Handy Ideas You Can Use When Writing Your First Sensual Novel

Sensual Novel

Do you want to write a steamy novel that makes your readers sweat and swoon? Well, you are not the only one! There are hundreds of authors who tip their toe into the enigmatic world of erotica every year. However, few of them succeed. Just like any genre, erotica comes with its own set of challenges. You have to maintain a delicate balance: making your novel sexy enough without bordering on awkward or cheesy. Of course, you also have to avoid problematic topics, such as abusive relationships if you do not have the creative chops needed to pull it off without appearing like you are condoning them. But, this is why you are here, right? Don’t worry, we won’t leave you high and dry, no pun intended. Here are some of the best ideas you can use in your next sensual novel.


Don’t Ignore the Plot

This should be a given, really, but some authors have a warped-up idea about erotica. They think they can just slap some sexy scenes together, put them in a book, and call it a day. Readers are invested in this genre because of the narrative. If there were not, they would just look for other channels that can help them blow off steam. Experts agree that the sales of sensual novels started soaring in the period between 2011 and 2012, rising from 22% to an outstanding 44%. This does not come off as a surprise since Fifty Shades of Grey was first released at that time. Despite its faults, that book has solidified the notion that people are into these kinds of reads because of the story. So, when structuring your own novel, make sure to come up with a well-rounded plot that gives the characters space to develop.

Spice Up Your Scenes

Let’s talk about the main event: the raunchy scenes you are planning to write! The best advice we can give you in this regard is not to make them boring. Since they will be the core of your book, they should not be repetitive or make your readers feel like they are leafing through minimal variations of the same thing. To spice up these scenes, you can add toys and machines. Dildos, strap-ons, and vibrators are all fair game. You can also include sex machines to turn up the heat! If you are unsure about which ones to add, this sex machine guide from My Sex Toy Guide can be a good place to start. Overall, your goal is to stave off boredom and keep your scenes hot even if your frisky characters have been going at it for dozens of pages!


In 2011, the BDSM craze started when Fifty Shades of Grey hit bookstores. People were scandalized and intrigued by the concept. While BDSM is not a new sexual practice, it has gained more momentum in recent years. Because this type of erotic novels has a massive following, you can try your hand at writing some scenes that include these intimate practices. However, make sure that you fully understand the rules of BDSM before you attempt to write a scene involving it. E.L. James faced backlash because she ignored the consent that goes into these types of relationships. As long as you know what you are doing, though, BDSM can be a great addition to your novel.

Change Locations

When writing an erotic scene, you should not be only thinking about the act itself, but the location the scene is taking place in as well. Using the characters’ bedroom as a location is fine. However, you should not rely on one set too much, as this is, well, boring! After all, why stick to one thing when you have a world of delightful locations you can leverage. From office and shower sex to car hookups, you have endless options to choose from. So, don’t limit yourself.

Focus on Descriptions

The white room syndrome should be avoided at all costs! If you do not know what this term means, it simply refers to a mistake that some authors make when constructing scenes. White room syndrome involves minimal descriptions that do not flesh out scenes and make readers confused as to where the action is taking place. While you should not be overly descriptive to the extent that you venture into the realm of purple prose, you should give your readers an idea about what is happening, how the characters feel both emotionally and physically, and what the location looks like. Moreover, when writing sex scenes, keep the focus on the descriptions, not the dialogue unless you are planning to throw some dirty talk into the mix.

Writing a sensual novel is a great writing exercise that can help you enhance your style and take it to a whole new level. When constructing your erotic book, make sure to give our tips a try. Not only will they elevate your scenes, but they are going to help you come up with more compelling characters. Finally, don’t forget to read similar books to get a feel of the current trends in the genre!


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