The Ideal Way To Put Eucalyptus Leaves In Shower – For Decor and Health!

Eucalyptus oil is one of the best essential oils with myriad benefits. Maybe, you already use eucalyptus soap or add eucalyptus oil to your hair oil. Fair enough! However, recently there’s been a trend going on to hang eucalyptus leaves in showers. You must have seen that, and to know more about it, you have been searching the engines of your smartphone. Voila!! Your answer to the query – as to how to use eucalyptus leaves in shower is right here!

This write-up will give you some DIY techniques to best hang those leaves in the shower, which albeit you can try at home. So, folks – scroll down and figure out how to use them in the shower, and when you do, what are the benefits that you will derive.

DIY hacks to hang eucalyptus leaves in shower

Native to the Australian domain and having a pseudonym as Silver Dollar Tree – it truly lives up to its name. As a matter of fact, apart from the leaves – this tree brings with itself benefits of honey, timber, and pulpwood – making it one of the most economically cherished breeds. Though it is known to be highly flammable, when you simply wish to hang them in the shower, why care about that feature.

Here are some handmade DIY techniques you can use for a holistic bathing experience.

#Just ensure that when you hang them, they must not directly come in contact with the water. That will only irritate the skin and bring other negatives.

So, read up and figure out which technique you would like to choose –

eucalyptus leaves in shower

1. Add it to the shower like a bouquet 

This is the most opted mode of hanging eucalyptus leaves in shower. Cut out the branches of the leaves and clear out the stems. Now get a string and tie it around the stems – to form a bouquet. One can also use a rubber band – just make sure that the branches are kept under the leaves and the stems are below the twine.

Replace this bouquet every month or the moment you do not smell anything.

2. Spread it in 3s 

This is a little complicated technique compared to the initial one but acts both as a spa and a bathroom decor. Get a rope and cut it into 3 medium size pieces. Now get a sufficient amount of leaves that will fit into all 3 pieces of the rope. Attach the twines of the leaves to each of these ropes with a band so that there are 3 small bouquets formed. Now hang them on the wall, at a certain distance – so that it looks like decor and yet when the steam comes from the shower, it would also release the oils. For the artsy ones, this way of putting eucalyptus leaves in shower is truly recommended.

3. Hanging it straight – old style 

The age-old style of hanging the eucalyptus leaves is one option that you can try. Get full stems of eucalyptus plants – with branches and stems – and tie all of them together in a vertical manner. Now, just leave them hanging on the side of the shower. As the steam comes out – it will automatically allow the draining of essential oils.

If you find this hanging a bit too long, you can twist it around the shower space tightly – just that it should not come in the water flow path. The primary aim of putting eucalyptus leaves in the shower is to inhale the essential oils it releases on Steam. It should never interfere with the water flow since it harms the skin.

4. Spiral technique – hanging onto the wall 

One can also put these leaves in the shower by making a spiral flowing long drop-down. Get a basket of leaves and a rope to tie on. If one falls short, then get at least 3 long ropes to tie. Attach the twig of the leaves to the rope with small wires in alternate ways. Then, tie all three of the ropes together, and you will find that there is a range of leaves when hung and when the shower releases the steam – the essential oils will automatically release. Thus, it will serve your point.

So, which is your style? Just in case you have chosen the spiral technique – there’s no harm in hanging a couple of hibiscus flowers to those leaves. Apart from aesthetics – hibiscus has its own set of benefits.

Why hang them?

For those who have chosen their DIY style and are almost ready to rush to the nursery to get some leaves in hand, you may wish to recheck its benefits. After all, you are investing – so it is only fair that you have the details. Here they are –

1. Utmost stress-buster 

Eucalyptus oil, or the chemical called Eucalyptol – is an immediate stress-buster. A 2015 study has clearly proven the decreasing rates of anxiety in patients who inhaled this oil or any of its related components. So, when you hang eucalyptus leaves in shower – rest assured, you will be in benefit (if you do not have other allergic conditions).

eucalyptus leaves in shower

2. Deals with a host of nasal issues 

From the sinus to asthma to bronchitis or even chronic pulmonary disease – inhaling eucalyptus oil helps to thin the mucus spaced in the airway. Its anti-inflammatory effect helps to relieve pain. Consistent inhalation of this oil helps to delete the bacteria present in the airpath, thereby bettering the nasal blocking.

3. It makes you mentally alert 

Talking in a very specific manner – when the steam reacts with the leaves, it releases essential oils, dilating airways’ passage. This, in turn, will enhance the blood flow to the brain and other organs. The more oxygen that your brain gets – the better for your alertness!

4. Can help in dealing with mental health 

Though studies regarding the same are at a very nascent stage, if one smells eucalyptus leaves for a time, it benefits their mental health. So, if you wish to try the same – the chances of its success are high.

#According to a 2013 study – A group of patients who had just undergone knee surgery was made to smell eucalyptus leaves for a considerable time span. There was a marked difference in their blood pressure, enhancing their healing process.

Points to remember

This essential oil is specifically known to heal numerous health conditions. However, that does not mean that it does not have its share of negatives. So, before you hang eucalyptus leaves in shower – check if there’s a problem in these areas. If you find them applicable – steer clear of eucalyptus leaves!

  • Do not place the leaves directly under the water. Eucalyptus oil is an essential oil, which is why one must dilute it with a carrier oil. Simply adding water to it does not dilute this oil. Rather, on doing the same – chances are that – you can get skin allergies. So, be very careful while hanging the leaves.
  • Do you have issues with seizures? Eucalyptus is not your friend! Unfortunately, this helps to deal with nasal congestion – however, in multiple cases, one can find that – if the oil or the water dripping around leaves is swallowed, it causes seizures. You want a spa in the shower – not a death sentence!
  • Have kids, pets, or pregnant ladies around? Don’t hang them! After checking out surveys from multiple sources – FDA has strictly restricted the usage of this oil around pets, kids, or even pregnant ladies. Certain studies have shown this oil to be extremely toxic to pets (reviews from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to the Animals). Regarding pregnant ladies – one may consult the doctor; however, studies have depicted this oil as an irritant to the skin in that condition.

Hence, try these eucalyptus leaves in shower DIY techniques at home – only if you do not have to satisfy these situations.

What’s your takeaway?

Eucalyptus leaves, in most cases, have only been heard to benefit people. Though some allergic reactions are there, in most cases, people have benefitted from the same. Now, by hanging eucalyptus leaves in shower and garnering its scent via steam, you will only garner better health. Hope you deck up your shower well!

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