Android Developer Challenge – What Is It and How to Participate?

android developer challenge
In 2008, Google launched the Android Developer Challenge or ADC whose aim was to reward people for building mobile applications of good quality on the android platform. Today, android dominates the operating system of the world. The users have options to choose from over 3 million android applications that are available in the Google Play Store. All the developers,...

How Long Is the Flu Contagious and How to Cure?

how long is the flu contagious
The flu is a common illness that can affect both adults and children alike. Flu is caused by a particular type of virus and it is contagious as well. The period of time that a person would take to get rid of the flu varies from one person to the other. Many people do not visit any medical facility...

Successful Facebook Ads – How to Create Ads That Work?

successful Facebook ads
For running a successful business, it is important to market your products and services. Effective marketing is a prerequisite and helps boost the sales as well as increase the customers. Advertisements are the way to go when it comes to marketing. However, selecting a platform for your ads is very essential. Earlier, newspapers, television, and radio were the main...

10 Common Mistakes in Writing a Scientific Paper

Writing a Scientific Paper
All students have to compose different scientific papers. No matter where they study, they are obliged to fulfill these projects. They show their level of skills, knowledge, and experience. The success of any project depends on the way a student reveals the main issue. There is a concrete problem, which is supposed to have a plain solution with powerful...

Digital Marketing Strategy Example and Steps to Follow

Digital Marketing Strategy Example
In this current generation of our world, the most reliable and used source is the internet. Since it is possible, we want everything to work using the touch of our fingers. Even though we humans invented this source, it now controls and binds us. We can get any information, publish any videos or spread any message across the world...

Causes, Prevention and Treatment of Brown Spots on Skin

brown spots on skin
Hyperpigmentation or what is generally known as brown spots on skin take place when particular places of the skin produce more amount of melanin than the other parts. Melanin is the element that provided color to skin, eyes, and hair. Brown spots on the skin are not something to be extremely alarmed of and are not mandatory to remove. However,...

How to Tell if Someone Is Lying to You All the Time?

how to tell if someone is lying
We all have faced a situation where we had to lie to save ourselves from some disastrous outcomes. Lies are somewhat understandable as long as they do not cause severe harm to anybody else. However, there are many people who lie in every situation and disregard other people’s feelings completely. Almost everyone knows someone who is a compulsive liar...

Angelina Jolie Net Worth and How She Remains ‘Unbroken’

angelina jolie net worth
All the 90’s kids out there would be able to recognize the amazing woman. So, this particular section is going to deal with the moment we say ‘crush’. That’s right; this actress has been ruling everyone’s heart with her mesmerizing looks and acting skills, and the Hollywood industry for over two decades now. The woman is none than Angelina...

Learn How To Roll A Swisher For The Best Results

The first step is to hollow out the cigar by splitting it open without damaging it. You can use your fingers or a blade. You might want to get a cigar blunt splitter which is specifically designed for this purpose. Please Note: if you are using a blunt wrap you can skip this step as the tobacco leaf is...

How to Use Mobile Advertising Services to Best Use?

mobile advertising services
Mobile advertising services encompass calling something to the attention of the public by paid announcements that appear on your mobile screens. Mobile advertising services are a subset of mobile marketing.Advertisements are carried out in different ways via apps on your phones and even through SMSs. The websites that you have open on your phone also provide a platform for mobile advertising.Whenever...