how long is the flu contagious

How Long Is the Flu Contagious and How to Cure?

The flu is a common illness that can affect both adults and children alike. Flu is caused by a particular type of virus and it is contagious as well. The period of time that...
How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars With Home Remedies?

What is worse than having an oily face full of acnes? Having acne scars that don’t seem to leave your body, no matter how badly you try. They don’t just make your appearance unlikely...
first signs of pregnancy

12 First Signs of Pregnancy and How to Deal With Them

Do you think you are pregnant? Thinking of it can get you excited as well as anxious at the same time. After all, this is what you have been planning for months. A pregnancy...
brown spots on skin

Causes, Prevention and Treatment of Brown Spots on Skin

Hyperpigmentation or what is generally known as brown spots on skin take place when particular places of the skin produce more amount of melanin than the other parts. Melanin is the element that provided...
Palm reading

All You Needed to Know About Palmistry and Palm Reading

Palm reading has been in human culture since time immemorial. Also known as chirosophy, palmistry reveals human character. It also forecasts the divination of one’s future. It began during ancient times and spread thereafter. Tradition...
cbd skincare

CBD Skincare: A Blooming Industry

CBD oil has now become a new buzz word which is doing the rounds in the hypermarket Ecosystem and e-commerce platforms. CBD oil is fast catching up with the fancy of people of all...
cabbage soup diet

Cabbage Soup Diet: The Ultimate Crash Diet for a Week

Are you looking for a quick weight loss plan? Then, the cabbage soup diet might help in burning your body fat. This diet involves eating an excess amount of cabbage soup for at least...
Congestive Heart Failure Symptoms

Why Congestive Heart Failure Symptoms Aren’t Difficult To Diagnose

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) more commonly known as Heart Failure or Cardiac Failure is a medical condition. It happens when our heart is not being able to pump sufficiently. This causes an imbalance to...
apple cider vinegar benefits

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits – Reasons to Use It for Health and Beauty

Have you noticed how apple cider vinegar has taken the youth by storm? Have you ever tried to know why it has become popular? Lately, it has become a cloud of pixie dust due...
papaya benefits

Papaya Benefits – Why is Papaya a Wonder Fruit?

Papaya had once been referred to as the angle among fruits by Christopher Columbus. Though it is rather a poetic way of describing papaya, it is actually true. There are various papaya benefits and...

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