Google Modifies US Policies to Allow Daily Fantasy Sports and Lottery Courier Ads 

Google is updating its U.S. policies and will now accept and run ads for Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) operators and lottery couriers. Traditionally, its advertising was limited to horse racing and lotteries run by the state. The shift from its more conservative policies marks a broader change in the digital advertising of gaming activities.

An evolving legal landscape

A number of states in the U.S. now have Android casinos where online gambling is popular. Sports betting is legal in more states and is growing in popularity. The attitudes towards online gambling are constantly changing.

Google’s move shows responsiveness to the evolving legal landscape when it comes to online gaming. Industry stakeholders will need to gain an understanding of the new advertising landscape to benefit from its potential.

Strict procedural rules apply

Google will apply strict rules and criteria relating to advertising compliance. This will not only encompass adherence to the certification processes established by Google but also compliance with individual state regulations.

DFS operators and lottery couriers must apply for certification as advertisers before their ads are approved. Advertisers who want to advertise in states without licenses for DFS or lottery courier services require a license in at least one other state where such a license is necessary.

Advertisers must show compliance with legal standards, such as adherence to regulations and authentication of tickets. They need to not only deliver proof of licensing where necessary but also give details of their business operations. The reason for this is to protect consumers by not giving untrustworthy services approval to advertise.

Daily Fantasy Sports advertising

The recent policy expansion means DFS operators can now advertise in 17 states. They can even do this in states where online sports betting isn’t regulated. DFS providers can enter new markets, subject to regulatory compliance that includes state licensing in at least one state. Google only wants to promote reputable, legitimate services.

Lottery Courier advertising

Lottery couriers in 34 states will be able to advertise their services using Google ads. An exception is California where the state Lottery Commission doesn’t approve of courier services. Entities such as will be able to increase their visibility and customer base through these ads. DraftKings recently acquired Jackpocket for $750 million. This shows the growing economic significance of lottery courier services and the potential to create more jobs for young people in the industry.

Other Google changes

Google is also updating other policies related to gambling. In June, it paused plans to expand its real-money gaming (RMG) offerings on Google Play Store. These initiatives were set to begin in India, Mexico, and Brazil. The reason given for halting the plans was a lack of a central authority to approve apps in certain regions.

Algorithms Google implemented earlier this year have taken a toll on the rankings of several iGaming industry businesses, especially affiliate sites. This can seriously jeopardize their incomes. However, other companies have found that the changes have positively impacted their rankings.


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