Symptoms of Obesity and Ways to Reduce Weight

symptoms of obesity

People often do not take notice when they gain a little weight. However, this little weight gain might have future consequences and might cause obesity. It is thus important to know about the symptoms of obesity so that you can help yourself right from start and not put on too much weight.

Symptoms of obesity

There are various symptoms of obesity that show the early signs of getting obese. When you have gained a little extra weight, you might not understand what you are going towards being obese. Knowing about these symptoms will help you understand better. The various symptoms of obesity are mentioned below.


If you are not extremely overweight and yet are losing your breath easily then you should be alarmed as it might be the early signs of obesity. You might find yourself breathless while taking a few steps of stairs or walking a short distance. This is one of the most alarming symptoms of obesity and you should check your weight immediately.


When you start putting on weight you might notice that your snoring has increased by some degrees. Your partner or members of the house should notice this and if they inform you about that then you should make sure to measure your weight. Obesity does not happen in a day and once you start putting on weight you should be careful right from the beginning. Snoring should make you conscious and take control of your diet and lifestyle.


Sweating is another one of the symptoms of obesity. Gaining weight naturally makes your body heavier and thus you sweat more than usual when you do some physical labor. You must have an idea about how much you sweat and if you find that you are suddenly sweating more than usual then you should take notice of your weight as you might be going towards being obese.

Unable to do physical activities

Gaining weight makes you physically incapable. You will get tired easily and will need short breaks in between doing any kind of physical activity. If you find that you are getting tired more easily than before then you should consider the chance of gaining weight and take a measurement.

Joint pain

Joint pain is one of the early symptoms of obesity. Gaining weight makes your body heavier and thus it gives more pressure on the joints. It would naturally cause joint pain and your back might be affected as well. If you suddenly start to experience joint pain then besides seeing a doctor you should also check your weight.

Low confidence

Obesity affects self-confidence as well. Gaining weight might make you feel insecure about your body and you might feel uncomfortable at social gatherings. If you find that people in your known circle are commenting on your weight then you should not take those comments negatively and rather test your weight. If you find that you are gaining weight then make sure to control your diet plan and the type of life you lead.

High blood pressure

Gaining weight will also increase your blood pressure level. You might not notice this symptom of obesity at its earlier stage but if you find that your blood sugar level is suddenly high then you should take notice of your weight as well. There are various reasons behind high blood pressure and obesity is one among them. If you find your blood pressure level has shot up and your weight is also gaining then you should visit a dietician to prepare a proper diet.


Depression happens due to a number of causes and gaining weight might be one among them. When you start to gain weight, you start to lose your self-confidence and avoid social gatherings as you find yourself uneasy in them. Such situations often trigger depression. Thus, if you start having depressive bouts or serious depression besides contacting a psychologist you should also check your weight.

Prevention of obesity in adults

As an adult, you should know about the prevention of obesity in adults. The main thing to do to prevent obesity is to maintain a healthy diet and to do some exercise. The various ways of preventing obesity in adults are mentioned below.

Eat less junk food

Junk food is a huge contributing factor in obesity. If you have started to put on weight then the first thing that you should do is to cut down the amount of junk food you eat. Besides junk food, you should also cut down on processed food and foods that are high on sugar content. The processed foods are often high in salt and fat and will make you obese.

Consume food that is rich in fiber

Studies have proven that a diet rich in fiber has positive effects on losing weight. People stand the chance of losing almost five percent of their body weight if they take fiber-rich food on a daily basis for at least twelve weeks of time.

Eat vegetables

If you have started to gain weight you need to increase the portion of vegetables and fruits that you take. Vegetables are beneficial for health in any condition and they become especially useful when you gain weight. Having a daily serving of five to nine plates of fruits and vegetables will help you to maintain your calories and thus help you from putting on weight.

Involve your family

When you are on your journey to lose weight, you should involve your family as well. When the whole family eats healthy and follows a diet plan you will naturally be inclined to stick to that plan. People often think that only teenagers and children need the support of their families while losing weight but this is not true. Adults also need help from their family and having that would help them to make the process of getting thinner easier.

Exercise daily

Exercising is very important when you are trying to lose weight. Physical inactivity is often one of the leading causes of obesity and thus if you notice that you have started to gain weight you should immediately start exercising. You do not have to join a gym right away. You can start with jogging or fast-paced walking and swimming. Such activities will help you to burn calories and thus lose weight.

Keep a track of your weight

You should keep track of your weight when you are following a diet plan for losing weight. It would help you to understand how much weight you are losing and thus plan your diet accordingly. Even if you are not following a diet then also you should measure your weight regularly to make sure that you are aware when you start to gain weight.

Do not take the stress

Stress causes a number of physical and mental problems. It has been proven that excessive stress can bring a change in the eating habit of an individual and can prompt binge eating spree. It would naturally make one gain weight and make him obese. That is why you should ensure that you are not taking too much stress. If you feel you cannot handle your stress well then you can talk to a therapist. But in no way, you should allow stress to dictate your eating pattern.

Prevention of obesity in children

Ways of prevention of obesity in children differ from those of adults. The body of a child works in a different manner and thus the way to prevent obesity in them also varies. Some of the ways of prevention of obesity in children are mentioned below.

Give him healthy food

It is important to give your child healthy food right from an early age. Many parents do the mistake of giving a lot of junk food to their children. This produces an unhealthy eating pattern in the child and he continues this pattern when he becomes an adult. However, if you introduce him to healthy food from the beginning of his childhood then naturally, he will grow an affinity towards them and it would help him to keep his weight at control.

Do not make your child eat too much

Many parents have the habit of over feeding their children. They believe that doing so will make their child healthy. However, this is a wrong notion. Overfeeding your child will do nothing apart from making him obese. Besides, it has bee proven by researchers that children do not need huge amounts of food to keep them well. Thus, you should feed your child with a reasonable portion of food to control his weight.

Ask him to eat only when he is hungry

There are children who keep eating even when they are not hungry. This is something that a parent has to take care of. You should make your child understand he should never eat when he is not hungry. Eating is not a ritual and thus it needs not to be done even at times when your body does not want it. Parents should also not force their children to eat when they state that they are not hungry. It would make them unhealthy and obese.

Set examples for him

Your child will learn from you. So, you should not expect him to follow a healthy diet if you are not doing the same in front of him. It is very important to put an example of healthy eating before him so that he is encouraged to do the same. You should not indulge in keeping junk food and other processed foods in the house as your child might consume them. Follow the diet chart together as a family and your child will naturally grow fond of eating healthy.

Treatments of obesity

Despite making attempts to prevent obesity many people cannot do it and get obese. In such a situation you need to know about treatments of obesity to help you shed those extra kilos. The different treatments of obesity are discussed below.


Obesity often geta out of hands and then people need to take medications for keeping their weight under control. These medicines are prescribed by doctors and one should not get these medicines without the doctor’s permission. However, even if you are under medication you should no stop following your diet plan and continue to do physical exercises. Without them, you will not be able to lose weight by only taking medicines.

Weight-losing programs

People who find it difficult to prepare a routine for themselves to lose weight often take the help of formal weight-management workshops or programs. In such programs, trained professionals design personalized plans based on the needs of an individual and help him to stick to that plan. Such plans generally consist of a healthy diet, regular exercise and ways to change your lifestyle. The programs allow an individual to work with the professionals face-to-face or in group sessions.

Devices for losing weight

There ae various devices available in the market that help one to lose weight. Doctors often prescribe such devices for patients who might have problems with doing intense physical activities. Such devices include the electronic stimulation system, gastric emptying system, and gastric balloon system.

These are the main things that you need to know about the symptoms of obesity and what you need to do in order to prevent it. Maintaining a healthy diet is always advisable even when you are not obese as it would help you to remain fit. If you do a desk job that does not require any physical activities then you should take breaks in between and walk around. If you indulge in occasional eating of junk and unhealthy foods then make sure o compensate it by having a lot of fresh vegetable ad fruits.


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