worth
Image Credit: Screenrant
  • His Toy Story was a different story 

It was quite surprising to hear how much Hanks was paid for this movie initially. Tipped at just $50,000 – this was one of the lowest salaries he had received from the series’ first film. However, in the film’s second and third installments, his salaries were $5 and $15 million, respectively (though it has not been confirmed). 

  • Some money was Cast Away 

Indeed cast away for 6 years before this film was made, Hanks took home a net of $20 million from this story of – a FedEx analyst stuck in the Pacific Ocean. 

  • Polar money for Polar Express 

As one of the highest-paid actors of that time, in return for voicing 7 characters in the film, Hanks took home a cheque of $40 million and 20% of the first dollar gross. Therefore, Tom Hanks’s net worth in this film was close to $100 million. 

  • Captain Phillips takes home the trophy 

With the code line – “Keep moving forward and trying new stuff” – dear Captain Philip took home both the trophy as well as $15 million in cash. 

  • Time travel to 1883 

In this epic film – Hanks made a special appearance to honour his friendship with Tim McGraw, and though one does not know the exact amount he was paid, different portals estimated that he was paid up a ‘certain’ amount. 

  • Elvis was at a new high 

Though the amount of money he garnered from this film is unknown, in his own words, he was ’handsomely satisfied’ both professionally and personally with this role of Colonel Tom Parker. 


Investments in Real Estate 

Given his notable earnings and assets from his professional life, Hanks has some credible investments in Real Estate. The first is his family home in Malibu Colony, brought back in 1991 ($2.95 million), which is currently valued at $20 million and upwards. Their current home, bought back in 2010, was valued at $26 million in Los Angeles. Currently, it is priced at close to $100 million and upwards, given its location

Tom Hanks Net Worth

Apart from this, Hanks and his wife have a joint property in Idaho in the form of a ski house. The couple also owns close to 5 residential properties in the Los Angeles area. Taking this into account, Tom Hanks net worth in real estate is pegged at close to $150 million at minimum. 

So, how was this information on Tom Hanks net worth? If this was worth a read, do share it with your friends and dear ones who have loved the multi-talented man for decades! 


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