If you have never been on a gambling trip, then you have been missing out and you don’t even know it! Casino trips may be all about the glitz and glam, but they are also an ultra-fun way to get your mind off the daily hustle and bustle of contemporary life. For some people, their idea of fun involves sitting on a beach, soaking up the sun as they watch the tides rolling in and out. For others, a trip cannot be complete without taking part in an adventure of some kind, like parasailing or skydiving. Regardless of what your idea of a fun vacation may be, adding a layer of gambling to the mix can help to elevate your vacation so that you can leave with long-lasting memories, and great winnings to boot. As such, if you are thinking about making a gambling trip, you will be spoilt for choice by the sheer number of destination options available for you to choose from. To make things a little easier for you, here are countries where tourists travel for gambling: China China is such a unique destination for gambling because gambling of any kind, other than the government-sanctioned lottery, is banned in China. If you want to gamble in China, you can only do so in exceptional administrative areas located in Macau or Hong Kong. In Macau, gambling has become the lifeline that keeps the city moving. Gambling in Macau has grown to such an extent that it has surpassed long-established destinations such as Vegas and Atlantic City. It is no wonder that over the years, Macau has garnered nicknames such as the Monte Carlo of the Orient or Vegas of the East. If you opt to set sail for this city, you will be treated to an array of 40 plus casinos, most of which are open 24/7. Macau has everything that a gambler needs to have a good time including the largest casino floor in the world, located in The Venetian. The only thing that is lacking is fancy sports betting lounges as sports betting in Macau is controlled by a single sportsbook. The United States Without a doubt, when people envision themselves taking a gambling trip around the world, the first destination that springs to mind is the United States. Some of the world’s best casinos are situated in the U.S and if you are a serious gambler, a trip to the world’s casino Mecca is certainly a must. It comes as no surprise that Las Vegas tops the list of the best casino cities in the country. Known as the gambling capital of the world, individuals from every corner arrive in their masses to enjoy the offerings of The Vegas Strip. The Strip, which is dotted by a mix of small and larger than life gambling establishments such as the Bellagio, Ceasars Place, The Wynn and more, is a gambler’s seventh heaven. Other popular cities in the States that have established a reputation as gambling destination include Reno, which was once the heart of gambling in the country before Vegas took over in the late 20th century. Reno has more than 20 casinos, 7 of which boast unrestricted gambling licenses. Atlantic City is another gambling mainstay with 13 world-class casinos, which have earned the city the title of ‘America’s Favorite Playground. Other popular American cities for gambling trips include New Orleans, which was the heart of American gambling during the 19th century, Palm Springs, Fort Lauderdale and more. Aruba In Aruba, there is a casino situated in every well-known resort. With its white sandy beaches and incredible year-long weather, Aruba is the perfect destination for an exotic casino trip. Often referred to as the Vegas of the Caribbean, Aruba is credited with inventing stud poker, so you can expect an elaborate gambling culture when you arrive. Like most cities in the Caribbean, you will find 3 card poker, Caribbean stud, roulette, blackjack, double draw poker and more in numerous casinos across the country. Countless casinos will satisfy even the most advanced gambler. Better still, if you decide that you want to explore some more, there are plenty of countries close by such as Curacao, St, Maarten, and the Bahamas that can satisfy your gambling cravings. “According to Kate Huber, chief editor at NJGamblingFun,‘’ there is nothing like a casino atmosphere. Being surrounded by other gambling aficionados, the ostentatious lights, the sound made by slots as people pull the levers and the coins flowing gracefully out of these machines- there is just nothing like it!’’ Singapore Singapore is quickly shaping up to become a premier destination for gamblers all over the globe. Boasting casino hotels with some of the best tables and glitzy gambling galls, Singapore will surprise you pleasantly with its casino offerings. In case you do not know, the government of Singapore, like most Asian authorities, is not very fond of gambling as a practice. As such, most locals are banned from gambling. Tourists, on the other hand, have free reign and enjoy unlimited access to the available casinos. Because gambling is outlawed for locals, you will not find as many casinos as you would in some of the other destinations; which is a good thing, as it will guarantee that you have an experience unlike no other. Singapore also has one of the best banking capitals in the world, which means that a lot of high rollers enter its city gates each day. As such, if you are a high stakes gambler, you can be sure that there will always be high states games and tournaments on any given night during your visit. Final Thoughts Each year, hundreds of gamblers head out on casino vacations. As such, if you feel that it is finally time for you to embark on a casino pilgrimage around the world, then you are in great company. Casino vacations are a great way for you to enjoy nonstop action from morning to night. Even if playing slots or sitting at a blackjack table may not be your idea of fun, there is always something on the casino floor to keep your mind (and your wallet) occupied. From the food to the people and local events, you never have to look too frantically for something to keep you busy during a casino vacation. Don’t wait around any longer-make that casino trip booking now!

Countries where tourists travel for gambling

If you have never been on a gambling trip, then you have been missing out and you don’t even know it! Casino trips may be all about the glitz and glam, but they are...
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Great friendships are often built in the salon chair. Your hairstylist can become one of your most trusted confidants. After all, they’ve helped talk you out of more than one bad hair decision and they always work hard to help you look your best. Sometimes the conversation can get deep when you’re getting your roots done, so it should come as no surprise that many people look forward to occasions where they give their stylist a small token of appreciation. If you have a great hairdresser in your life, or someone you love is in the business, then you’ll love these 6 fun gift ideas. #1. A Really Great Pair Of Shears You can’t cut hair with just any old pair of scissors. Several great pairs of shears are the primary tools of the hair trade. Typical types of scissors for cutting hair include straight shears and thinning shears. Heavier shears made of hard steel are the best for cutting hair. Stylists will look for comfort, quality, and adjustability in their go-to scissors and it’s great to have more than one pair, making them a great gift. You can easily spend a lot of money on the perfect pair but here are three ideas for a range of budgets: Sam Villa Signature Series - Top of the line and not cheap at $425 a pair but these make a great gift if your loved one is graduating from beauty school and you want to get them a great gift to start their career off right. Kenchii Professional Rose Shear & Thinner Set - Get more chop for your buck with this set of two from Kenchii for only $198. Jaguar Pre Style Relax Offset Professional Shear - High quality for a lower budget, this single pair of versatile shears will make a great gift for any occasion. #2. The Perfect Lightweight Blow Dryer Professional hair blow dryers are meant for non-stop use so they are built to last. They are also made to dry hair quickly but without damaging the hair so they often include the latest in hair drying technology. One such blow dryer is the Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer. This ceramic dryer reduces drying time by 30% with a flow designed to keep hair hydrated and glossy. The ionic system protects the hair from damage. It was designed in the fashion capital of the world, Milan, Italy. This is a great gift for professional stylists. #3. Nail Polish And Tools For A Great Manicure Hairstylists are born in beauty school so it’s no mystery that they love all things hair and beauty. For someone that appreciates the power of pretty nails, there is no greater gift than nail care products that will make her nails gorgeous and strong. If you mess with your nail often you’ll notice they get dry, brittle, and are prone to fungal infections. You can fix this with Antifungal Nail Polish that has the healthy ingredients you need for great nails combined with cute glossy colors. Many of these antifungal polishes come with natural ingredients like grapefruit seed extract and undecylenic acid. Many are also vegan and cruelty-free. For a great list of antifungal polishes, check out this compilation from Giftwits. #4. The Most Comfortable Pair Of Shoes You Can Find Hairstylists are naturally fun, bubbly, positive people who love to gush about your beautiful locks. But if anything could put them in a bad mood it would be painful feet from standing in place all day. Big time complaints from stylists include aching feet, swollen legs, and varicose veins, all from standing for long periods of time each day. Finding the right shoes can be a struggle and a comfy pair of shoes is always a great gift. If you don’t know your stylist’s shoe size then a gift card is always the right size! Here are some of the best shoe brands for people that have to walk or stand a lot for their job: Dansko Professional Clog - Dansko makes professional mules or clogs that give arch support and plenty of padding. They use memory foam and they come in a lot of colors and patterns. Skechers Work Relaxed Fit Flex Advantage - Protecting the balls of your feet in style, these shoes reduce foot fatigue. They are slip-on sneakers with memory foam and a padded collar. They are also lightweight and airy. Vangelo Men’s Slip-Resistant Clog Carlisle - Let’s not leave the men out! Plenty of professional stylists are men and there are some great fashionable men’s shoes out there that offer the comfort and support needed for pampering feet. #5. Funny Tote Bags For Carrying All The Stylist Stuff Hairdressers often share stations so they tend to carry a lot of their personal tools and comfort items with them to work each day, making a classic tote bag a great gift idea. There are a lot of funny bags out there. Go for medium-sized bags with multiple compartments and a dash of humor. Here is one of our favorite finds: Monogrammed Personalized Hairdresser Tote Bag - This Etsy gift is custom-made with your stylist’s name or initials. The clever design says, “I will cut you,” as a cute play on words. It comes in several stylish colors and this Etsy seller is highly reviewed. #6. Coffee Makers, Coffee Mugs, And (You Guessed It) Coffee Coffee will help your stylist power through their day with a smile. You can give the gift of delicious coffee, one cup coffee makers for their station, or a funny mug to keep their beverage warm. A coffee gift basket would be a great idea for any java lover. You can get a Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker that sits right on their station desktop. This tiny coffee maker will brew up one cup of caffeinated goodness at a time and doesn’t take up too much space. It’s made for small spaces and you can get an assortment of K-pods to go with your gift.

6 Fun Gift Ideas For Talented Hairstylists

Great friendships are often built in the salon chair. Your hairstylist can become one of your most trusted confidants. After all, they’ve helped talk you out of more than one bad hair decision and...
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