Biggest Casino Wins in History

Casino Wins

The thrill of winning is possibly comparable to the pleasure of actually getting to spend the money. Everyone dreams big and imagines winning at least a couple of millions. Here are some of the biggest casino wins, some of them tell quite a story. 

They say the mathematical probability is not on your side. And yet some people win big, as, at the end of the day, luck is blind.

All amounts are shown in Australian dollars for your convenience and rounded up (or down). 

Jackpot wins at land-based casinos

Let’s start with two large wins scored at real casinos. 

A 32 million reward for boldness 

Johanna Heundl, a lady a few years into her golden retirement years, wasn’t a savvy pokie player at all. As reported by the media, that was her first time playing a pokie called Megabucks in Las Vegas.

Johanna obviously knew nothing about taking things slow and planning her budget. She just went for the jugular and wagered 170 US dollars right there and then. A single spin – and she was 32 million Australian dollars richer. 

Being prudent and planning is great, but sometimes you just have to go out on a whim. 

35 million for chasing your losses

Megabucks seems like one of those pokies that come to mind when you are picturing your big win. There is another Las Vegas jackpot story that has to do with this money-churning monster. 

The player, a 67-year old retired flight attendant, wasn’t planning to spend as much as she did. In the interview, she admitted only planning to put in 100 US dollars at the most, but got too caught up and spent three times more. As a result – a 35 million win. 

Chasing your losses is never a good strategy, Or is it? Both luck and fate work in mysterious ways.

Biggest Casino Wins operating online 

 casinos operating online

Online Cricket Betting ID is fun and comes for free in terms of tickets, food, and hotel. It also seems that the jackpots won are a lot more enticing in general. If you aren’t big on the whole Las Vegas appeal, pick a good casino like Televega and go for it.

20 years old and 16 million rich

A decade ago when the pickings were slim, a gambler from Norway got a proper taste of victory playing Arabian Nights. The amount he claimed was an equivalent of well over 16 million Australian dollars. The winner was only 20 years old at the time. 

It wasn’t the only large win for that 5-reeler released in 2005. Featuring a progressive pool jackpot, wilds, scatters and free bonus spins, Arabian Nights made quite a few players happy. We are talking about millions of dollars paid. 

A single-spin win worth 29 million

A few years back the news about a British soldier scoring a huge win resonated with gamblers around the world. Remember that feeling of a new casino when you are only signing up? Well, that guy got everything any new player ever wished for

When signing up with Betway, John Heywood surely had hopes and dreams, but not that ambitious for sure. Only half an hour in John scored a whopping 29 million win playing Mega Moolah. At the time that was a record sum won online. 

And even though most winners prefer to keep things quiet and private, John was very open about his win. His interviews can still be found online if anyone is curious. 

30 million on the mobile 

Records are there to be broken. It took someone (the identity remains a mystery to this day) only three years to prove that. And there is no way of knowing if this was a continuous effort or a quick lucky win. 

In September 2018 Mega Moolah once again made it to the record books (following the jackpot in 2015). All that’s known is that the winner scored 30 million playing under 50 spins and was on their mobile. The winning bet was 75 cents. 

Now you understand how come Mega Moolah tops the searches at most igaming venues. It takes time to pay up, but when it comes, you are set for life. 

Final word

And there you have it- 5 most impressive Biggest Cricket ID Wins in modern history. A great way to get inspired no matter if you gamble online or like the real feel of a land-based casino.



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