What Is GDC Inmate Search And How Does It Work? 

GDC Inmate Search

GDC inmate search is an online facility that can help an individual find an offender in these prisons. It is one of the gigantic prison systems that is supervising thousands of state prisoners in it. To find an inmate in the GDC facility, you can initiate your search based on a county. A county is a territorial division that makes the major unit of the local administration. There can be several reasons to look for an inmate in the Georgia Department of the correction facility. Besides, you can conduct the GDC inmate search based on county or jails in Georgia. To learn more, read the full post.

What Is GDC? A Brief 

Before we move to the inmate lookup, let’s know more about the GDC facility. GDC stands for Georgia Department of Correction. It is a vast prison facility in Georgia that keeps eyes on approximately 52000 state prisoners. Many country prisons come under it. You can look for a county prisoner online as some jails make their inmate names accessible online. The amount of information shared may vary from one county to another. Some of them share more than just names on their online portals. However, some don’t provide any information. In this situation, you need to carry out the GDC inmate search offline. People may look for their family members or loved ones who are inside these prisons. 

Georgia Department of Correction

Why Is GDC Inmate Search Required? 

Imprisonment can go harsh on the inmates as well as those who are connected to them in some manner. However, the inmate lookup facility helps the friends or family members of the inmates to know the location and well-being of the person in incarceration. Besides, the inmates can be shifted from one place to another in the GDC facility itself. The offender locator facilities help friends and family members to locate their position. Also, they can get the notifications when shifting of the inmates to a new place occurs. You may also visit the GDS’s official site to look for an inmate.

Procedures For A GDC Inmate Search 

Now that you understand the inmate lookup facility, you can perform this search on the basis of different criteria as described below:  

GDC Inmate Search form

Search By County

You can search online in the counties for an inmate to get information about an inmate. The county prisons are basically a local facility that is governed by the local county. These prisons are intended for those offenders who are undergoing trial sessions or imprisoned for a short period of time. They serve their imprisonment durations in the county jails. The local Sheriff’s department looks after these jails, and therefore, they can have access to the inmate details. The exception can be seen in exceptional cases that require special attention. If the offenders violate any federal law, in this case, they will be sent to federal jails. 

Search By Jail 

The majority of the GDC prisons provide online details about the offenders. However, some of them don’t! In this case, you will have to carry out the GDC inmate search by reaching out to the jail authorities for the inmate lookup facility. The control of the state prisons is in the hands of the state government. However, some states sign contracts with private prisons. These private prisons take care of the primary competencies of the prisoners. The list may include housing, maintenance, and several others. At the same time, these private prisons hold more command over the prison inmates and their information. Therefore, you can reach out to track an offender in these Georgia prisons.

Avail Private Inmate Lookup Services

If you are having trouble looking up an inmate from the government portals, you can get help from the private services that can help you with your GDC inmate search. They offer comprehensive tools and categories that can make your search easier. Besides, they keep track of the inmate database and can ease the process of a relative or friend who is in prison for a crime. Again, these services can save your time and effort and give you peace of mind. 

What If The GDC Records Doesn’t Reveal Anything?

In case your search for an inmate is not satisfied in the Georgia statewide record, it depicts that the inmate is imprisoned in federal prison. In this situation, you will need to conduct the search by reaching out to the federal authorities. Besides, it is also possible that the person is jailed in a prison that doesn’t make their database accessible to others. The offenders who are imprisoned in the Federal jails are those who have broken federal law. Federal prisons are more private and secure as compared to state prisons. Moreover, they hold the inmates who have committed a higher degree of crime and are imprisoned for a longer duration of time. 

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Major Counties In Georgia

We have discussed the concept of county imprisonment and their control over and access and dissemination of the data. Now check some of the main counties of the state:

Georgia Counties

1: Fulton County In Georgia

It is one of the most populated counties of Georgia. Due to the higher population, the need for effective management of the inmates becomes imperative. It takes care of essential things such as food, medical and maintenance services. 

2: Gwinnett County In Lawrenceville

Gwinnett County In Lawrenceville comes under Georgia. Sheriff’s department manages the jail and inmate information. They manage the webpage where the information related to the offenders can be acquired by friends and family members. 

3: Cobb County In Marietta

There are ten prisons in Cobb County in Marietta that offers a secure facility for keeping the inmates. These jails hold the freedom and activities of the inmates for the criminal activities. These are the short-term facilities for holding the offenders who are having their trial sessions or in jail for a short duration of the imprisonment. 


This post offers intelligible information on GTC inmate search. You can learn some other important aspects related to these offender holding facilities. In Georgia, different counties take care of the crucial things of the inmates for a short duration of time. However, they are entirely secure and manage the food, medical, and database of the offenders. You can find an inmate by following this post until the end. If you liked this post, then our blog section has blogs of your favorite categories covering around the world events.



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