LKG Hindi Worksheet For Kids To Facilitate Learning


LKG Hindi worksheet for kids can help them to learn the basics of the Hindi language through a range of worksheet activities. These activity worksheets can help you to teach your kids Hindi at home. When they get an effective, fun, and interactive way of learning, kids can learn faster. Learning Hindi is very important for the kids when they are young. It plays a crucial role in the all-round development of your little toddlers. Therefore, the best time to teach them Hindi is now. Check the list of several types of LKG Hindi worksheet for your kids to facilitate their learning. 

Importance Of Hindi Teaching

Hindi is the official language of India and is written in the Devanagari script, which is also used for many other languages like Sanskrit, Nepali, and Marathi. It has thirty-three consonants and eleven vowels and is written from left to right. The vowels come first, followed by consonants based on their phonetic sound articulation in the mouth.  

The Hindi language is the second most spoken language in the world after Mandarin Chinese. It’s estimated that nearly half a billion people worldwide speak this wonderful language. Besides, Hindi is one of the many languages in India that is considered to be the national and official language of the northern parts of India. Also, India is one of the biggest economies in the world, so learning Hindi can have great career potential. 

Types Of LKG Hindi Worksheet

There is a wide range of the LKG Hindi worksheets you can bring home for your kids that can help them learn in an easy way. Check the below-given list: 

Hindi Alphabet Writing Worksheet

This LKG Hindi Hindi worksheet is perfect for those kids who want to learn the Hindi alphabet. With little or no assistance, you or your child can easily practice reading and writing Hindi letters. This book is excellent for students, ESL teachers, educators, linguists, and those who love Hindi, an Indo-Aryan language spoken chiefly in India. This consolidated Hindi alphabet writing practice book will make it easy for you to pronounce and write Hindi alphabets.

Your kids will learn and understand Hindi words easily with the help of this worksheet. This book has different parts of teaching vowels, consonants, and extra alphabets, also known as Atirikta Varna. It is a high-quality book with graphics to support the text. There is a test at the end to check your knowledge of the Hindi letters.

Hindi Fill In The Blanks Worksheet

This is a very basic and easy worksheet to learn Hindi words. Look at the picture and say the word in Hindi. For easy learning few letters are given as clues. Try to fill the missing letter in the blank. This LKG Hindi worksheet for kids can be very helpful for you to teach your kids Hindi at home.

All you need is to guide them through filling the words in the blank space, giving them next to the Hindi alphabets. With more practice, they can make the words with absolute ease. Once they develop their interest in filling the worksheets, you don’t even need to look after them. 

Hindi Vowel Worksheet

Vowels are the first thing your kids need to learn. Vowels are the words that are needed to make other alphabets in the Hindi language. Besides, they lie on the top of the alphabet table. Once kids learn vowels, they can proceed further with consonant learning. This LKG Hindi worksheet for kids can help them to learn vowels with the utmost ease. 

Hindi Swar writing practice made easy with these pages. It includes Hindi Swar from अ -अः; each page has the picture related to the letter and lines to practice the letter. It is easy for tracing skills for beginners for writing practice Hindi Letters. Also, it includes the fill-in-the-blank and matching swar for more fun practices to learn.

Hindi Consonant Worksheet

This LKG Hindi worksheet is for writing practice of Hindi Vyanjan क – त्र. It consists of a Hindi letter with a picture and word in Hindi. Besides, it is easy for tracing skills for beginners for writing practice Hindi Letters. It has “match the column” activity and “fill in the blank” activity to see how much we have learned and take the assessment.

Once your kids have learned Hindi vowels, make them learn and practice consonants. Once they learn consonants, they can start making and reading Hindi words. This worksheet can help them to learn Vyanjana with the help of several practices such as tracing, dot filling, and several others. It is a very comprehensive worksheet best for beginners. 

Hindi Color Worksheet

Coloring is a fun activity for kids. It can make the kids learning faster. Coloring Hindi worksheets can do the same task for Hindi learning of the kids. It can lay the foundation in learning Hindi Varnamala. It may include Hindi alphabets to color or the picture of a word starting with the particular alphabet. 

This LKG Hindi worksheet can be one of the most efficient ways for the kids to learn Hindi alphabets when coloring them. Bring them a box of colors. It can be crayons or pencil color as they like it. As they color, they will learn. 

Hindi Shape Worksheet

Learning the name of the shapes is also an important part of Hindi learning for the LKG kids. When they learn vowels and consonants and become able to read the words, you can give them this worksheet, where they can get to read about the basic shapes in Hindi and try to write their names. 

Learning about shapes can enhance their interest in arts and draw as well. This worksheet for the kids can help them in their diversified learning. Kids have dynamic learning capabilities. You can take tiny steps and help them to get started with Hindi learning. 

Hindi Vegetable Worksheet

Whether you’re looking for vegetable activities for preschool, printable lesson plans on vegetables for kindergarten and preschool, or just some fun ideas for teaching about vegetables, there is a ton of inspiration in this collection in this LKG Hindi worksheet. 

Vegetables are so cool, and kids want to play around them. Check out these vegetable worksheets for kids. They are all free to use with your kids. It has a nice variety which includes worksheets for writing the names of the vegetables. These free worksheets make a great addition to the kids trying to learn Hindi. 

Hindi Alphabet Tracing Worksheet

Once students can trace, copy and write lines and patterns, they are ready to learn to form Hindi letters. The first step is to trace these letters. This worksheet provides a set of all tracing letters. It will help your kids to write Hindi alphabets with ease. 

Tracing is a powerful way to practice fine motor control. Toddlers are just starting to enter the emergent writing period when they begin to understand that writing is another way to express their thoughts. However, they don’t yet have the fine motor strength and control to write Hindi letters. This Hindi alphabet tracing worksheet is really helpful for the kids.  

Final Words

The list of the LKG Hindi worksheet described in this post can help you to teach your little toddlers to write their first Hindi alphabets. Kids learn very fast, so now is the high time when you can make them start learning Hindi. If you liked this post and want more hacks for children and kids, make a visit to our blog section. 


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